How Many Teams Are in the NFL?

    The National Football League is one of the most popular sport organizations in the world. How many NFL teams are there?

    How Many Teams Are in the NFL?

    The National Football League currently consists of 32 teams. However, the league was once much smaller. Founded back in 1920 when it was known as the American Football League, the NFL consisted of only 14 teams. Decades later in 1967, the league expanded to 16 teams and added another 10 in 1970. Ultimately, the league grew to 32 teams back in 2002.

    How Many NFL Teams Are There?

    The NFL adopted its name back in 1922. For a long period of time, the National Football League competed with the American Football League for not only popularity but also college prospects.

    Ultimately, in 1966, instead of continuing to divide the population with two separate leagues, the AFL and NFL merged, which resulted in an increase in total teams.

    With a revenue stream in the billions and popularity at a fever pitch, 32 might not be the number of NFL teams for long. To capitalize on this popularity, the next realistic step would be expansion.

    When that happens, there are a number of possible expansion cities that are vying for an NFL team. International locations such as London, Berlin, and Toronto have all thrown their names in the hat to one day become host cities of the NFL.

    NFL Teams By Conference and Division

    Fast forward to today, the NFL is now divided into two conferences — the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Both are separated into four divisions. You can also see a complete list of NFL teams in alphabetical order.

    NFC East

    Dallas Cowboys
    New York Giants
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Washington Commanders

    NFC North

    Chicago Bears
    Detroit Lions
    Green Bay Packers
    Minnesota Vikings

    NFC South

    Atlanta Falcons
    Carolina Panthers
    New Orleans Saints
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    NFC West

    Arizona Cardinals
    Los Angeles Rams
    San Francisco 49ers
    Seattle Seahawks

    AFC East

    Buffalo Bills
    Miami Dolphins
    New England Patriots
    New York Jets

    AFC North

    Baltimore Ravens
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Cleveland Browns
    Pittsburgh Steelers

    AFC South

    Houston Texans
    Indianapolis Colts
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Tennessee Titans

    AFC West

    Denver Broncos
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Las Vegas Raiders
    Los Angeles Chargers

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