Georgia 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports include Nakobe Dean, Jordan Davis, and Travon Walker

Full scouting reports from the top prospects on Georgia, including Travon Walker, with eyes towards the 2022 NFL Draft.

It’s not a matter of when, it’s a matter of just how many Georgia Bulldogs are selected in this year’s draft. Georgia could set records with the number of prospects selected in the 2022 NFL Draft — their scouting reports are a sight to behold. Jordan Davis, Nakobe Dean, Travon Walker, Lewis Cine, and Channing Tindall are just a few of the prospects that could make history.

Georgia 2022 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

Here are the full scouting reports ahead of the 2022 NFL Draft from the top players on Georgia.

Adam Anderson, DE

Positives: Explosive pass-rushing prospect who plays with tremendous pad level as well as quickness, easily changes direction, and shows a closing burst to the ball. Effectively uses his hands to protect himself, consistently plays with leverage, and easily moves about the field. Can bend off the edge or get into space and make plays.

Negatives: Possesses a thin build and gets easily controlled at the point, even by opposing tight ends. Charged with rape in November 2021.

Analysis: Anderson was one of the highest-rated senior pass rushers in the scouting community entering the season and was having a solid campaign until he surrendered to authorities after being accused of rape last November. From a football perspective, he’s a natural pass rusher with outstanding athleticism, but obviously the upcoming court case will dictate his future.

Channing Tindall, LB

Positives: Explosive, hard-charging linebacker coming off a tremendous season. Fast and forceful. Displays outstanding speed in pursuit, quickly gets out to the flanks, and gets depth on pass drops. Breaks down well and holds his ground against blocks or defeats them altogether. Fires up the field and squares into ball handlers to make the tackle in space. Sells out defending the run and on the blitz. Remains disciplined with assignments and plays under control.

Negatives: Does not always take proper angles to the action. Must polish his ball skills. Slow to locate the ball handler on occasion.

Analysis: Tindall is a tremendous pursuit linebacker who flies around the action to make plays. He possesses a three-down game, though there is room for improvement.

Want more information on Tindall? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Channing Tindall, Georgia ILB | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Derion Kendrick, CB

Positives: Nice-sized corner with an inconsistent game. Physical, breaks down well, and effectively uses his hands to disengage from blocks. Possesses a closing burst to the ball, works to get his head back around, and tracks the pass in the air. Very effective facing the action, efficiently covers receivers on crossing patterns, and shows good recognition in zone coverage.

Negatives: Tends to side shuffle down the field and must be more disciplined backpedaling. Reluctance to backpedal hurts his ability to plant and explode to the ball. Slow out of his transition and ends up trailing defenders downfield.

Analysis: Kendrick looked like an up-and-coming cornerback prospect early in his career at Clemson, but his game has since leveled off. He possesses solid size as well as ball skills. But based on the way he’s played the past two seasons, Kendrick must play in a system that has him facing the action.

Want more information on Kendrick? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Derion Kendrick, Georgia CB | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Devonte Wyatt, DT

Positives: Explosive one-gap tackle who significantly improved his game last season. Fires off the snap with a tremendous first step, plays with outstanding pad level, and consistently gets leverage on opponents. Very effective with his hands, explosive, and quick in all his movements. Fast when asked to twist or stunt, remains disciplined with assignments, and easily changes direction. Nicely redirects to the play and shows ability rushing the passer or stuffing the run.

Negatives: Struggles getting off blocks and gets handled by a single opponent. Lacks a dominant base. Neutralized at the point.

Analysis: Wyatt displayed himself primarily as a first-step lineman in 2020. Then, he elevated his game the following year and now moves towards the draft as a top-45 prospect. Still more of a one-gap lineman, Wyatt’s quickness, change-of-direction skills, and athleticism give him potential as a 3-technique tackle or one-gap end.

Want more information on Wyatt? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Devonte Wyatt, Georgia DT | NFL Draft Scouting Report

George Pickens, WR

Positives: Tall, very quick receiver who fires off the snap, immediately gets into pass routes, and nicely uses his hands to separate from defenders. Tracks the pass in the air, displays eye/hand coordination, and makes the reception in stride at full speed. Possesses strong hands and snatches the ball out of the air. Plays faster than his 40 time and presents himself as an effective vertical threat.

Negatives: Lacks a true second gear. Occasionally lets the ball get inside him. Possesses a thin frame, lacks strength, and is easily brought down after the catch. Coming off an injury-riddled season.

Analysis: Pickens made an instant impact as a freshman for Georgia and was poised for a big junior campaign before tearing a knee ligament in the spring of 2021. He returned late in the season with minimal impact, but Pickens is a legitimate third wideout for an NFL team once he gets back to full health.

Want more information on Pickens? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: George Pickens, Georgia WR | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jake Camarda, P

Positives: Big-legged punter who is also used for kickoffs. Mechanically sound, quickly gets the ball off his foot, and hits towering punts that get tremendous hang time and allow coverage units to get down the field to make plays. Consistently forces opponents to call for the fair catch thanks to hang time of punts. Shows ability as a directional punter. Gets depth and hang time on his kickoffs.

Negatives: Displays a lot of inconsistency in his game. Has difficulty placing punts.

Analysis: Camarda was a consistent and productive special teamer at Georgia and offers starting potential as a punter who can also handle kickoff duties in the NFL.

Want more information on Camarda? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Jake Camarda, Georgia P | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jamaree Salyer, OT

Positives: Tough, competitive college left tackle who projects to guard in the NFL. Sets with a wide base, stays square, and effectively uses his hands. Patient in pass protection, keeps his feet moving, and makes excellent use of angles as well as body positioning. Strong, turns defenders off the line, and opens running lanes. Keeps his head on a swivel, shows great awareness, and plays through the whistle.

Negatives: Lacks quick, fluid footwork off the edge. Struggles handling quick, nimble pass rushers.

Analysis: Salyer did a terrific job at left tackle for Georgia but has the style and build for guard in the NFL. He’s more of a power-gap lineman, though he has enough ability to occasionally be used in motion. Salyer possesses the tools necessary to break into a starting lineup by the end of his rookie season.

Want more information on Salyer? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Jamaree Salyer, Georgia OT | NFL Draft Scouting Report

James Cook, RB

Positives: Talented running back with a well-rounded game. Very quick, does an outstanding job using blocks, and will pick his way through the trash. Runs behind his pads, possesses outstanding vision, and has a burst through the hole. Plays faster than his 40 time, beats defenders into the open field, and can run to daylight.

Finds the running lanes, uses an effective straight arm to keep plays alive, and always works to pick up positive yardage. Displays himself as a legitimate downfield pass-catching threat, tracks the ball in the air, and adjusts backwards to make the over-the-shoulder reception down the field. Easily adjusts to the pass and makes the reception in stride. Can throw the halfback option.

Negatives: Not a power back who will move the pile or pick up a lot of yardage off initial contact. Used more in a rotational role at Georgia.

Analysis: Cook is a well-rounded skill player. He’s effective as a pass catcher and as a ball carrier and can even throw the option pass on occasion. Cook is a zone runner who will be an exceptional rotational back on Sundays.

Want more information on Cook? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: James Cook, Georgia RB | NFL Draft Scouting Report

John FitzPatrick, TE

Positives: Hard-working tight end who gets the most from his ability. Fundamentally sound, gets out to the second level to engage linebackers, and gives effort blocking. Quickly releases off the line of scrimmage and runs solid routes. Quickly gets into breaks and stays low on exit.

Negatives: Not a natural pass catcher and does not play with great balance. Needs to get a little thicker and add bulk to his frame.

Analysis: FitzPatrick was a solid complementary tight end for Georgia and comes with growth potential which, if met, could help him catch onto a roster as a third tight end.

Jordan Davis, DT

Positives: Massive, athletic defensive lineman who is a game-changer up front. Displays outstanding power and easily bull rushes opponents off the line to collapse the pocket. Effective with his hands, knocks blockers back with a violent punch, and keeps his feet moving. Plays with proper pad level and can be an unstoppable force.

Smooth and fluid when asked to twist or stunt. Easily changes direction and gets outside the box and to the flanks in pursuit. Triple-teamed by opponents, yet holds his ground and frees things up for teammates to make plays on the ball.

Negatives: Lacks great first-step quickness. Must develop more moves to get off blocks. Was rotated in and out of the lineup for Georgia.

Analysis: Davis is a game-changing defensive lineman who has been woefully underrated the past two seasons. He’s a three-down player with the ability to line up in a variety of schemes or defensive fronts. Davis should be a Day 1 starter and go on to have a long and productive career in the NFL.

Want more information on Davis? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Jordan Davis NFL Draft Scouting Report | Georgia DT

Justin Shaffer, G

Positives: Nice-sized offensive lineman with an underrated game. Sets with a wide base, sinks his butt at the line of scrimmage, and bends his knees. Strong, keeps his feet moving, and easily turns defenders from the action. Plays with a nasty attitude and always looks to hit someone. Shows great awareness, works well with teammates, and displays the ability to bury defenders and engulf them from plays altogether. Flashes quickness pulling across the line of scrimmage and blocking in motion.

Negatives: Struggles adjusting to the blitz. Overextends on occasion and must improve his blocking balance.

Analysis: Shaffer was a solid offensive lineman for Georgia and comes with size, growth potential, and underrated athleticism. He needs to polish his game, but if he does, Shaffer could be a surprise starter for a power-gap scheme.

Want more information on Schaffer? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Justin Shaffer, Georgia G | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Lewis Cine, S

Positives: Nice-sized safety with outstanding speed and tremendous upside. Quickly picks up coverage assignments, displays tremendous range in center field, and possesses speed as well as a closing burst. Instinctive, quick to diagnose, and takes proper angles to the action. Tracks the pass in the air, fast to the flanks, and works well with cornerbacks. Fires up the field to defend run plays and screen passes, plays with a nasty attitude, and aggressively lays his shoulders into ball handlers.

Negatives: Gets upright tackling and isn’t stout at the point of attack. Off balance trying to drive to the pass out of his plant. Face-guards in man-coverage situations.

Analysis: Cine is an explosive safety who made a lot of plays for Georgia the past two seasons and turned in a terrific Combine workout. He’s a natural center fielder with outstanding length. Cine offers legitimate starting potential on Sundays.

Want more information on Cine? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Lewis Cine, Georgia S | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Nakobe Dean, LB

Positives: Slightly undersized, fierce linebacker who makes plays all over the field. Very sudden, incredibly explosive, and plays heads-up football. Covers a large amount of area in a short time, displays outstanding speed in pursuit, and immediately gets to the spot to make the play. Gets depth on pass drops, sells out on the blitz, and is very forceful. Quickly locates the ball, effectively diagnoses plays, and slides off blocks to get to the action. Shows an outstanding closing burst.

Negatives: Lack of height leads to mismatches against bigger tight ends. Will struggle taking on blocks at the next level. More football fast than 40 fast.

Analysis: Dean is an explosive three-down linebacker who showed consistent improvement in his game. He has size as well as growth limitations and may not be a linebacker for everyone. Yet, Dean will be very productive as a run-and-chase linebacker in the proper scheme on Sundays.

Want more information on Dean? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Nakobe Dean, Georgia ILB | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Quay Walker, LB

Positives: Athletic linebacker with a three-down game. Breaks down well, effectively uses his hands to protect himself, and makes a lot of plays in space. Slides off blocks to get to the action, covers a tremendous amount of area on the field, and shows speed in pursuit.

Quickly gets into space to make the tackle on screen passes, gets outstanding depth on pass drops, and smoothly changes direction. Stays with assignments, plays heads-up football, and battles to make plays. Gives effort defending the run and fires upfield on the blitz.

Negatives: Does not always take proper angles and overruns plays. Not a stout linebacker. Gets caught up in the trash.

Analysis: Walker is an athletic linebacker who showed a lot of progress in his game the past two seasons and comes with a large upside. He possesses skill, versatility, and the athleticism to be used at inside or outside linebacker. Walker possesses tremendous upside and has the tools to develop into a starting three-down linebacker on Sundays.

Want more information on Walker? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Quay Walker, Georgia ILB | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Travon Walker, DT

Positives: Fast-rising defensive prospect who was a playmaker at the college level. Plays with a tremendous amount of agility as well as athleticism, makes plays in a variety of ways, and gives outstanding effort. Shows excellent discipline and awareness and stays with plays rather than just firing up the field to rush the quarterback.

Nasty, runs through blocks to get to the ball handler, and gives effort to stop the run. Moves well about the field, can drop off the line and play in space, and quickly gets to the flanks in pursuit. Bends his knees, plays with leverage, and immediately gets his hands up. Easily changes direction, can bend off the edge, and gets a lot of pressure up the field. Plays with balance and rarely gets knocked off his feet.

Negatives: Possesses a tall, thin frame and gets out-positioned from the action. Must develop more pass-rushing moves. Lacks a strong base and struggles against bigger tackles.

Analysis: Walker is an exceptional athlete who showed a lot of development in his game the past year and went on to have a phenomenal Combine workout. He possesses the frame to get bigger, comes with outstanding upside potential, and is a scheme-versatile defensive front-seven player just starting to hit his stride. As he physically matures, Walker should be an impact player at the next level if properly coached.

Want more information on Walker? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Travon Walker, Georgia DT | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Zamir White, RB

Positives: Patient downhill ball carrier with terrific short-area quickness. Runs behind his pads, waits for blocks to develop, and will pick and choose his spots. Quick-footed, squeezes through the small openings of the offensive line, and makes defenders miss in the open field. Aggressive, runs with authority, and has a burst. Quickly picks up blocking assignments.

Negatives: Inconsistent in his overall game. Flashes terrific pass-catching skill but also drops catchable balls. Not a great perimeter runner or a creative ball carrier.

Analysis: White had moments for Georgia and ran faster than anyone thought possible during Combine workouts. He possesses next-level size and athleticism, but White must complete his game or he’ll be a part-time player in the NFL.

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