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    5 Celebrities Who Could Destroy You in Madden NFL 25, Including LeBron James, Snoop Dogg, and Travis Kelce

    Discover five celebrities who excel at Madden NFL 25, including LeBron James, Snoop Dogg, and Travis Kelce. See how these stars dominate the virtual gridiron.

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    Madden is the most popular football game available, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are a ton of celebrities who get in on the action, as well. However, some are better than others, and they might even be better than you.

    5 Celebrities Who Love Playing Madden

    Whether it be athletes, streamers, or even rapper Snoop Dogg, there are a lot of celebrities who are good at Madden. Which ones could destroy you on the sticks?

    LeBron James

    Arguably the greatest of all time in the NBA, LeBron James is also fantastic at Madden. According to Anthony Davis, one of James’ Los Angeles Lakers teammates, he is ranked inside the top 1,000 in Madden.

    “I used to play Madden like a lot,” Davis said, before claiming he used to “cook” James. However, that was when the flip switched.

    “It made him to the point where he said, ‘I’m locking back in.'”

    “When I say he locked back in from that time in the (NBA) bubble to right now, I think he’s maybe top 1,000 in the world,” Davis added. “I know late in the season, he told us he beat the 164th-best player in the world.”

    Davis also shared that James plays between 15 and 20 games a day on Madden.

    Hollywood Brown

    Yes, there are plenty of NFL stars who also like to play the game, including Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Hollywood Brown.

    Dating back to his Baltimore Ravens days, Brown competed in the Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament and The Checkdown’s Madden Tournament — winning both.

    On his way to victory in both tournaments, he defeated Lamar Jackson, Snoop Dogg, UFC star Chris Weidman, Melvin Gordon, and YG.

    Snoop Dogg

    While Brown beat Snoop Dogg, it wasn’t easy. In the championship game of the Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament, Snoop got out to an early lead and thought he’d be able to win the whole thing.

    Ultimately, though, Brown made a second-half comeback that resulted in him winning it all. It was a 99-yard kick return touchdown that doomed Snoop and secured Brown the win.

    Snoop Dogg is perhaps the celebrity most known for loving Madden, as he streams the game on Twitch and often posts about it across his social media accounts.

    Travis Kelce

    Like his new teammate Brown, Travis Kelce is a fan of Madden. Kelce said he tries to play the game at least once a week and he has even participated in some tournaments, including ESPN’s Celebrity Madden Tournament in 2020.

    Additionally, Kelce has spoken in the past about Madden 21’s game mode, “The Yard,” sharing his love for it.

    “‘The Yard’ is awesome; I love every bit of it,” Kelce said.

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    “I would probably say I get on at least once or twice a week, have some fun, get on there, and chop it up with a few friends,” Kelce added. “I got a few different other games I’m getting into right now, trying to get better at, but Madden is always a go-to.”

    Sauce Gardner

    Another NFL player shining on both the gridiron and in Madden is New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner. While he mostly plays during his free time, Gardner did play with a popular Madden streamer, Sketch, and performed quite well.

    In their first game, both Sketch and Gardner played well, heading into the third quarter tied at 30-30. However, Gardner ended up outscoring Sketch 13-6 in the fourth, winning 43-36.

    The second game, however, was all Gardner. Starting with a 30-6 lead, he ended up winning 51-30.

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