Jalen Ramsey and Michael Irvin talk matchup vs. Ja’Marr Chase

Jalen Ramsey will match up with Bengals star WR Ja'Marr Chase in the Super Bowl at least a few times, and Michael Irvin is itching to see it.

At the Los Angeles Rams’ media availability prior to Super Bowl 56, former Dallas Cowboys and Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin caught up with Jalen Ramsey to discuss his matchup with Ja’Marr Chase. While Ramsey beat around the bush for a bit, he ultimately told Irvin, “you gon’ get that matchup, you gon’ have the opportunities to see it, and I’m going to be ready for him.”

Jalen Ramsey and Michael Irvin talk matchup vs. Ja’Marr Chase

In the middle of the conference, Irvin made a surprise visit and didn’t waste time. “I gotta jump right into this thing man. All I have been thinking about this week man is you and Ja’Marr Chase. That 1-on-1 battle out there. I’m like the biggest fan in the world for this battle.”

Ramsey, with a bit more pep in his step, responded, “It’s obviously something I’m excited about. I always welcome new challenges and new opportunities to go against guys who have done really well in the league — even though he’s only been in the league one year, he has done really well. He’s had record-breaking numbers for their franchise and him and his quarterback have great chemistry and great connection.”

The first-team All-Pro CB went on to add that while everyone wants to see the matchup, he won’t be on Chase every snap. Nevertheless, when pressed by Irvin, Ramsey stated, “It’s me now. Keep it real. Of course that’s what I’m asking for [to shadow Chase] — that’s what I want. Whoever you think your best man is, put me on ’em. Let me help the team win this game. That’s what it’s all about.”

Ramsey knows that while he would love to battle with Chase all game, his role is more important than that. Playing in the “star” position, Ramsey spends more time in the slot and the box than he ever has before. However, that has allowed him to make stops closer to the line of scrimmage and limit big plays in the middle of the field.

Ramsey confident in LA’s abilities to match up with Cincinnati’s receiving trio

Tyler Boyd has been adamant about the abilities of Chase, Tee Higgins, and himself leading up to the Super Bowl. But Ramsey isn’t backing down from the challenge. “We gotta match up, they gotta match up, we gon’ see what’s up man. When the pads come on, and we get out there under the lights on Sunday, man, it ain’t no more talking. We gon’ have to play, and that’s what it’s really about.”

“Don’t get it twisted we got a lot of confidence too,” Ramsey said. “We feel like we got a lot of stars over here. We oozing with confidence as well. So don’t forget who we really are over here. We been playing some great ball in this postseason, and obviously, we got individual guys who have been great and doing great things for years and years and years. We not just going to all of a sudden change who we are. We gon’ go out there and we gon’ be ready to play as well.”


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