How Many NFL Games Are There This Season?

The NFL schedule makers schedule 270-plus NFL games. How many does each team play against the other conference or other divisions?

The NFL schedule makers are responsible for scheduling 17 games, across 18 weeks, for 32 teams. That is a lot of games. NFL fans will have ample opportunities to watch not only their favorite teams but the 31 other franchises as well to keep pace with all of the drama the NFL has to offer. The NFL schedule release will provide further clarity on when and where all of these games will be played.

How Many NFL Games Will Be Played During the 2023 Season?

The NFL will play 272 NFL games across 18 weeks in 2023. Each of the 32 NFL teams will play 17 games. The 16 AFC teams will play nine home contests in 2023 against eight away games. The 16 NFC teams will play eight home bouts against nine away games.

In 2023, as with every other year, each team will have six games against divisional opponents. Additionally, each team will play four games against teams from a division within its conference, two of which will be at home and two on the road.

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Lastly, two games will be played against teams from the two remaining divisions in its own conference, with one game at home and one on the road. Those matchups are based on division ranking from the previous season.

When it comes to playing teams who are not in their own conference, each NFL team will have four contests against teams from a division in the other conference, with two games at home and two on the road.

The 17th NFL game of each team’s schedule is always an additional one against a non-conference opponent from a division that the team is not scheduled to play. Those matchups are based on division ranking from the previous season.

How Would an 18-Game Season Work?

There is much speculation as to when the NFL will eventually increase the number of NFL games and add an 18th to each team’s schedule. That move would further alter the current formulas used in constructing the NFL schedule, adding 16 games. This would require the NFL schedule makers to determine what matchups could be made that don’t interfere with the current formula.

Seeing how the NFL handled the addition of a 17th game could be the blueprint. That is currently a non-conference game that the team was not formulaically scheduled to play. The 18th game could follow the same format, either non-conference or in-conference.

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