MAC Scouting Reports for 2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft | MAC Scouting Reports: Northern Illinois Huskies

Brayden Patton NFL Draft Scouting Report | Center

Positives: Three-year starter who played every position on the interior offensive line for Northern Illinois. Sinks his butt at the snap, starts with good knee bend, and blocks with terrific pad level. Fires off the snap, immediately gets his hands into defenders, and stays square. Shows ability as a position blocker and terrific with the shotgun snap. Effectively, quarterbacks the offensive line.

Negatives: Marginally effective blocking at the second level. Struggles finishing blocks and must improve his strength at the point of attack. Occasionally gets pushed back off the line of scrimmage or rag-dolled in the middle of the line.

Analysis: Patton is a hard-working interior offensive lineman with nice length as well as growth potential, but he has limitations for the next level.

Kyle Pugh NFL Draft Scouting Report | Inside Linebacker

Positives: Oft-injured linebacker who was a three-year starter at Northern Illinois. Undersized run-and-chase linebacker who is constantly around the action. Remains disciplined with assignments, easily changes direction, and displays terrific lateral speed with a closing burst.

Quick to read and diagnose, instinctive, and takes proper angles to the play. Efficient, remains disciplined with assignments, and flows well in every direction. Breaks down well and gets his hands up to protect himself. Smooth and fluid flipping his hips in transition and covers a good amount of area on the field. Attacks opposing ball handlers.

Negatives: Has a long injury history that must be checked out. Lacks size and struggles to take on blocks. Easily out-positioned from the action by opponents.

Analysis: Pugh is well thought of in the scouting community and was productive when healthy. He’s a pursuit linebacker who could be used on the inside of a 3-4 system if he passes medicals and stays healthy.

Ross Bowers NFL Draft Scouting Report | Quarterback

Positives: Cal transfer who established himself as a solid short-yardage passer. Patient in the pocket, senses pressure, and steps up to avoid the rush. Possesses a quick release, a live arm, and makes good decisions for the most part.

Identifies the open wideout, spreads the ball around, and uses all his receivers. Effectively controls the offense. Does a solid job setting up screen throws, throws with a fluid delivery, and effectively times passes, hitting receivers as they leave breaks.

Negatives: Lacks pocket stature and next-level arm strength. Cannot fire the ball through tight windows.

Analysis: Bowers gets the most from his ability but lacks the size and arm strength to play at the next level. He’s a timing and touch passer who has a chance of backing up in a West Coast type of offense.

2021 NFL Draft | MAC Scouting Reports: Toledo Rockets

Sam Womack NFL Draft Scouting Report | Cornerback

Positives: Two-year starter who shows an incredible knack for defending passes. Quick to read and diagnose the action, explodes to the ball out of his plant, and possesses a burst of closing speed. Tracks the pass in the air, works to get his head back around, and positions himself against opponents defending the throw. Effectively anticipates his pass defenses and works hard to get involved in the action.

Negatives: Loses out to bigger receivers. Handled by opponents at the point trying to get off blocks.

Analysis: Womack has size limitations but possesses next-level ball skills and the ability to be used in dime packages.

Vitaliy Gurman NFL Draft Scouting Report | Center

Positives: Edinboro transfer who lined up at left tackle last season. Strong, stays square, and controls opponents at the point of attack. Quick off the snap, works his hands throughout the action, and always looks for someone to hit. Fires out to the second level and plays through the whistle.

Negatives: Lacks footwork off the edge. Must do a better job sinking his butt at the line of scrimmage. Struggles to adjust when attempting to hit a moving target.

Analysis: Gurman is an intriguing prospect on the interior offensive line and can be used at center or guard. He has a next-level build and strength but must refine the details of his position to make a camp this summer. At the very least, Gurman should make a practice squad in the fall.

2021 NFL Draft: Western Michigan Broncos

Ali Fayad NFL Draft Scouting Report | Outside Linebacker

Positives: Explosive edge rusher who was a disruptive force throughout his college career. Plays with balance and body control, easily bends off the edge, and shows speed up the field. Plays with terrific pad level, gets leverage on opponents, and works his hands throughout the action.

Easily changes direction, displays speed pursuing the action, and flows well to the play. Breaks down well and effectively uses his hands to protect himself. Quick off the snap with a nice first step.

Negatives: Lacks size and gets easily out-positioned from the action or controlled by a single opponent. Will be a liability against the run. Displays limited strength in his game and needs a free shot at the action.

Analysis: Despite outstanding production as a sophomore and junior, Fayad was not graded by scouts coming into his senior campaign when he also played reasonably well. He’s an explosive edge rusher who can come out of a three-point stance or stand over tackle, but he must physically mature and add strength to his game.

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Jaylon Moore NFL Draft Scouting Report | Offensive Tackle

Positives: Underrated offensive tackle who was a three-year starter for Western Michigan. Bends his knees, blocks with consistent leverage, and stays square. Strong, turns defenders from the line and seals them from plays. Keeps his feet moving, makes good use of angles, and anchors in pass protection.

Keeps his head on a swivel, immediately picks up blocking assignments, and can be an overwhelming force. Attacks assignments and always looks to finish off defenders.

Negatives: Lacks quick and fluid footwork off the edge. Bends at the waist. Average ability blocking in motion.

Analysis: Despite not being graded by scouts coming into the season, I’ve had Moore stamped as a Day 3 prospect since his sophomore campaign. He offers potential at right tackle or even inside at guard. He’ll fit best in a system that does not ask him to block in motion.

Ralph Holley NFL Draft Scouting Report | Defensive Tackle

Positives: Three-year starter who was consistently productive for Western Michigan. Fires off the snap with an explosive first step, quickly gets his hands up, and effectively uses them to protect himself or get off blocks.

Built low to the ground and always gets leverage on opponents. Keeps his feet moving, shows strength in his lower body, and plays through the whistle. Focused on by opponents who have a difficult time handling his first step. Rarely off his feet.

Negatives: Lacks size and gets engulfed by opponents. Consistently controlled by a single blocker and gets easily out-positioned from the play.

Analysis: Holley is a hard-charging 3-technique defensive lineman with size limitations. His explosiveness off the snap, ability to change direction, and movement skills, give him a slight opportunity to make it in a four-man front.

Treshaun Hayward NFL Draft Scouting Report | Inside Linebacker

Positives: Michigan transfer who started the past two seasons and was very productive. Fluid moving about the field, displays good change-of-direction skills, and takes proper angles to the action.

Works hard to make plays, covers a good amount of area on the field, and quickly gets to the flanks. Possesses a nasty attitude and attacks assignments. Patient, scrapes well to the action, and keeps plays in front of him. Effectively reads and diagnoses the action.

Negatives: Does not always play under control. Lacks size and struggles to handle blocks.

Analysis: Hayward is an undersized run-and-chase linebacker with next-level speed as well as intensity. He was constantly around the ball for Western Michigan making positive plays, although he was primarily used in the box or up the field. Hayward possesses enough skills to get consideration as a backup inside linebacker in a 3-4 system, but he must improve his play in coverage.

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