‘They Played Against Taylor Swift, the Refs, and the Kansas City Chiefs’ – Former 49ers Player Reflects on Super Bowl 58

One former San Francisco 49ers player believes the team had an unfair battle to face in Super Bowl 58 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

While two months have passed since Super Bowl 58, many among the San Francisco 49ers faithful are still not over their heartbreaking overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. One former player, in particular, believes the cards were unfairly stacked against them in the big game and believes that played a major factor in the outcome.

Former 49ers Player Believes They Had To Beat 3 Opponents in Super Bowl 58

Former 49ers safety Donte Whitner was known for his big hits during his playing days, and now that he has transitioned into an analyst role for his next career, he’s delivering quite the compact with his takes as well.

The latest example was on the Up and Adams Show with Kay Adams, where he and Kay discussed the Super Bowl 58 loss his former team suffered. They discussed all of the disadvantages Whitner believes they had to try and overcome to win the game.

“When we think about the Super Bowl as well, I think the 49ers played against the refs as well, guys,” Whitner started. “When we look at that film and we see bear hugs on those defensive ends, and you really see it in blatant moments in the game, 49ers played against Taylor Swift, the refs, and the Kansas City Chiefs, all three.”

It’s quite a statement and is something often reserved for something fans would say. Whether Whitner was kidding or completely serious, is not made clear. However, Adams herself had a good kick out of the comment.

The facts of the matter are that calls are missed throughout a game every week in the NFL. It happens on both sides. Sometimes you’re the beneficiary; other times, you’re on the other side.

Either way, the 49ers had ample chances to take the game from the Chiefs and lead for most of the evening before Patrick Mahomes and Co. took over for their overtime victory.

It’s not easy to win a Super Bowl, and the frustration of being so close and not finishing the job is understandable. However, to speak on the refs and Taylor Swift as if they were actual factors against San Francisco, all the way into April, is a peculiar choice.

As San Francisco turns the page to 2024 and gets ready for the NFL Draft, the hope is that Whitner (and those who feel similarly to him) can find the closure they need to help the 49ers lock in and be ready to challenge for a Super Bowl title once again.

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