Miami Dolphins’ Raheem Mostert, NFL’s Oldest RB1, Not Thinking Retirement: ‘I’m Still a Young Back’

Raheem Mostert on Tuesday spoke with reporters for the first time since the Miami Dolphins gave him a raise and drafted perhaps his eventual replacement.

The Miami Dolphins drafted Raheem Mostert’s eventual replacement — again — this offseason.

In 2023, it was De’Von Achane in Round 3. Last month, they not only selected Tennessee’s Jaylen Wright but surrendered a 2024 third-rounder to do so.

For most 32-year-old players at Mostert’s position, that would be a flashing red light. But most running backs don’t shatter team records at age 31. So Mostert isn’t stressing his future — which he absolutely believes will include NFL seasons beyond this one.

What’s Next for Miami Dolphins RB Raheem Mostert?

Mostert’s South Florida-based agent Brett Tessler this offseason convinced the Dolphins to do something that is usually a nonstarter for teams: Give even more guaranteed money to a running back on the wrong side of 30.

Mostert’s new two-year deal, which runs through 2025, includes $1.4 million more in guarantees than his old one. It made him the team’s highest-paid running back — something he wasn’t before the adjustment.

And while the Dolphins do have an out after 2024, Mostert spoke Tuesday as if he intends to play in 2025 — and perhaps beyond.

“I’m still young at heart,” said Mostert, who in 2023 set new Dolphins records for rushing and total touchdowns (18 and 21, respectively). “I’m still a young back, so I’m out here just trying to prove that.”

Mostert also said: “I just try to beat the standard, and obviously the standard [is] running backs at age 30 and above typically start to have that decline.

“Well, you know, I didn’t have any wear and tear early on in my career. So it’s a little bit easier for me to just go ahead and discredit that narrative all together and just continue to just do what I do at the highest level, and help this team out, and try to bring home a championship.”

Mostert makes an important point. While he’s seven years older than the Colts’ Jonathan Taylor, he has 251 fewer career NFL carries. And given the three-pronged rushing attack the Dolphins seem poised to use this fall, wear and tear probably won’t be a concern a year from now either.

“The more, the merrier — that’s what I would say, especially in this offense,” Mostert said of the Dolphins’ decision to take Wright with the 120th overall pick. “… Speed is definitely an attribute that we like to maximize to the most of our abilities.

“… His speed is definitely gonna be very beneficial on our part. We feel like we can now line up in and we could use three backs, you know, out there at one point with a receiver and, and maybe a tight end as well. So there’s a lot of different things that you can do in the offense, especially with guys that have a lot of different speeds.”

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