Are Haley Cavinder and Jake Ferguson Dating? Latest Rumors Surrounding the Cowboys TE

    Is former basketball star Haley Cavinder finding love in the NFL? Rumors have her tied to lucky Dallas Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson.

    Love is in the NFL air. While Taylor Swift, who showed up at the Kansas City Chiefs game to support TE Travis Kelce, is driving the speculation bus to date town, there’s another well-known and slightly more low-key NFL couple in the making.

    Haley Cavinder Drops a Photo on the ‘Gram

    On Sunday, former Miami (FL) basketball star Haley Cavinder posted a not-so-subtle snap of herself on Instagram in Dallas Cowboys gear. She looked flawless in a Cowboys crop top and a short jean skirt. The boots are… a lot. She captioned the post, “How bout them cowboys.”

    Dallas TE Jake Ferguson fanned the flames on the rumor by commenting on the post with the flirty message “Gollleeeee how ’bout ’em” with a heart face emoji.

    Twin sister Hanna Cavinder also got in on the fun by asking the couple if the message was a soft launch, likely referring to them going Instagram official as a couple.

    This isn’t the first time Cavinder has hinted at finding love on America’s team, saying her “bae” was on the squad. She was also seen attending a New York Giants-Cowboys game earlier this season, where she was rocking a Ferguson Cowboys jersey.


    Allegedly, a now-deleted social media post from this summer may have shown Ferguson in the background of a video Cavinder posted.

    Hopefully, this was a soft launch, and once the couple goes official, we can skip the boots and the cringiest spelling of “golly” known to man.

    Haley Cavinder Is No Stranger to the NFL

    Ferguson is not the first guy to make social media moves on Cavinder. Miami Dolphins CB Jalen Ramsey slipped into the twins’ DMs and got exposed on Jake Paul’s show BS. We can’t fault a man for trying.

    According to the clip, Ramsey believes in courting a woman, but he didn’t get a chance to show Cavinder the finer things in life. Now, she’s got a boy on the Dallas Cowboys.

    Jake Ferguson Making Moves on and off the Field

    Ferguson is Dallas’ starting TE, but he was a bit in the shadows of former Cowboy Dalton Schultz before the veteran was traded to the Houston Texans in the offseason.

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    A fourth-round draft pick in 2018, Schultz was the Cowboys’ primary TE for five seasons. A contract disagreement — that ended up backfiring — and a slight decrease in productivity paved the way for Ferguson to make a name for himself when he entered the NFL in 2022.


    Coupling up with a girl who is debatably more popular than him will help keep Ferguson in the minds of fans.

    Cavinder is, of course, well known for her NCAA basketball career with the Miami Hurricanes. There, she and her twin helped lead the team to the Elite Eight in March 2023.

    Instead of utilizing her last year of NCAA eligibility, the basketball star decided to turn to other pursuits, such as taking the social media world by storm and allegedly dating Ferguson.

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