Any Given Friday: An NFL free agency week in review

It's been a week since the start of NFL free agency, and our hosts give their winners and losers for the first wave. They also provide a general review.

This week join Corey Ashburn and me as we discuss our winners and losers of the first wave of NFL free agency. There were a lot of teams that made some critical moves this past week that helped their team’s future. While some teams decided to make the biggest mistakes they possibly could. Keep track of each free agency move this week by clicking here.

Tom Brady – A winner of free agency

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. was a winner this week in free agency. There was a lot of speculation following Brady for the entire season, and many wondered if he would ever truly leave the New England Patriots. There was also thought on whether there would be a public relations war between Brady and the Patriots organization. In the long run, we’ll see how things layout for the Patriots and Brady, however, Brady wins the PR war for now.

Indianapolis Colts – Biggest loser

The Indianapolis Colts were one of the biggest losers during the first wave of NFL free agency. The Colts signed Philip Rivers to a 1-year $25 Million contract and have cemented themselves for some mediocrity for the time being. The team lost big when Andrew Luck retired just ten days before the start of the 2019 NFL season, but the “quick fix” of Rivers is not a good outlook for the team. Rivers is hunting a championship and doesn’t have a significant injury history, but Jacoby Brissett played well before his crucial injury last season. Now, the team has committed to Rivers leaving Brissett in the past unless he’s willing to forfeit his starting job again this season. This is an unlikely situation that leaves the Colts in a position to have to trade Brissett away. Also leaving them with little leverage since they signed Rivers. An overall mess down in Indy.

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