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    Daniel Jones’ Injury Update: What Happened to the Giants QB Last Season?

    Daniel Jones missed most of last season with an injury. We discuss what happened and how his progress is going ahead of the 2024 season.

    The New York Giants‘ 2023 season went off the rails quickly, and a large part of that may have been because Daniel Jones was lost for much of the year due to a knee injury. Anytime you lose your starting quarterback for a large part of the season, your team is going to struggle.

    With 2024 right around the corner, we look at Jones and his injury situation and what the outlook may be for him and the Giants heading into the new season.

    How Did Daniel Jones Get Injured?

    Last season, Week 9 against the Las Vegas Raiders was a pivotal point for the Giants. New York was already 2-6 on the season heading into the game, and while the year was going south fast, it hit rock bottom during the final play of the first quarter.

    Jones went back to pass, and his leg buckled while trying to move in the pocket. After trying to continue playing, his right knee gave out in the middle of his dropback on the very next play.

    Jones tore his ACL in his right knee, ending his season and beginning what was sure to be a tough and grueling recovery period. When asked about the injury shortly after it happened, Jones was understandably upset.

    “I mean, it’s tough, for sure,” Jones said. “You put a lot into the season. You put a lot into preparing to play, and to get it taken from you through an injury is definitely tough. That’s real, and that’s something that you deal with as a player, but it’s part of the game at this level.

    “… But I can’t afford to feel sorry for myself or sulk. It’s part of it, and I’ll be fine. I’ll bounce back, attack the rehab process like I have anything else, and come back stronger.”

    Recovery Timeline for Jones

    ACL injuries are tough to gauge because much of the recovery timeline depends on the person and the damage done to the specific knee in question.

    In Jones’ case, he had surgery 17 days after the injury, allowing the swelling to subside and strengthening the muscles around the knee.

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    The anticipated timeframe for his injury is 8-10 months, putting him right up against the start of the season if the maximum 10-month timeline is needed. If Jones is ahead of schedule or closer to the eight-month timeframe, he may be ready to go fully for training camp and for Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings.

    There is still time to continue to rehab, as the Giants will surely do the right thing for Jones physically. With all options still on the table, there is a wait-and-see approach unfolding at the moment.

    Expectations for Jones Entering 2024

    When it comes to expectations for Jones, it’s tough to say where the proper benchmark should be set. The first goal for him in his recovery would be to be ready for Week 1, if at all possible. From there, it’s to knock the rust off and try to be the best version of himself.

    Often, when players come back from torn ACLs, it takes them a year or so to get over the mental hurdle and feel like themselves.

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    With 2024 being such an important year for the Giants organization and Jones himself, there’s not as much leeway when it comes to figuring it out on the fly as in other situations.

    There were many rumors that the Giants may have been looking to draft Jones’ replacement. While they ultimately didn’t, this doesn’t give much confidence in him and his future in New York.

    The Giants are just one full season removed from a playoff victory. With a sense of urgency around the coaching staff and front office, there’s a chance New York will rise to the occasion and bounce back this season. However, the question remains, just how much of that will Jones play a part in?

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