NFL World Reacts to Draft Prospect Tip Reiman Not Believing in Pigeons

Another NFL Draft prospect has shared a shocking conspiracy theory, as Tip Reiman revealed at the Combine he doesn't believe in pigeons.

Every year, NFL Combine interviews almost always unveil something funny about a prospect. For many prospects, it’s the first time they’re given a big platform to speak in front of multiple national reporters and let NFL fans see who they really are behind the helmet.

This year, look no further than Illinois tight end Tip Reiman, who believes that pigeons are not real.

Illinois Tight End Tip Reiman Says Pigeons Aren’t Real

“Birds aren’t real” is definitely a conspiracy theory that has gained popularity online in the last few years. While it’s unclear if Reiman actually believes that pigeons aren’t real or if he was just joking around with the media, this story has already taken the Combine by storm.

Reiman played four years with the Fighting Illini and caught 41 passes for 420 yards and five touchdowns throughout his career. He’s a big, rugged tight end who projects to be a Day 3 NFL Draft selection. He measured at 6-foot-4, 273 pounds, and proved in the Shrine Bowl that he can be a competent pass catcher for his size.

NFL Fans React to Reiman Not Believing in Pigeons

There are fans who think Reiman’s conspiracy theory is too outlandish for him to be a viable draft selection.

“He’s off my board,” one fan said.

Another fan weighed in with a slightly insulting remark:

“Safe to say, he won’t classify as the smartest prospect.”

This conspiracy theory from Reiman comes right on the heels of Texas Tech defensive back Tyler Owens admitting at the NFL Combine that he does not believe in outer space.

“Between (Reimman) and the Texas Tech kid, I’m losing hope on the education system,” one fan said.

While the internet is sometimes a very mean place, it can also be quite funny. Some fans definitely understood that Reiman was likely joking and decided to play along with the jokes that pigeons are not real.

“BIRD = Basic Recording Device,” said one fan, agreeing with Reiman online.

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Some fans are even joking that Reiman’s conspiracy theory could catch the interest of New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“Trying to get Aaron Rodgers to tell the Jets to draft him,” a fan said.

“Tip Reiman auditioning to be on a podcast with Aaron Rodgers, huh?” another fan joked. 

“Master troll or literal idiot?” one fan asked. “The world may never know.”

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