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    Graham Barton’s Draft Profile | Duke, OL Scouting Report

    Based on his scouting report, how high could Duke OL Graham Barton rise in the 2024 NFL Draft, and at which position does he project best in the NFL?

    With his 2024 NFL Draft scouting report, Duke’s Graham Barton has a case to be the best positionally diverse offensive lineman in the coming class. He was a multi-year All-ACC performer at the collegiate level, and his tools suggest he can carry that production to the NFL.

    Graham Barton Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’5″
    • Weight: 313 pounds
    • Length: 32 7/8″
    • Wingspan: 79 3/4″
    • Hand: 9 3/8″
    • Position: Offensive Lineman
    • School: Duke
    • Current Year: Senior

    Barton was only a three-star recruit when he arrived at Duke, but he was forced to develop quickly as a college football offensive lineman. He did so without breaking a sweat.

    As a true freshman in 2020, Barton played in his final six games and started five at center when injuries riddled the Blue Devils’ interior line. In that small sample, he played well enough to earn Freshman All-American consideration.

    That short stint in 2020 would end up being a premonition of Barton’s entire career. He started all 12 games at left tackle in 2021 and started all 13 games at left tackle in 2022. In 2022, he was a first-team All-ACC selection and a second-team All-American.

    By the end of his collegiate career, Barton started 40 games for the Blue Devils and earned a Senior Bowl invite for his strong play in 2023.

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    Unfortunately, Barton was unable to compete at the Senior Bowl or the NFL Combine, as he was using the offseason to rehab injuries.

    But there’s more than enough tape to support an early-round ascent for Barton, and he has appeal at multiple positions.

    Barton’s Scouting Report


    • Extremely explosive athlete off the snap who channels bursts into awesome power.
    • High-level space blocker with range, energy, power, and a gnawing finishing mentality.
    • Strong, compact, and well-proportioned frame that efficiently carries its mass.
    • Has tremendous malleability and flexibility, which helps with torque and recovery.
    • Spins up dominating leg churn at contact and can violently plow defenders out of lanes.
    • Able to load his hips and torque through defenders to seal the frontside of run plays.
    • Effortless knee bend and flexibility allow him to easily acquire proper pad level.
    • Flexibility and athleticism allow him to adjust and maintain leverage through reps.
    • Can envelop rushers with a wide base while tightening his hands to anchor and control.
    • Knows how to anchor and sink his hips to take control of moving blocks in the run game.
    • Has the grip strength to sustain blocks in space and remain a factor late in reps.
    • Has shown he can combat extensions with independent hands while keeping synergy.
    • Eagerly capitalizes with physicality when defenders give up leverage to lurch into gaps.
    • Can process stunts and blitzes in pass protection and has good run-game angle IQ.
    • Has pre-existing experience at center and projected versatility across all five spots.


    • Arm length is around average, which could force a move inside at the NFL level.
    • Longer opponents can more easily get inside his frame and drive power through.
    • Sometimes widens his hands too far in his stance, further exposing himself to power.
    • Sometimes wraps his arms around opponents when driving power, risking penalties.
    • Doesn’t have elite play strength and can be displaced with power as a backside blocker.
    • Is susceptible to swim moves when lurching to attack pursuit threats off the snap.
    • Sometimes fails to recognize delayed blitzes outside, leaving paths open to the QB.
    • At times, shortens the corner by retracting his base too early on pass protection reps.
    • Occasionally, a tick late off the snap when playing from the tackle position.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    On my 2024 NFL Draft board, Barton grades as a top-50 prospect and is one of the top interior offensive line prospects in the class. He’s worth consideration late in Round 1 but would present the best value in the early-to-mid Day 2 range.

    Barton’s five-position versatility is one of the top differentiators on his profile. He has experience at both tackle and center, and his combination of athleticism, power, flexibility, footwork feel, anchor strength, football IQ, and physicality allows him to seamlessly transition between roles.

    Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is, where does Barton translate best? His arm length is average at best, and that’s often been a factor when tackles move to guard in the NFL.

    On one hand, Barton does flash the necessary independent hand usage, precision, and leverage acquisition skills to counteract that. On the other hand, he still leaves his torso too wide at times and can be susceptible to lapses in balance when approached with power.

    Much like Tennessee Titans first-round pick Peter Skoronski from the 2023 NFL Draft cycle, I’m of the mind that, while Barton could survive at tackle, he projects better at guard or center.

    A move inside would help mitigate Barton’s arm-length concerns while also maximizing his most exciting traits — his explosiveness, physicality, power drive, torquing capacity, flexibility, leverage acquisition, and angle awareness.

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    Seeing how injuries can ravage offensive lines from year to year, Barton’s ability to play any spot in a pinch will be very valuable in the NFL. But, as an interior lineman, his elite athleticism and overwhelming power and physicality, combined with his execution and football IQ, grant him an extremely high ceiling.

    Barton should have a floor as a quality starter with scheme diversity right out of the gate, and if he can improve his play strength, he can become an impact starter at either guard or center, with pinch-hitter tackle capabilities.

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