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    Daniel Jones’ Net Worth, Salary, and Career Earnings: How Much Money Has the New York Giants QB Made?

    From earnings off of endorsements and past contracts, here's a closer look at how much Giants QB Daniel Jones is currently making.

    Despite offseason rumors, Daniel Jones remains the quarterback of the New York Giants.

    Jones’ name came up throughout the offseason in trade and cut rumors. Yet, he’s entering the 2024 season as the projected starting quarterback for the Giants.

    With Jones staying in the Big Apple, we take a closer look at how much money he’s making, including what he’ll earn this season.

    What Is Daniel Jones’ Net Worth?

    Jones had an estimated net worth of $25 million as of January 2024.

    He’s amassed that income off of the following: Jones’ rookie deal, investments, and endorsements. For the latter, Jones holds deals with Pepsi, Verizon, Panini, Bose, Gatorade, and Nike.

    Through those endorsements, Jones has reportedly raked in $10 million in cash.

    Since entering the league in 2019 as a first-round draft pick, Jones has seen his salary rise.

    Jones’ 2024 Salary

    Not long ago, Jones agreed to a four-year, $160 million contract with the Giants. That signing helped take him off his rookie contract. That huge deal, though, has since been restructured to help give the Giants more financial breathing room.

    By agreeing to the massive $160 million contract, Jones’ base salary spiked.

    Per Spotrac, Jones is set to earn $35.5 million in 2024. That’s a significant jump from his $1,080,000 base salary in 2023.

    Here’s what else was included in Jones’ deal:

    • Jones received a $36 million signing bonus.
    • He holds a workout bonus of $500,000.
    • Likely incentives are set at $750,000.
    • Jones’ deal carries a cap hit of $47,855,000.
    • Lastly, Jones has a dead cap of $69,315,000.

    Jones’ current contract doesn’t make him a free agent until 2027. While his base salary for 2025 is set to dip to $30 million, it’s anticipated to rise to $46.5 million in 2026.

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    Jones was given a potential opt-out option in his deal, which goes into effect for 2025.

    But by restructuring his contract, the Giants managed to save themselves $6.315 million in cap space.

    Highest-Paid Quarterbacks in 2024

    Where does Jones rank among the NFL’s highest-paid passers?

    The market reset this offseason with Trevor Lawrence becoming the latest to earn a blockbuster deal, signing for five years and $275 million. The Jacksonville Jaguars star quarterback’s contract officially matches Joe Burrow, as the Cincinnati Bengals franchise QB signed his big deal last September.

    Now trailing Burrow and Lawrence is the Detroit Lions’ Jared Goff, as he agreed to a $212 million contract earlier in June. Goff’s deal is for four years and gives him $170 million in guaranteed money.

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    Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers and Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens are the final members of the league’s $260 million club. Herbert and Jackson earn $262.5 million and $260 million, respectively, through their deals.

    Jones ranks nowhere near the top 10 for highest-paid QBs. His $160 million once got him inside the top 10, but with higher-paying contracts being given to Lawrence, Burrow, Herbert, and Jackson, Jones has fallen further behind the wealthiest QBs in the league list, now ranking 14th, per Over The Cap.

    But Jones does find himself earning more than Pro Bowlers Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, and Baker Mayfield.

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