9 Super Bowl dessert ideas for your Super Bowl party in 2021

There is more to watching the NFL‘s Super Bowl than just eating copious amounts of wings. Cater towards the sweet side of life and try one (or several) of these Super Bowl 55 party dessert ideas that will be crowd-pleasers in the fourth quarter.

It’s impossible to go wrong with cookies as a Super Bowl dessert

Look, you are already throwing the New Year’s resolution to eat better down the drain for the day, so you might as well treat yourself. Cookies are as easy as it gets, and there is a countless number of varieties — everything from the regular chocolate chip topped with browned butter and flaky salt to a candied pecan snickerdoodle. 

For those with kids, break out the icing and let them help in decorating them in both Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers-themed cookies. If you are hosting a Super Bowl LV party, cookies are a great dessert idea that will be sure to please. 

Everyone loves brownies no matter how bad their team is playing in the Super Bowl

There are some comfort foods that, no matter the circumstances, make everything better. For me, brownies are one of those things, so long as they are fudge-like. This is a hill I will die on. 

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Once again, get creative with these. The traditional brownie is always a hit, but so could be a smores variant with a melted marshmallow and crumbled graham cracker topping.

Cut them into small bites on toothpicks for a no-mess version. Fire up the smoker, dump in the mix into a cast-iron skillet, and make a smoked pan brownie full of melted bits of chocolate that has a subtle smokey taste. Add an extra depth of flavor and brown the butter for a richer and more complex taste. The directions on the box are just suggestions — make them how you want.

Cupcakes and another no-mess way to being some creative dessert ideas to the Super Bowl party

Whether you bite it from the top or rip the bottom off to make a sandwich, everyone enjoys cupcakes. What’s not to love about a mini-cake covered in icing?

Chocolate and vanilla are the obvious choices. They have been around forever and will always be the first things people grab when they can’t think of other ideas. They’re safe, but we can do better.

For the coffee lovers, try a mocha cupcake with an espresso and vanilla cream cheese frosting. For a lighter option, maybe a poppyseed lemon cupcake with a raspberry buttercream frosting piped on top.

A quick dessert idea to feed a lot of Super Bowl guests is the classic cake

You love it. I love it. Everyone loves it, even if it might be a bit overrated. 

Whether it is the traditional boxed yellow cake or a chocolate one, people will eat it. If you are up for a challenge, make it a layered cake with an icing center. Or go for the traditional sheet pan person, and have your kids recreate Raymond James Stadium and paint out the endzones. Just don’t come at me over the inevitable sugar high you will have to deal with later. No, I don’t babysit — all I am doing is giving Super Bowl dessert ideas for your party.

Everyone loves churros even if they have never had real ones before

Churros look way more daunting than they really are to make. The batter takes no time at all, and they fry up in a matter of minutes. Dump it in a piping bag, fry them off, and toss them in some cinnamon sugar, and you’re done.

Get creative with the serving. Pile them high with a chocolate drizzle. Keep it simple and put them on a plate when they’re fresh with a salted caramel dipping sauce or dulce de leche. If you are making a big batch and are worried about the cooling-off period, turn your oven to however low it will go and use it as a holding area while the rest come out.

Break out that fondue pot that has been collecting dust in the cabinet

Out of all of these Super Bowl party dessert ideas so far, this is the easiest. Melt some chocolate in the fondue pot and put a whole mess of things around it to dip.

Cut up some fruit or layout some pretzels and marshmallows for guests to dip into as they please. Don’t have a fondue pot? Use a bowl on one of those candle-warmer things instead. This also works for when you buy queso in the jar. Trust me on this one, it works.

Make things easy on yourself and serve parfaits

The donkey from Shrek was right when he said everyone loves parfaits. It’s an individual serving of a layered dessert that has flavor in every bite.

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A simple Super Bowl dessert idea that might not be too heavy for the party would be the classic granola and fruit combo. Or you can go all out and try something a bit creative. How about a banana chocolate cream pie parfait with a chocolate pudding with cinnamon-flavored graham cracker crumbs, ice cream, bananas, and banana whipped cream?

Honestly, it is a wonder how I still fit in my pre-quarantine clothes at this point with all the recipes I have tried. 

What about some Super Bowl dessert ideas for the party if you don’t want to do anything?

Virtually everything I have laid out to now required some cooking. However, not everyone has the time or the care to do that, and it’s okay. We can cheat and get by just fine when the big game comes on. 

Head to the store and get a cheesecake sampler

Everyone loves cheesecake, but hardly anyone likes to make a cheesecake. 

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You can go to your favorite local grocer and pick up a sampler box of various flavors ranging from a classic New York style to a turtle. Everyone can find a piece they like, and it didn’t take any effort on your end. 

Check the bakery for premade options

Stores know that most people won’t want to spend the time to make dessert, given the hustle it takes to throw a Super Bowl party and all the ideas that have to come together. They have planned ahead and made several cakes, pans of brownies, and cupcakes ready to pick up.

It won’t get any easier than this, and your guests will be perfectly happy with this option to end the night.

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