Amarius Mims’ Draft Profile | Georgia, OT Scouting Report

Despite having just eight career starts and an injury history, Georgia OT Amarius Mims has the scouting report to go in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Georgia OT Amarius Mims has less than 10 starts to his name at the collegiate level, and already, his 2024 NFL Draft scouting report is fielding early-round interest. Has Mims shown enough in his short window as a Bulldogs starter to be a first-round selection?

Amarius Mims Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’7″
  • Weight: 340 pounds
  • Position: Offensive Tackle
  • School: Georgia
  • Current Year: Junior

Mims’ path to the 2024 NFL Draft has been similar to Broderick Jones’, who came before Mims in the 2023 NFL Draft cycle.

Jones was a five-star recruit who played sparingly until his final season but then put together a campaign that vaulted him into the first round.

Mims, like Jones, boasted five-star billing in the 2021 class and was a reserve lineman in 2021. He started just two games in 2022 but showed promise in the College Football Playoff.

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2023 was supposed to be Mims’ chance to complete the cycle and slingshot himself effusively into Round 1 territory. But an ankle injury that required tightrope surgery took him off the field for a stretch, and Georgia, falling short of the CFB Playoff, missed an opportunity to extend the season.

Mims only has eight career starts now, and he wasn’t even completely healthy for half of them. And yet, even with these asterisks, his profile still demands attention as a potential Round 1 inclusion. That’s a testament to just how talented Mims is.

Mims’ Scouting Report


  • Massive offensive tackle with elite mass, length, and no bad weight.
  • An explosive, high-energy athlete who resembles a move TE in an open space.
  • Rotational freedom, length, and frame density afford him hyper-elite power capacity.
  • Can effectively load his base and torque through extensions, slabbing DL off the snap.
  • Flashes incredible lateral freedom when redirecting to match stunting pass rushers.
  • Shows off impressive hinge flexibility for his size, which he uses to adjust his alignment.
  • He can dominate in pass protection with his athleticism, strength, and wingspan.
  • Leverages well in pass protection, using controlled lean and knee bend to widen reach.
  • Can get great depth on his kick and maintain balance while matching rushers in-phase.
  • Already proficient at aligning his base to funnel rushers outside and block interior lanes.
  • Flashes near-elite processing speed and reactive athleticism when responding to stunts.
  • Has a good sense of timing on two-hand extensions and can torque to lock out rushers.
  • Angle-aware run blocker who can rotate his hips to seal defenders inside the scrum.
  • Absolute road-grader on the ground with his athleticism, power, and finisher mentality.
  • He has starting experience at both left and right tackle and can play both spots.


  • At his height, Mims naturally plays too tall into contact at times and negates his base.
  • Sometimes stalls out his leg drive after initial contact, failing to sustain displacement.
  • Occasionally veers past optimal angles in space and lacks elite recovery flexibility.
  • Sometimes rolls his front foot onto his heel, which can impact his balance versus power.
  • Is still relatively over-reliant on two-hand extensions and can hone his hand-fighting.
  • Hand usage is still relatively bland and hands can be slow and imprecise on recovery.
  • Can be more efficient loading and channeling knock-back power on extensions.
  • Balance deteriorates the longer reps draw on, especially after initial anchor battles.
  • Has a very small sample size of college tape, with just eight career starts.
  • Missed time with an ankle injury in 2023 and missed snaps within games several times.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Mims grades out as a top-32 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft class, whose raw talent could earn him early-to-mid Round 1 capital. He doesn’t grade quite as highly as blue-chip OTs like Joe Alt and Olu Fashanu, but he’s in the next tier.

Physically, Mims has one of the highest ceilings in the 2024 NFL Draft’s OT crop. At 6’7″, 340 pounds, he’s a dominating specimen with high-end athleticism both in space and in short areas, and he has suffocating strength and deadly power capacity.

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As one might expect, Mims is still relatively raw, but there are a few soft skills at tackle that he already performs well. For his size, he’s already fairly natural at acquiring and maintaining leverage, getting depth on his kick and properly aligning his base.

Going further, Mims flashes some exciting intangibles at the OT position. While he’s over-reliant on two-hand extensions, he has a good sense of timing and synergy on those extensions. Mims also flashes exceptional processing speed and vision against stunts. He can stay in phase while matching laterally.

The biggest question for Mims might be his durability and dependability early on in his career. He has just eight career starts to his name. In 2023, he missed several weeks due to an ankle injury requiring tightrope surgery and was rarely 100% on the field.

That said, if teams clear Mims medically, there’s little stopping him from going early in the 2024 NFL Draft. He’s an elite physical talent who’s still just 21 years old, checks boxes off the field, has left-right versatility, and already has traits like leverage acquisition and processing on his side.

Though Mims may need a larger acclimation period at the next level, his complete pallet of traits will allow him a larger margin for error as he gets started. In time, he can develop into an impact starter at either tackle spot.

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