Miami Dolphins’ Fastest Player? Jaylen Wright Isn’t Poking the Cheetah

    Miami Dolphins rookie minicamp opened Friday, giving reporters their first look at fleet-footed running back Jaylen Wright.

    MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Rookie running back Jaylen Wright is insanely fast. But is he the fastest Miami Dolphins player? He might not even be the fastest Dolphins rookie.

    If Je’Quan Burton’s pro day 40 time (4.36) was accurate — and that’s always a big if — he is at the very least on par with Wright (who ran a 4.38 at the NFL Scouting Combine).

    Talking Fast With Miami Dolphins RB Jaylen Wright

    So no, Wright wasn’t going to make any bold proclamations before his first NFL practice on Friday at Dolphins rookie minicamp. He knows the quality of the roster he’s joining — widely seen as the fastest ever constructed.

    “We all know we got Tyreek Hill,” Wright said. “I’m not about to come in here and say I’m the fastest guy here. I mean, I know I’m fast, but we got a lot of elite guys here that’s, that’s really fast. So, I mean, I’m just excited, you know what I’m saying. I’m happy to be here.”

    The Dolphins are thrilled to have him.

    Wright, the fourth-round draft pick, is 11 years younger than Raheem Mostert — the running back he’ll be backing up, at least to start the 2024 season.

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    Mostert told reporters earlier this week that he’s more than willing to “coach [Wright] up,” and his new teammate plans to take him up on the offer.

    Wright said that Mostert’s welcoming words “put a warm feeling” in him. He made it clear on his first real day as a Dolphin that he was coming in to learn from Mostert and De’Von Achane.

    “Both of those guys, they’re really good guys, great players,” Wright said. “I’m excited just to be able to share the rock with them. I’m excited to be that trio that’ll be out there making a lot of plays this summer, this fall.”

    Wright added: “We got Odell [Beckham Jr.], we got Tyreek Hill, Jalen Waddle, Tua [Tagovailoa]. I mean, I think I was like a freshman in high school when Tua was at Alabama. So it’s good to be here, you know, so I’m excited. I’m just ready to go.”

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