DFS Picks for Super Bowl 58: Christian McCaffrey, Travis Kelce, Isiah Pacheco, and Others

What are our top DFS picks for Super Bowl 58 as we look at the potential ROI for each option on the 49ers' and Chiefs' rosters?

Super Bowl 58 offers DFS players a lot of options to choose from as the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs go head to head. With plenty of talent on both rosters, finding the right balance for your lineups will be tough. Let’s run down the main names and give our top DFS picks for Super Bowl 58.

Super Bowl 58 DFS Picks and Advice

Let’s do this slightly differently. Rather than just highlight six players we like this week, let’s run down all the major options across the six positions and then highlight any lower-priced options that could be worth investing in.

For those of you not used to the two main formats on DraftKings and FanDuel, here are the main rules. On DraftKings, you pick a six-person lineup, one of which is a captain. The captain costs 1.5x his normal salary but earns you 1.5x the fantasy points.

On FanDuel is a five-person lineup, one of whom is an MVP. The MVP costs you nothing extra but earns you 1.5x the points. On both sites, you must pick at least one player from each team in your lineup.

Patrick Mahomes, KC | DK $10,600, FD $15,000

The price here for Mahomes is actually pretty solid on both sites. He is the second-most expensive player, but with a potential return of 20+ fantasy points, he has the chance of giving you a 2x return on investment.

I do not see the 25+ point ceiling here for Mahomes, so I would be hesitant to captain him on DraftKings. However, on FanDuel, there is a solid chance he could score you 30+ points as the MVP, which makes him a tempting option in that spot.

Brock Purdy, SF | DK $10,000, FD $14,500

The price for Purdy is just a little high for my liking. He has the chance to score 20+ points, but most projections I produce for him put him in the 15-18-point region. That is not enough to make him a player I will be looking to select in my flex spots on either site.

Christian McCaffrey, SF | DK $12,000, FD $17,500

The price point for Christian McCaffrey is going to scare some people away, and for that reason, I really want him in my lineup. When you look at floor-to-ceiling projections, no one has a better combination of safe floor and high ceiling than the 49ers RB. Most projection systems have him touching the ball 20 times in this game, which makes him almost impossible to ignore.

In the last two playoff games, McCaffrey has scored a total of four touchdowns. He has then added more than 125 total yards to that in each game with a total of 11 receptions. Those numbers give McCaffrey around a 25-point return, which makes him a solid value on both sites.

Those numbers also make him a really intriguing MVP pick on FanDuel and at least in consideration on DraftKings. However, if you captain him on DraftKings, you will have to budget elsewhere, so be prepared.

Isiah Pacheco, KC | DK $8,000, FD $12,500

The number for Pacheco on DraftKings stands out immediately as a great price for a player who could have a huge role. In the three playoff games, Pacheco has carried the ball 63 times for 254 yards and three touchdowns. He has then added 27 receiving yards on six receptions.

That limited work in the receiving game hurts his ceiling somewhat, but Pacheco is still a very solid option for DFS lineups. The price is a much better bargain on DraftKings and very much puts him in play as a potential captain. The thought of getting Pacheco and McCaffrey in your lineup for a total of $24,000 is mouth-watering.

Brandon Aiyuk, SF | DK $8,800, FD $10,500

Aiyuk certainly has potential in this game, and he is the cheapest of the three main wide receiver options on FanDuel. He has struggled a little in the last three games but had a run of three games with over 100 receiving yards in a four-week stretch in December.

The reason for optimism this week is that despite just six receptions in the postseason, Aiyuk has seen a total of 14 targets. That is a solid usage number and is largely in line with what we saw in the season. There is every chance it clicks today in the perfect indoor conditions.

Deebo Samuel, SF | DK $9,200, FD $11,500

I cannot really make a case for why Samuel continues to be priced above Aiyuk. The only thing I can think of is that his rushing work increases his ceiling in terms of finding the end zone. He has 12 touchdowns to seven for Aiyuk this year but has not scored since the end of December.

Samuel had a 96-yard day with eight receptions last week but has struggled in the receiving game at times this season. He is a bigger gamble than Aiyuk, with a greater upside but a lower floor. I wouldn’t want too much exposure on Samuel, but I may sprinkle him in a couple of lineups.

Rashee Rice, KC | DK $7,600, FD $11,000

When you look at the prices here for Rashee Rice, it is clear that his value is relatively better on DraftKings than on FanDuel. The Chiefs WR is the lowest of the three main WR options on DraftKings, but the mid-priced one on FanDual.

I cannot make a case for paying more for him than Aiyuk on FanDual, but a $600 saving on DraftKings makes him extremely interesting. Rice and Aiyuk have very similar projection profiles for me, so I am quite happy to lean heavier on the cheaper option if I am picking between them.

George Kittle, SF | DK $6,400, FD $10,000

George Kittle has been really aggressively priced on DraftKings as the lowest of the main skill position players by quite some distance. That pricing gives him a real chance to return 2x value on his price in a PPR scoring system, making him a very intriguing play.

On FanDuel, I would rather pay $10,000 for Kittle than $9,500 or $9,000 for a kicker. The savings there are not worth it, but on the other hand, there feels a big jump from Kittle to Aiyuk and Rice, who are only priced slightly higher.

Travis Kelce, KC | DK $10,200, FD $13,000

With the PPR scoring on DraftKings, Travis Kelce presents an intriguing option there after scoring three touchdowns in the last two weeks. It is hard to count on that level of scoring, but he should have a solid floor with receptions alone. There is a chance he almost matches his salary just with the points from receptions.

On FanDuel, it is hard to make a strong case because of the half-PPR format. For Kelce to produce a significant ROI, he needs to score at least once, which is certainly not guaranteed. I would play him as a Flex option on DraftKings but be warier on FanDuel.

Jake Moody, SF | DK $5,200, FD $9,000

It is hard to ever find a way to play a kicker on FanDuel when they are priced so close to the lower-end skill-position players. I actually like Moody as an option in this game, but I wasn’t expecting him to be more expensive than Harrison Butker on DraftKings.

Had he been the cheaper option, I could have made the case for Moody in my lineup, but if I am going to use a kicker, I would rather pay less for the safer player in Butker.

Harrison Butker, KC | DK $5,000, FD $9,500

Butker has an outside chance of returning the value of this price on DraftKings. This game could be cagey at times, and we may see the head coaches opt for more field goals than many expect.

Butker is the more reliable and cheaper kicker on DraftKings. I am still not touching him on FanDuel.

49ers DST | DK $4,400, FD $8,500

Much like with kickers, it is hard to ever make a case for a DST on FanDuel in the playoffs. Their ceilings are capped compared to the regular season, and it makes more sense to target an even cheaper player who could have as much upside for not much more risk.

On DraftKings, I would have considered the 49ers’ DST if the Chiefs’ DST had not been so much cheaper.

Chiefs DST | DK $3,400, FD $9,000

At just $3,400 on DraftKings, the Chiefs’ DST is very much in play in DFS lineups this week. They only need to get to five fantasy points to produce a solid ROI, and that is well within reach for this unit. I will be using the Chiefs’ DST a lot on DraftKings to balance my lineup.

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