Are Tom Brady and Irina Shayk Dating? Model Is Reportedly Making Drastic Changes To Keep Relationship Secret

    It appears that former NFL quarterback Tom Brady and model Irina Shayk are dating, although there are maintain attempts to keep it a secret.

    Model Irina Shayk and former NFL quarterback Tom Brady are a thing, and Shayk isn’t going to allow loose lips to sink her ships or her relationships.

    Tom Brady Has a Girlfriend?

    Brady and Shayk allegedly had a moment at the May wedding in Sardinia of model Madison Headrick and billionaire art heir Joe Nahmad.

    A source shared with Page Six that Shayk was “throwing herself” at Brady all night, although her reps deny this.

    Some sparks did appear to fly at the wedding because the couple were rumored to have been speaking for about a month before meeting in person in July for a weekend getaway.

    According to TMZ, the couple met up on the afternoon of Friday, July 21, at the LA Hotel Bel-Air. Shayk stayed the night at Tom Brady’s house until about 9:30 in the morning.

    Brady picked Irina back up at the hotel on Saturday a few hours later, and after sharing a semi-cringy PDA moment in the car, the couple went back to the former QB’s house for some more 1-on-1 time.

    The couple also appears to have been spotted together more recently in other big cities, like New York City and London.

    The Couple’s Unhappy Exes

    Shayk was most recently with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Bradley Cooper. They share a six-year-old daughter, Lea de Seine.

    Allegedly, according to a Daily Mail source, Cooper is upset:

    “To say he is not bothered by this would be a lie. He has been on and off and on with Irina, and he has so much love for her. She is the mother to his girl, and they are his two favorite women in the world. He feels that, for the first time, she met someone in Tom that would take her heart away from him forever.”


    Calm down, Bradley. They’ve been together for five minutes.

    A TMZ source reported that Giselle is not happy about this at all. The news came out a few days after her first birthday in a long time without her long-time husband. A terrible way to tell your ex-wife “Happy Birthday!”


    Irina Shayk Takes Drastic Measures

    Shayk has Brady, and she doesn’t plan on letting her man go. A Page Six insider reports that she feels that “Brady is her white whale. He’s an all-American nice guy.”

    She doesn’t want any weird rumors to come out of the woodwork and scare her white whale away, so she’s tightening up her inner circle. Her more loose-lipped friends are being cut off to avoid leaks.

    Apparently not that tight; there is a source reporting it after all. Also, what kind of rumors, Shayk? Anything weird you feel like sharing?


    This isn’t Shayk’s first time dating famous athletes. Before dating Cooper, she dated soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo for five years, from 2010 to 2015.

    Shayk knows what it’s like to date someone in the limelight and what it takes to keep her relationships strong.

    Does cutting friends off seem a little extreme? Maybe. But Ms. Irina is an expert, so if she thinks it’s the right step to take, she would know best.

    Cheers to the happy couple!

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