Fun Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets: Scorigami Alert, Octopus Sighting, and Underdog Jack Stoll

There are old, boring prop bets. And then there are fun Super Bowl prop bets. The choice seems clear.

There are perhaps hundreds of unique prop bets for the Super Bowl every year. And there are also many off-the-radar, fun Super Bowl prop bets for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. The following betting odds are prop bets based on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Top Fun Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets To Target

The nature of these bets suggests we shouldn’t overthink them. Will Jack Stoll score three touchdowns? Yes, there’s a bet for that. Does that mean we should make it? Well, only if you’re comfortable taking 250-1 odds on a bet that probably should be 2,500-1 (with all respect to Stoll, who has 16 career scoreless receptions).

With that in mind, here are some fascinating, one-of-a-kind prop bets that you can make from the comfort of your own home, office, place of worship, or favorite fish market.

Jack Stoll Scores 3 Touchdowns (+25000)

C’mon, I can’t mention that above and then just move on. That would be ridiculous.

OK, so what leads someone to bet on a 25-year-old with 16 scoreless career receptions? There is one ultra-narrow pathway for Stoll to become the first tight end to win Super Bowl MVP in history, plus a much wider pathway.

The wider pathway concerns game script. If the Chiefs jump out ahead big, then it could force Jalen Hurts to throw more than he normally does. That might invite more looks to Stoll, whose career 80% catch rate is nothing to sneeze at.

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The narrower pathway concerns the health of Philly’s receivers. This is something that cannot be predicted, plain and simple. We have seen Super Bowls that proceed comfortably, with all key players active and involved. We have also seen Super Bowls where an early injury forces a backup to step up.

I never recommend betting based on fluke injuries. It’s not sporty. But the reality is that some people assuredly will bet on Stoll at +25000 odds. For him to find the end zone three times, he needs to become a go-to option beginning in the first half.

Any Player To Have a 55+ Yard Reception (+250)

The odds aren’t as favorable, and for good reasons. The Chiefs have multiple big-play receivers. So do the Eagles, led by A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith, although we can’t ignore the possibility of Quez Watkins stretching the field.

Interestingly, KC is No. 1 in the league this year, with 49 pass plays of more than 25 yards. Who’s No. 2? Philadelphia (38).

No doubt, the Eagles’ defense, in particular, could contain Patrick Mahomes, and Hurts isn’t (yet) a dominant pocket passer. But both sides have the personnel to break one open.

Octopus Sighting (+1400)

No, not an actual octopus sighting. The last I checked, the octopi closest to State Farm Stadium are 33 miles away in OdySea Aquarium (first level, near the theater and bathrooms). While octopi can travel 25 miles per hour (or 60 mph in a commandeered truck), the odds of one showing up at the Super Bowl are as slim as octopi are delicious.

By “Octopus,” I’m talking about a football play where someone scores a touchdown and then scores the two-point conversion. A QB throwing for a score and then throwing to a different receiver for the two-pointer doesn’t count. But if the same rusher or receiver scores both — even if it’s a QB doing the rushing and/or receiving — then it counts.

In fact, Hurts manufactured an Octopus on December 18 against the Bears. So yeah, it’s possible. Slim? Sure. That’s why the odds of it not happening are -5000.

But is betting against an Octopus ever fun? Of course not.

Kicker/ Punter/Long Snapper Winning MVP (+15000)

For context, the QB position has -650 odds of winning this award. There’s almost no reasonable scenario where a kicker, punter, or long snapper can claim it.

Ah, but there are certainly fun scenarios. And actually, one of them is fairly realistic, in a longshot sort of way.

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The Eagles have a not-so-secret weapon in Jake Elliott, who’s converted 52 of 58 field goal attempts (90%) these last two seasons, including 8-of-9 (89%) from 50+. He’s also 13-of-13 during his playoff career, which began the last time Philly won the Super Bowl.

There’s certainly a possibility that the Eagles’ defense once again will rise to the occasion and a relatively low-scoring affair will elevate Elliott from a mere kicker to a difference-maker. Imagine, for example, a 19-16 final score where Elliott hits four field goals. Not likely, but doable. And with these odds, that’s a fun bet to make.

Scorigami (+2000)

According to Pro Football Reference, there have been 17,379 NFL games and 1,075 final-score combinations, ranging from the most common (20-17) to the least common (255 final scores that have never been duplicated, such as 7-5 and 46-23).

If you’re looking for yet another reason to watch the Super Bowl, the advantage of betting on a Scorigami is that at some point during the game, there will probably be a Scorigami. It might happen if the score is 9-8 in the second quarter or 26-7 with five minutes to go.

A Scorigami is sometimes one score or one non-score from coming to fruition. Given both teams’ offensive prowess, the Eagles’ elite defense, and a mutual interest in sometimes going for two, there’s a decent chance that this Super Bowl could result in a coveted Scorigami.

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