Abraham Lucas, Washington State OT | NFL Draft Scouting Report

With the prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft coming into focus, let’s take a look at the scouting report for Washington State OT Abraham Lucas. Set to be a four-year starter, Lucas has the experience and the production to attract interest. Nevertheless, there’s a little bit more that goes into determining a prospect’s viability. Does Lucas pass the test?

Abraham Lucas NFL Draft Profile

  • Position: Offensive Tackle
  • School: Washington State
  • Current Year: Redshirt Senior
  • Height: 6’7″
  • Weight: 319 pounds

Abraham Lucas Scouting Report

At this time last year, Lucas was viewed as a rising star in the 2021 NFL Draft class. Some early projections had him listed as a potential Day 2 pick, with the upside to rise even further up the board. A truncated 2020 campaign played a hand in influencing Lucas’ decision to return for a second season under Cougars coach Nick Rolovich. The circumstances are different, but the expectations are the same.

Now, as the 2021 college football season nears, it’s once again time to examine Lucas’ draft stock. What changed in 2021, and what remained the same? Is Lucas still an NFL Draft prospect worthy of early-round consideration? Let’s dive into the discussion, starting with his physical traits.

Lucas’ athletic profile

Size and athleticism are two boxes that can be checked quickly when analyzing offensive linemen. The physical factors are especially visible, and Lucas shows plenty of promise there. The Washington State OT has a well-proportioned frame with good density and length. At 6’7″, 319 pounds, he has a fairly large reach, and his wide base enables him to cover ground efficiently around the edge.

In addition to his size, Lucas also possesses a strong athletic foundation. Contrary to popular belief, I think he’s a well-above-average athlete but not elite. Lucas has exceptional initial burst blocking on the move, and he also shows flashes of excellent lateral agility, transferring his weight effortlessly. He has a baseline level of mobility in open space, and he also possesses decent recovery athleticism.

The most appealing athletic trait for Lucas, nevertheless, might be his natural balance. The Washington OT plays with good knee bend, and he has good leg drive when latched onto opponents. He keeps his balance well against opposing anchors, and he also has the balance and reach to thrive against displacement. Most notably, Lucas can easily absorb power with his strong base, flexibility, and natural strength.

Execution beyond the physical traits

Lucas has a well-rounded athletic foundation, but he does well to supplement that foundation with comparable hand usage, footwork, and awareness. Lucas’ hands can be fast and sudden, as well as methodical and precise. He can stack hand motions to stymy opposing rushes, and he times his extensions with unyielding consistency in pass protection.

As a pass protector, Lucas’ hands and feet complement each other very well. The Washington State OT is a patient, composed player whose pass sets and footwork are generally smooth. There’s a synergy between his upper and lower body that not all tackle prospects have, and that natural congruence allows him to channel his traits effectively.

Among other things, Lucas also has a strong football IQ. He knows when to turn upfield and seal off backside rushes, and he’s able to flip his focus quickly on stunts. Additionally, Lucas takes advantage of off-balance defenders, and he can drive them into the ground when he has superior leverage.

Areas for improvement

There aren’t many glaring flaws in Lucas’ game, but there are a few minor inconsistencies to take note of. Most notably, while Lucas has an exceptional athletic profile, he might not be elite. His range as a motion blocker isn’t the greatest, and he doesn’t always display the closing speed necessary to recover positioning after setbacks. He isn’t always fast or light on his feet, and his footwork can also be a bit uncoordinated at times.

Lucas’ length, while solid, also may not be proportionally elite, and his grip strength can be hit-or-miss at times. He sometimes lets opposing defenders disengage too easily, and he can have trouble sustaining blocks in the running game. Lucas has shown bright flashes as a run blocker, but he rarely outright neutralizes his opponents in this phase.

Going further, Lucas occasionally has some wasted motion at the start of his passing reps, and he sometimes gives up space by predetermining blocking angles. His hands, while strong overall, aren’t overly forceful or imposing, and he can carry more mass with his punches. Perhaps more urgency could help Lucas maximize his power and mobility, but it’s unclear how much upside is still left untapped.

Lucas’ NFL Draft scouting report overview

Lucas profiles how you’d expect a tackle who’s played under Mike Leach and Nick Rolovich. As a pass protector, he is excellent — even holding his own against players like Kayvon Thibodeaux. He has enough athleticism to match most defenders around the edge, and with his strong base and timely extensions, he neutralizes a lot of rushes before they generate any pressure. In a modern NFL that’s increasingly geared toward the pass, Lucas’ supremely high floor warrants much respect.

Lucas isn’t a perfect prospect despite his prowess in pass protection. He can improve his consistency as a run blocker and add more natural power to his frame. Nevertheless, the Washington State OT is a strong athlete with good intangibles and operational ability, and he no doubt has starting potential at the NFL level.

Abraham Lucas’ Player Profile

It can be tough for offensive linemen — generally large humans — to stand out amongst other offensive linemen (also assumed to be generally large humans). But Lucas stood out early on the recruiting trail. Standing at 6’7″ as a high school senior, he already towered above his counterparts. And with a 5.03 40-yard dash and a 27-inch vertical jump on record, it was already clear that Lucas would be playing on Saturdays.

Nevertheless, Lucas, who hailed from Everett, Washington, was only a three-star recruit in the 2017 recruiting class. His 256-pound frame wasn’t quite ready for CFB competition — the Power Five offers were fairly scarce. The behemoth blocker received scholarship opportunities from Idaho and Wyoming, but a lone Power Five offer from Washington State ultimately compelled him the most.

Abraham Lucas’ career at Washington State and NFL Draft ascension

Lucas enrolled at Washington State in 2017. He managed to get his weight up to 281 pounds before the final weigh-in. However, it wasn’t enough to earn Lucas a spot in the lineup, so he redshirted his first season. When he returned in 2018 as a redshirt freshman, Lucas was listed at 320 pounds — a whopping 63-pound increase in weight since his recruiting cycle.

With a newly constructed frame and time under his belt to prepare, Lucas took hold of the starting right tackle job in 2018. Since then, he hasn’t looked back. He started all 13 games in 2018, all 13 games in 2019, and all four games in 2020. He was a freshman All-American in 2018 and a second-team All-Pac-12 honoree in both 2019 and 2020.

Since earning the starting job in 2018, Lucas has started 30 straight contests. In 2021, the Washington State OT seems tabbed for at least 12 more. For a Washington State team aiming to improve on a 1-3 2020 season, Lucas is one of the most important pieces.

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