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    Clark Hunt’s Net Worth: How Much Money Has the Chiefs’ Owner Made in His Career?

    Clark Hunt's Kansas City Chiefs have enjoyed considerable on-field riches in the past 10 years or so. Just how rich is KC's co-owner off the field?

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    The Hunt name has been synonymous with the Kansas City Chiefs since the team’s inception in 1959.

    Lamar Hunt owned the team until his death in 2006. His son, Clark Hunt, took over as a co-owner soon thereafter, and he’s been atop the franchise for nearly two decades now.

    Hunt, in conjunction with head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has overseen the most successful prolonged stretch in franchise history. Since 2016, the Chiefs have captured eight division crowns, four conference championships, and three Super Bowl victories.

    To put their recent success in context, Kansas City has won as many division titles in the past eight seasons as it did in the preceding 55.

    How did the Hunt family amass its fortune, and how much is Clark Hunt worth?

    What Is Clark Hunt’s Net Worth?

    Clark’s net worth is estimated at $1.4 billion, according to Forbes. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are valued at $4.3 billion, making them the 23rd-most valuable franchise in the NFL.

    Clark’s investment portfolio is not restricted solely to the Chiefs, even if the team is the primary source of his generational wealth.

    In addition to the Chiefs, Hunt is also part owner of Major League Soccer’s FC Dallas with his brother, Dan Hunt. The MLS is one of Clark’s largest investments, as he is a founding investor-owner in the U.S.-based soccer league.

    Both teams under Hunt’s ownership umbrella are housed within Hunt Sports Group, of which Hunt is the chairman. Clark seems to be at the head of the table, but his brothers, Dan and Lamar, and their sister, Sharron, are also all affiliated with the organization.

    The Hunt family has been wealthy for many years. Clark’s grandfather, H.L. Hunt, was an oil tycoon in the vein of Jerry Jones. He was believed to be one of the wealthiest people in the world at the time of his death in 1974, with an estimated net worth of $2-3 billion. Adjusted for inflation, that’s equivalent to approximately $12 billion in the present day.

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    Clark’s father, Lamar Hunt, was extremely wealthy too. He was the original owner of the Chiefs. He’s also the namesake behind the Lamar Hunt Trophy, awarded to the AFC champion annually. Of course, Clark’s Chiefs have captured the trophy named after his father four times in the past five years.

    Being at the helm of a dynasty, the Hunt family has had plenty to celebrate in recent years. The family reportedly had a combined net worth of $15.5 billion as of 2020, making them one of the richest NFL owners.

    As the old adage goes, the rich just keep on getting richer.

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