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    Jaheim Bell’s Draft Profile | Florida State, TE Scouting Report

    With his scouting report, Florida State TE Jaheim Bell could be one of the most versatile prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft. What does he bring?

    Where does Florida State TE Jaheim Bell rank in the 2024 NFL Draft? Can he ride a strong offseason to top-100 capital, and can he serve as a dynamic catalyst for a modern-day NFL offense? Let’s take a closer look at his tools and discuss.

    Jaheim Bell Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’1 7/8″
    • Weight: 244 pounds
    • Length: 32 7/8″
    • Wingspan: 79 3/8″
    • Hand: 9 7/8″
    • Position: Tight End
    • School: Florida State
    • Current Year: Redshirt Junior

    If you were to give an award for “Most Versatile Player,” there’s a good argument to make that Bell is a front-runner after his collegiate career.

    A torn meniscus in his left knee delayed Bell’s integration at South Carolina in 2020, but the four-star recruit soon delivered on his natural talent in 2021. That year, as a redshirt freshman, Bell erupted for 30 catches, 497 yards, and five touchdowns, establishing himself as a rising NFL Draft prospect.

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    In 2022, Bell’s usage shifted, and the Gamecocks started using Bell much more in the backfield as a designed rusher and yards-after-contact threat. Bell only caught 25 passes for 231 yards and two scores, but he also ran the ball 73 times for 261 yards and three TDs.

    As 2023 came along, Bell capitalized on his production and transferred to the Florida State Seminoles, where he helped Mike Norvell’s team achieve ACC supremacy. Along the way, Bell also notched career-highs in catches (39) and yards (503).

    On the heels of a career-best season and a strong Senior Bowl showing, Bell could be rising up the 2024 NFL Draft board. But how does his profile translate to the professional level, and are there any guardrails to make note of?

    Bell’s Scouting Report


    • Sports a well-leveraged, hyper-dense frame with great proportional length.
    • Loads near-elite explosive capacity in a uniquely compact, long-striding build.
    • When given a runway, has the long-strider burst and speed to break off chunk plays.
    • Has the ankle flexion and curvilinear mobility needed to bend and keep speed on breaks.
    • Shows glimpses of efficient stem work and sharp hinge flexibility on out-breaking routes.
    • Flashes great ball-tracking ability and coordination on boundary back-shoulder throws.
    • Has shown he can gather RAC passes away from his frame and reset feet for RAC.
    • Shows glimpses of impressive hand strength and focus corralling lower pass attempts.
    • Able to make minute torso adjustments in-stride for passes behind his wheelhouse.
    • Has the density and contact balance to absorb initial hits and keep his legs churning.
    • Alignment-versatile weapon who can play H-back, big-slot, and motion out wide.
    • Has good vision as a designed ball carrier and can identify cutback lanes.
    • Willing lead blocker who has great attack explosiveness, leverage, and reach.
    • Can drive power and displace space defenders on blocks, and eagerly finishes reps.
    • Has good over-arching physicality and competitive toughness.


    • Is shorter than the average TE and doesn’t have the frame to box out defenders.
    • Heavier midsection yields slight lateral stiffness on cuts, limiting range on redirections.
    • Isn’t always able to channel his full explosive capacity out of short-range exchanges.
    • At times, can improve his route tempo and coordination while diverting at stems.
    • Doesn’t modulate his throttle well pressing into stems, drifting overtop routes.
    • Struggles to sequence footwork with targeted physicality, causing delays on transitions.
    • At times experiences delays between plants and transitions on curls, keying in DBs.
    • Can be over-reliant on physicality and push-offs to separate past stems.
    • Has wasted motion in his footwork off motions at times and can be more efficient.
    • Doesn’t have high-end hand strength or coordination in contested situations.
    • Is susceptible to focus drops in space and needs more consistent extension technique.
    • Sometimes struggle to shift focus and gather passes inside his frame after extending.
    • Can be prone to over-running blocking angles in space and can be late to recover.
    • Can quicken transitions from blocker to route runner on play-action and chipping reps.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    Bell grades out as a mid-to-late Day 3 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. A strong Senior Bowl showing helped Bell’s cause, and his testing could further elevate his stock into the early Day 3 range. Bell’s profile as a niche player slightly dilutes his ceiling, but he can be a valuable piece in the modern NFL.

    At 6’1 7/8″ and 244 pounds, with near-33″ arms, Bell has a frame that affords him great natural leverage, proportional length, and contact balance in RAC situations. He’s also an extremely explosive athlete, with the unique long-strider speed to extend narrow seams.

    Bell’s build and athleticism help set the foundation for his versatility as a moving piece and H-back capable weapon. Bell can line up as a big-slot, as a motion man, or take reps from the backfield, and he provides value as a blocker from countless alignments, further magnifying his schematic appeal.

    That said, past his role as a versatile H-back with blocking utility, Bell’s projection is unclear. He flashes good hand strength and coordination, but he can be very inconsistent gathering passes beyond his frame. Additionally, his route tree is relatively limited, and his stem work needs improvement in order to translate.

    As a receiving threat, Bell may be mostly limited to RAC opportunities, given his limited route tree and inability to box out defenders. But as a multifaceted rotational TE with dynamic vertical ability in space, all-encompassing blocking utility, and tone-setting competitive toughness, he can provide value in the later rounds.

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