What Is the Brotherly Shove? Eagles’ Tush Push Causes Controversy Across League

    The Eagles' trendy play has been given a new name. But are others growing weary of the much debated goal-line/short-yardage play?

    The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t just currently undefeated through their first four games of 2023, but they’ve conquered a certain formation — some are calling it controversial.

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    Eagles’ Short-Yardage/Goal-Line Formation Causing Continuous Stir in NFL

    Fans and media have referred to it as the “tush push.” The Eagles, though, have reportedly referred to the play as the “Brotherly Shove” as a homage to the City of Brotherly Love.

    It’s a simple formation designed for Jalen Hurts to get across the needed yard marker to either keep drives alive or score. But Hurts receives some backfield help, literally.

    Now, there are analysts who believe the term “tush push” must go. One who was bluntly clear about hoping to see the name come to its end was NFL Network personality Peter Schrager.

    “We didn’t choose this nickname,” Schrager reminded. “It was bestowed upon us. There’s nothing Philadelphia about the word ‘tush push.'”

    He then shared what it should be called: “Brotherly Shove,” which he picked up from a Reddit user.

    There have been, however, some outspoken critics of the Eagles’ buzzworthy play.

    One is Amazon NFL analyst and Super Bowl-winning cornerback Richard Sherman.

    The perennial Pro Bowl defender who played in three Super Bowls with the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers cited a hypocrisy involving player safety with the QB sneak play.

    “My problem with the tush push is the @NFL literally banned defensive players from pushing other players into the offensive formation on FG and PATs because it was a ‘Health and safety issue’ but now it’s ok because it benefits the offense?” Sherman asked on X (formerly known as Twitter).

    An even harsher critic is FOX West Texas sports anchor Damien Bartonek, who called the play “garbage.”

    The most outspoken of the play, though, was former NFL quarterback and NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms, who during the week of September 25, felt the best way to stop the play was to “go headhunting on the quarterback,” basically implying that a defender should purposely hurt the QB.

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    While there are fans and analysts who believe the play gives the Eagles an unfair advantage, former NFL edge rusher and past NFL Defensive Player of the Year winner J.J. Watt has no issue with the play.

    Jalen Hurts Sounds Off on Critics Who Hope To See the Play Banned

    Meanwhile, Hurts himself was asked about his opinion on hearing the critics call out the play — with some believing the “Brotherly Shove” should be banned.

    Hurts, however, opted to deflect sharing any quotes to the Philly media.

    “I have no thoughts on it. We’re the only people doing it as well as we are. There was a guy who even wanted me hurt for it, too,” Hurts said on Wednesday.

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