‘Go Headhunting on the QB’ – NFL Fans React to Chris Simms’ Ridiculous Comments

    Chris Simms got fans calling him out for a new hot take. What did he say this time about the Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts?

    Chris Simms has become known to be a lightning rod for hot takes, which often sparks strong responses for the former NFL quarterback turned analyst.

    But on Wednesday, he offered a strong idea of how to finally stop the renowned “tush push” play that has led to touchdowns for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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    Chris Simms Shares Controversial Take

    Speaking with another polarizing analyst in Mike Florio of NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk, the topic became how to stop the play that results in constant six points for the Eagles.

    That formation, with two running backs lined up behind Jalen Hurts, has become one of the harder-to-stop formations in the league, with Hurts ending the play crossing the end zone.

    Simms, a former quarterback, shared what he’d do.

    “If I was a defensive coach, I would be going headhunting on the quarterback here,” Simms said. “Go ahead, let them have it. Dive over, go crazy, and try to kill the quarterback.”

    That’s right … injure or kill Hurts.

    Simms, though, denies that he was suggesting to inflict death or a serious injury.

    “I didn’t mean it like that,” Simms said. “But I mean, make them pay and make them think twice about doing that.”

    Still, his take was enough to prompt criticism for the former veteran NFL passer.

    Fans Immediately Call Out Simms’ Comments

    NFL fans were not hesitant to call out Simms for his outlandish take.

    “I really don’t know how/why Chris Simms still has a job in media. There are bad/rage baiting takes and then there is this and that beyond embarrassing take on a deceased Tua [Tagovailoa] fan. I could do as well a job and not embarrass @MikeFlorioPFT and the network for a fraction of the cost,” one fan said on X.

    Another fan believed that Simms is purposely on that show with Florio to benefit the latter and his often controversial takes.

    “The whole reason why Chris Simms is even on that show is to make Mike Florio look like the sane one,” the fan said

    Podcaster John Barchard, who co-hosts the Bell and the Birdman podcast, created this idea.

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    “If I was a microphone, I would simply be away from Chris Simms’ mouth. That’s what I’d do,” he said

    Even ABC 27 sports anchor Jared Phillips called out Simms and labeled him a clown.

    Simms, meanwhile, has yet to give a follow-up response to his comments.

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