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    One and Done NFL Head Coaches: List of First-Year NFL Coaches Fired Throughout History

    Although not common, there have still been 32 one-and-done NFL head coaches fired after their first year of coaching throughout league history.

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    The list of first-year NFL coaches that have been fired throughout league history is surprisingly long. While there have been a number of very unique circumstances surrounding some of these “one and done” head coaches, most of the time, their dismissals have come due to either poor performance or poor attitude.

    One and Done: List of First-Year NFL Coaches Fired Throughout League History

    Since the AFC and NFC merger in 1970, there have been a whopping 32 one-and-done NFL head coaches that have been fired in their first year with a team. With a few candidates potentially being added to this list this year, let’s take a look at some of the failed head coaching tenures throughout time.


    • Bill Austin, Washington, 1970
    • Harvey Johnson, Buffalo Bills, 1971
    • Ed Hughes, Houston Oilers, 1971
    • Don McCafferty, Detroit Lions, 1973
    • Monte Clark San Francisco 49ers, 1976
    • Lou Holtz, New York Jets, 1976
    • Ken Meyer, San Francisco 49ers, 1977
    • Peter McCulley, San Francisco 49ers, 1978


    • Les Steckel, Minnesota Vikings, 1984
    • Rod Rust, New England Patriots, 1990
    • Richie Petitbon, Washington, 1993
    • Pete Carroll, New York Jets, 1994
    • Joe Bugel, Las Vegas Raiders, 1997
    • Ray Rhodes, Green Bay Packers, 1999
    • Al Groh, New York Jets, 2000


    • Marty Schottenheimer, Washington, 2001
    • Art Shell, Las Vegas Raiders, 2006
    • Cam Cameron, Miami Dolphins, 2007
    • Bobby Petrino, Atlanta Falcons, 2007
    • Jim Mora Jr., Seattle Seahawks, 2009


    • Hue Jackson, Las Vegas Raiders, 2011
    • Mike Mularkey, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2012
    • Rob Chudzinkski, Cleveland Browns, 2013
    • Jim Tomsula, San Francisco 49ers, 2015
    • Chip Kelly, San Francisco 49ers, 2016
    • Steve Wilks, Arizona Cardinals, 2018
    • Freddie Kitchens, Cleveland Browns, 2019
    • Urban Meyer, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2021
    • David Culley, Houston Texans, 2021
    • Nathaniel Hackett, Denver Broncos, 2022
    • Lovie Smith, Houston Texans, 2022
    • Frank Reich, Carolina Panthers, 2023

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