How Much Are Super Bowl 58 Tickets? Here Are the Cheapest and Most Expensive Seats for Las Vegas

Like many of the NFL championship games before it, Super Bowl 58 tickets are going for top dollar. What are the current lowest and highest prices?

Super Bowl ticket prices are never anything to sneeze at, and that remains true for this year’s iteration of the NFL’s biggest game. Even before the winners of Sunday’s Baltimore Ravens-Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions-San Francisco 49ers games decide which teams square off for the league title, the prices for Super Bowl 58 tickets are already high.

What’s the Price Tag on Super Bowl 58 Tickets?

The cheapest single ticket currently available on Ticketmaster is listed at $8,145, and that’s before taxes and fees are factored into the cost as well. That ticket will get you a spot off to directly behind the AFC team’s end zone in section 325 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

By contrast, the most expensive ticket currently listed on Ticketmaster is at a going rate of $57,500, the only ticket priced above the $50,000 mark. That price can buy a seat in the eighth row of section C112, which sits right on the 50-yard line of the NFC team’s sideline.

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Although it’s not the most exact math or completely representative of the true average cost to attend the game, going off the highest and lowest prices, the mean cost of attending the contest comes out to roughly $32,822.50 — before taxes and fees are factored in, of course.

The game is being held in Allegiant Stadium, which was billed as the second-most expensive stadium in the world at roughly $1.9 billion, $750 million of which was reportedly shouldered by taxpayers.

It’s a facility that has been gawked at for its impressive design but also some of its shortcomings as its roll-in natural grass has not always been the highest quality. The field’s issues came into question during the Las Raiders’ Week 18 home game against the Denver Broncos as the playing surface was in less than optimal shape.

Concerns were raised at the time as to whether it might remain an issue when the Super Bowl rolls around. That seems unlikely given the weeks of preparation time Las Vegas has had to get the field to peak condition, but time will tell whether it’s ultimately a talking point leading up to the game.

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One thing is clear, however — fans hoping to catch the game in person will have to pay a pretty penny to do so.

Whether that cost is ultimately worth paying remains to be seen and will be decided by how the purchaser values the experience. Seeing some of the league’s top teams go toe-to-toe for the game’s biggest prize might just be worth the price.

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