2022 defense fantasy football rankings: Which D/STs should you draft?

Building out your 2022 defense fantasy football rankings can be vital when it comes to the end of the season. While deciding which D/STs to trust in fantasy can be tough, finding the right one in your fantasy draft can put you in a wonderful spot during the season. Below you will find our consensus 2022 D/ST fantasy rankings heading into the year.

2022 defense fantasy football rankings

These rankings are a consensus of our Senior Fantasy Analyst Tommy Garrett and Fantasy Analyst Jason Katz. If you want to ask the analysts questions about why they ranked the players the way they did, be sure to join the free PFN Discord Server.

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1Buffalo Bills
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3San Francisco 49ers
4Denver Broncos
5Indianapolis Colts
6New England Patriots
7New Orleans Saints
8Los Angeles Rams
9Baltimore Ravens
10Dallas Cowboys
11Los Angeles Chargers
12Kansas City Chiefs
13Green Bay Packers
14Cleveland Browns
15Miami Dolphins
16Pittsburgh Steelers
17Tennessee Titans
18Arizona Cardinals
19Philadelphia Eagles
20Cincinnati Bengals
21Minnesota Vikings
22Carolina Panthers
23New York Giants
24Washington Commanders
25Chicago Bears
26Detroit Lions
27Las Vegas Raiders
28New York Jets
29Seattle Seahawks
30Jacksonville Jaguars
31Atlanta Falcons
32Houston Texans

Which defenses are most intriguing in our 2022 fantasy rankings?

Knowing how to value defenses in fantasy can be extremely tough. There are so many factors that can impact the D/ST fantasy rankings on a given week that finding a consistently producing unit is difficult. Let’s take a look at three defenses in our 2022 rankings that are intriguing in drafts.

Baltimore Ravens

It was a tough season in 2022 for the Baltimore Ravens’ defense. Injuries ravaged them and severely impacted their performance for fantasy managers. They finished the year ranked 26th at the position, which was a major change from the previous years.

The Ravens’ defense has been one of the few reliable D/ST options in recent seasons. In 2019 and 2020, they finished fourth, having finished fifth in 2018. The D/ST position varies so much from year to year, and consistency can be tough to find. Hopefully, for fantasy managers, Baltimore can get back to their consistent top-five performances in 2022.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys lapped the field on defense in 2021. They finished with 24 more fantasy points than the second-place unit. That same differential would take you from second to ninth. However, that performance was built on nine touchdowns, six defensive and three special teams, and 35 turnovers.

Reproducing that kind of performance will be extremely difficult. However, Dan Quinn remains in charge of the defense, so they should still be able to provide some value to fantasy managers.

Washington Commanders

There have been some great reports about the defense coming out of Washington’s camp this year. Their secondary has drawn strong reviews from onlookers. They are coming off a year that saw them finish 21st and will be without standout defensive lineman Chase Young to start the season.

Additionally, there are some new faces, and the Commanders will face talented offenses this season. They are an intriguing option in drafts, but they have a very wide range of outcomes this year.