Jevon Holland Contract Update: What Miami Dolphins Need To Pay To Get Deal Done

    Tua Tagovailoa isn't the only Miami Dolphins player entering a contract year. Jevon Holland is in line to get paid this offseason too.

    MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Miami Dolphins safety Jevon Holland wants what everyone in the final year of their rookie contracts wants: An extension.

    But unlike many in his situation, including teammate Tua Tagovailoa, Holland doesn’t plan to be a squeaky wheel. Instead, he seemingly ascribes to the credo that you catch more flies with bees with honey than vinegar.

    Miami Dolphins’ Jevon Holland Talks Contract

    Holland, unlike Tagovailoa, was present for the Dolphins’ OTA practice Tuesday and suggested that any sort of holdout or boycott wasn’t his style.

    “If Tua’s not getting it done, I’m not getting it done,” Holland said in jest. “I’m on the backburner. I don’t know much. I just work here. I don’t know much right now. I’m sure when you guys know, I’ll know.”

    Holland and Tagovailoa are the two most important Dolphins players on expiring contracts. Both are exactly the kind of homegrown, draft-and-develop type of players that successful franchises prioritize.

    The Dolphins in 2025 don’t want a repeat of this past offseason, when they watched as Christian Wilkins and Robert Hunt walked out the door after their markets exploded far beyond what Miami could afford.

    Given the ever-expanding salary cap, the fact is Tagovailoa and Holland will never be cheaper than they are right now (assuming both stay healthy and don’t fall off a cliff production-wise this season).

    “It’d be great to get it done,” Holland told reporters. “I mean, it’s on my mind. Obviously, you know, it’s my career. So I’m thinking about the bread, but I mean, it’s gonna come when it’s gonna come. I’m still, you know, getting paid. I’m on payroll and whatnot, still employed.”

    When asked if he has gone to GM Chris Grier one on one to try to jumpstart talks, Holland replied:

    “I mean, it’s implied that, obviously, I’m trying to get paid. I mean, s—. But yeah, it’s up to my agent. I told him, ‘Let me know when negotiations start and then go from there.’ But I’m not gonna let it affect the day to day.

    “I’m just trying to focus on ball. That’s why I got agents so that they can handle that. So I’m not gonna go up there and negotiate whatnot. There’s really no point because nothing that I say is gonna end up getting them to pay me faster. I would hope they want to pay me as fast as possible.

    “Their process is their process. … If they wanna, they wanna pay me, they can pay me. But I’m just taking a day at a time.”

    Holland’s Estimated Market Valuation

    While he hasn’t yet reached household name status with a breakthrough season that includes a big interception total and a Pro Bowl invite, those who know ball know that Holland is one of the 10 best safeties in football.

    He deserves to get paid like it. And given the work his agent, David Mulugheta, did with another client, Buccaneers DB Antoine Winfield Jr., the ground has been softened for safeties to cash in.

    This offseason, Mulugheta negotiated an extension for Winfield that reset the market: A four-year, $84.1 million extension ($21M AAV), with $45 million fully guaranteed.

    “I love that,” Holland said. “That’s my dog too, man. He deserves every bit of that. So shout out to him, shout out to Dave Mulugheta, the GOAT.”

    Holland, who is set to make $3.6 million in 2024, won’t get that much. He hasn’t been as impactful (yet) as Winfield, who has forced 11 fumbles and picked off seven passes in his first four seasons.

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    A better comp? Xavier McKinney, who this offseason signed a four-year, $67 million ($16.8M AAV) free agent contract with the Green Bay Packers that included $23 million guaranteed.

    It’s reasonable to think that the absolute floor for Holland is $15 million AAV, which would put him in the top six among all safeties.

    But it will probably take more than that. Our guess? If a deal gets done this offseason, it’ll be a four-year extension for $68 million, with total compensation over the five seasons coming in at $72 million and $30 million guaranteed.

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