Kansas State 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports include Bronson Massie and Daniel Imatorbhebhe

The Kansas State scouting reports cover a number of interesting NFL Draft prospects from Bronson Massie to Skylar Thompson.

The Kansas State Wildcats are coming off another mediocre year but capped it off with an impressive 42-20 victory over LSU in the Texas Bowl. Although they likely won’t see any prospects selected on Day 1 of the 2022 NFL Draft, there are still a few names to keep an eye on. Here are the Kansas State scouting reports for some potential deep prospects at both tight end and on the defensive side of the ball.

Kansas State 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

The Wildcats have a number of draft-eligible prospects this year, including a potential late-round QB prospect in Skylar Thompson.

Bronson Massie, DL

Positives: Athletic defensive line prospect who flashes ability. Plays with proper pad level, fires off the snap with an explosive first step, and shows the ability to bend the edge. Easily changes direction and displays terrific movement skills. Resilient, gives effort, and plays through the whistle. Shows ability as a pass rusher standing over tackle and uses his hands well.

Negatives: Easily blocked from the action or taken from his angle of attack by a single opponent. Marginally productive throughout his college career. May not have a true position at the next level.

Analysis: Massie comes with adequate size, speed, and movement skills. He offers possibilities as a situational pass rusher. Nonetheless, he must produce immediately this summer.

Daniel Imatorbhebhe, TE

Positives: Athletic tight end who flashed ability throughout his college career. Often used in the slot, nicely adjusts to the errant throw, and makes the reception in stride. Extends his hands and works to make the catch away from his frame. Flashes the ability to get downfield and make the reception. Gives effort blocking on the second level.

Negatives: Does not display a sense of timing on receptions and doesn’t come away with the difficult catch on a consistent basis. Was marginally productive at three different schools.

Analysis: Imatorbhebhe flashed ability as a move tight end and comes with intelligence, speed, and long arms. Yet, despite the physical attributes, he’s never elevated his game and has bounced from college to college. If he makes a positive impression during summer camp, Imatorbhebhe should get consideration for a practice squad.

Josh Rivas, G

Positives: Large and sometimes-dominant interior offensive lineman who blocks with proper pad level, stays square, and anchors in pass protection. Displays vision and blocks down on opponents. Has an NFL build.

Negatives: Gets knocked back off the line and tossed aside by blockers. Ineffective pulling across the line of scrimmage and blocking in motion. Lacks agility and isn’t very quick. Coming off a disappointing season.

Analysis: Rivas looked like a legitimate late-round pick off the 2020 film. However, his play took a step back last season. While he has the ability to line up in a power-gap system, Rivas must elevate every aspect of his game to make it out of camp this summer.

Noah Johnson, OL

Positives: Intelligent, quick center with average size. Fires off the snap, explosive at the point, and blocks with proper pad level. Quick to the second level, redirects to linebackers, and seals them from the action. Keeps his feet moving, keeps his head on a swivel, and always looks for someone to hit. Effectively quarterbacks the offensive line.

Negatives: Possesses average strength and does not get much movement run blocking. Struggles adjusting to pick up the blitz. Marginal growth potential.

Analysis: Johnson was a terrific center on the college level but comes with marginal upside and has limitations.

Reggie Stubblefield, DB

Positives: Average-sized safety used primarily in the box last season. Plays faster than his 40 time, shows good lateral speed, and possesses a closing burst. Works hard to get involved in the action, quickly diagnoses plays, and has a nice move to the throw. Breaks down well, fires up the field, and wraps up tackling. Effectively quarterbacks the secondary.

Negatives: Possesses average size and is easily blocked from the action. Mistimes pass defenses on occasion.

Analysis: Stubblefield was a hard-working college defender. Still, he has average size for a safety and linebacker speed.

Russ Yeast, DB

Positives: Instinctive safety who is best facing the action. Tracks the ball in the air, displays a nice move to the throw, and possesses good hands for the interception. Fluid pedaling in reverse, smooth flipping his hips, and works to get his head back around to locate the ball in coverage. Instinctive, quick up the field, and gives effort defending the run.

Negatives: Does not play to his 40 time and is slow getting to the spot laterally. Taken from the action by tight ends.

Analysis: Yeast is a hard-working, instinctive safety with average size and speed. He plays heads-up football, comes with a special-teams mentality, and could make a roster as a ninth defensive back.

Skylar Thompson, QB

Positives: Nice-sized pocket passer with a next-level arm. Patient in the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield, and possesses the arm strength to make all the throws. Buys as much time as necessary, loses nothing throwing on the move, and protects the football. Large enough to withstand the rush.

Negatives: Misjudges throws, which leads to a major loss of opportunity. Gets frazzled under the rush. Stares down the primary target. Doesn’t pick up yardage with his legs. Struggled with injuries the past two seasons. Hands measure just over 8.5 inches.

Analysis: Thompson possesses the physical skills to play on Sundays, but he must show durability and improve his pass placement. He comes with an upside and should get practice-squad consideration.

Timmy Horne, DL

Positives: Nice-sized defensive tackle who shows a lot of athleticism. Fires off the snap with a terrific first step, plays with proper pad level, and keeps his feet moving. Draws a lot of double-team blocks, holds his ground, and gets push up the field. Strong, works his hands throughout the action, and rarely gets knocked off his feet.

Negatives: More of a gap occupier than a playmaker. Displays limited pass-rushing moves. Started just a single game for Kansas State last season.

Analysis: Horne flashed ability the past three seasons for both Kansas State and Charlotte. He comes with next-level size as well as athleticism and is a solid developmental prospect.

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