5 best fantasy football apps (updated 2022)

Of the seemingly hundreds of apps and sites, here are five of the best fantasy football apps that are worth downloading in 2022.

As fantasy football continues to explode and become even more mainstream, there have never been more ways to play the game as new apps and sites pop up every year. However, not all are created equal. Of the seemingly hundreds of apps and sites, here are five of the best fantasy football apps that are worth downloading in 2022.

Best fantasy football apps to use in 2022

If the surge of fantasy football apps has done one thing, it has created immense options in terms of features, alerts, or user interface. With that said, this list is simply five of the best apps and their benefits rather than a definitive ranking. However, there is one that stands out above the rest.

Sleeper is currently the best fantasy football app

For my money, Sleeper is the best fantasy football app on the market. Initially an alert-based app, Sleeper has built their platform into an all-encompassing fantasy juggernaut that has reshaped the market and has become the benchmark for others to match.

For those who watch their games on NFL Red Zone, the alerts come on so fast they tend to be ahead of the broadcast. In 2021, they added best ball and auction leagues to their options. Also, they inclueded the “squads” feature, which allows you to play prop contests against league mates or fellow Sleeper players for real money.

The app is where Sleeper shines as it is a fantasy site built for the 21st century. The overall experience, from drafting and roster management to game days, is top-tier. Functionality and the UI are on top of Sleeper’s priorities. Everything can be done with a click on your phone.

Add in their continual upgrades and unprecedented willingness to listen to the community, and Sleeper is the single best app for those looking to play fantasy football in 2022.

ESPN Fantasy Football

For many of us, ESPN was where we were introduced to fantasy football. The worldwide leader has the backing of the mouse and has the resources to produce a great experience for fantasy football. That is as long as you want to play only redraft as they do not offer dynasty leagues.

The one thing I will say is I know they heavily push their trade function using IBM Watson, and I get it. They have spent a ton making it in collaboration with IBM. But that does not make it worth using. One of their most prominent “features” is something I would avoid. Beyond that, the app is clean, simple, and straightforward. It is a perfectly fine app to use if you are in an ESPN fantasy football league.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo, despite being one of the largest players in the fantasy space, is a site you do not see many people talking about when discussing platforms. With that said, those who do use it swear by it. Every year, I will join a couple of random leagues on Yahoo because, like others, I enjoy the site/app. Plus, I enjoy seeing the ADP difference from site to site.

You can create or join public leagues, tweak scoring and roster settings, and it even has a dark mode which is how I live my life. Furthermore, they have a rankings system that keeps track of your wins and stats over the time you use the site. This is one of the reasons I still use it because it’s addicting to see where you rank.

The one catch with Yahoo is to unlock all the features, such as the research assistant, advanced stats, expert rankings, start/sit advice, and recommendations, you will need to pay a monthly subscription which is $34.99/year, a $10 increase from last year.

This is not a deal-breaker for me as you can have a great experience on the app for free, but it needs to be mentioned.

NFL Fantasy

It should surprise no one the NFL has its own fantasy site and app. It is a simplified, no-frills experience, sitting in a combination of Yahoo and ESPN. Leagues can accommodate 4-20 people, and there is basic scoring customization with receptions and a few bonuses. Plus, they have a wide selection of data to comb over when making a decision. If you want a no-nonsense app that comes with solid analysis from some of the best experts, the NFL fantasy football app is a great choice.

With that said, like Yahoo, there is a paywall to consider. Last season, many of its best features were hidden behind a $9.99 paywall. This includes their “best available tool” that helps search the waiver wire, lineup optimization, an inactive auto-swap function, a trade machine, and an adaptive draft rank tool. As of the time of writing this, it has not been announced if it is back for 2022, so be sure to double check before starting a league. Yet, the NFL Fantasy app is a good choice from a pure experience standpoint.

CBS Sports Fantasy

The CBS Sports Fantasy app is excellent. It is simple to use and filled with information. As a commissioner, you can customize virtually all of the scoring settings to create a unique league.

Sound good? Well, I sure hope so because that will cost you $149.99 to do so. Yes, I am serious. It will cost you the same amount as a pair of Jordan 1 Retro Mids in the Chicago colorway just to customize your league.

Sure, you can play in a free league, but hopefully, you enjoy the basic settings and nothing more.


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