Houston Texans Schedule 2021: Dates, times, win/loss prediction for 17-game schedule

What is the Houston Texans’ 2021 NFL schedule, how many times will we see them in primetime games, and who are the toughest and easiest opponents on their schedule?

Houston Texans Preseason Schedule

All times listed below are Eastern Time.

PS1: at Packers | 8 PM | SAT | NFLN
PS2: at Cowboys
PS3: vs. Buccaneers | 8 PM | SAT | NFLN

Houston Texans Schedule | 2021 Regular Season

All days are Sunday unless otherwise noted. All times listed below are Eastern Time.

Week 1: vs. Jaguars | 1 PM | CBS
Week 2: at Browns | 1 PM |  CBS
Week 3: vs. Panthers | TNF | 8:20 PM | NFLN/FOX/Amazon
Week 4: at Bills | 1 PM | CBS
Week 5: vs. Patriots | 1 PM | CBS
Week 6: at Colts | 1 PM | CBS
Week 7: at Cardinals | 4:25 PM | CBS
Week 8: vs. Rams | 1 PM | FOX
Week 9: at Dolphins | 1 PM | FOX
Week 10: Bye
Week 11: at Titans | 1 PM | CBS
Week 12: vs. Jets | 1 PM | CBS
Week 13: vs. Colts | 1 PM | CBS
Week 14: vs. Seahawks | 1 PM | FOX
Week 15: at Jaguars | 1 PM | CBS
Week 16: vs. Chargers | 1 PM | CBS
Week 17: at 49ers | 4:05 PM | CBS
Week 18: vs. Titans | 1 PM | CBS

How many primetime games do the Texans play in 2021?

The Texans have one primetime game in 2021, which will be in Week 3 against the Carolina Panthers.

When is the Texans’ bye week?

The Texans’ bye will be in Week 10.

Texans’ strength of schedule and win/loss prediction

Based on the win totals released by Vegas, the Texans’ 2021 schedule shapes up to be the toughest in the NFL. Both their home and road schedules rank in the top half when it comes to the toughest home and road schedules. If you look at the strength of schedule based on last year’s win totals, the task looks easier but still ranks 15th in NFL.

Toughest opponents

While the Texans’ 2021 schedule does not include any of the teams projected to win 11 or more games, it does contain five games against teams projected to win at least 10 games next season. On top of that, they have another seven games against teams projected to win nine or more games. That is a total of 12 games against teams expected to be over .500 this season.

Two of those games against teams projected to win more than 10 games come against the Indianapolis Colts. Houston’s all-time record against the Colts is 9-30. While that stretches back to 2002, it also includes a bad set of results in the past five years.

The Colts have beaten the Texans in seven of their last nine matchups dating back to 2016. Once again in 2021, the Colts will be looking to challenge for the playoffs in the AFC and will have these games circled as two must-wins.

The remaining three games against teams projected to win 10 or more games come against the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, and San Francisco 49ers. All three of those teams are set to be strong in 2021. Going to Buffalo and San Francisco is always tough, while the Rams will not be fazed facing Houston in NRG Stadium. If Houston gets a single victory over these three teams in 2021 it would be a surprise.

Easiest opponents

The Texans have three games on their schedule against teams who project to win fewer than seven games in 2021. Two of them come against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who the Texans have defeated in six straight, as well as 17 of 21 meetings. However, with rookie QB Trevor Lawrence under center, the Jaguars will have a good chance to break that streak in 2021.

The other game comes against the Jets, who will also start a rookie QB in Zach Wilson. The Jets have a steep learning curve under new head coach Robert Saleh as they look to rebuild their roster. This will be one of the games on the schedule the Texans have a relatively good chance to win.

2021 season prediction

Regardless of the off-the-field situations, the Texans’ 2021 schedule means that it is going to be a long year on the field. Even the weakest team in their division, the Jaguars, are expected to be significantly improved in 2021. Nearly 75 percent of the Texans’ 2021 schedule comes against teams projected to finish with nine wins or more. There is a very real chance we could be putting the Texans on watch as the first team ever to go 0-17.

Projected 2021 record: 2-15

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