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    Super Bowl Tickets Cost How Much? A Look at the Cheapest and Most Expensive Seats for the Big Game in Las Vegas

    While there is an understanding that Super Bowl tickets aren't going to be cheap, you may be stunned to see the prices for tickets and suites.

    If you are a football fan, there is a good chance that attending a Super Bowl in person is high on your list of sporting events you want to see in person. For many fans, it isn’t about going to support your team but rather enjoying the entire spectacle of the Super Bowl.

    So, you have decided you want to look at getting Super Bowl tickets, what are going to be the cheapest tickets, and what will be the most expensive.

    Cheapest Tickets at Allegiant Stadium Are Still Not Cheap at All

    We are going to use the word cheap loosely here, as you are still going to be paying a lot of money for even the cheapest seats. The cheapest face-value ticket sold by the NFL has been right around $2000.

    Now, as they are being resold, the cheapest ticket on Ticketmaster is currently listed at $8,333.

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    This isn’t for the lower level on the 50-yard line; this is for tickets in the nosebleeds at the highest point of the stadium. To put this into context, the cheapest tickets for the Super Bowl in 1967 were $10, which comes out to about $90 with today’s inflation.

    Simply put, if you want to make this a potential family trip of a lifetime, it isn’t a cheap experience.

    Most Expensive Tickets Are an Outrageous Price

    So, you are saying if we are going to the Super Bowl, we want to go big! Well, you can absolutely do that, and it is definitely going to be big.

    While the lowest ticket on Ticketmaster is $8,333, the most expensive ticket on the website is a staggering $45,000. With tickets being so expensive, the average ticket is going for $8,600. This puts it right on the same level as the Super Bowl in Los Angeles two years ago.

    While they won’t officially know until after the Super Bowl, there is a decent chance that this Super Bowl will be the most expensive in history.

    Not Just Tickets, But Suites Are Absolutely Out of This World

    The price of the suites came into the news the other day when San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey’s mom came out and said the family couldn’t afford a suite. McCaffrey’s girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, had come out and said she was going to buy the family a suite, but McCaffrey quickly nixed that idea.

    He didn’t necessarily say if he bought a suite or if there were changes to the plans, but he said he isn’t having people pay to watch him. There are currently three suite options.

    The first is $300,000, and it is for eight people. However, that doesn’t include food and drinks, which aren’t going to be cheap. If you decide you want food and drinks, you are going to need to add people and a lot of money.

    For $1.5 million, you and 19 friends can have a personal suite with drinks and a food buffet included, but that isn’t the most expensive option.

    A staggering $2.5 million will get you a private luxury suite in the owner’s club section with much more expensive food and drinks.

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    Now, is it worth that much money? Who knows, but it is safe to say if you go a Suite route, you are going to have an insane story that you will never forget.

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