Brock Purdy Shares Stunning Story Involving Female Reporter and Coyote – ‘I Can’t Believe That Was A Real Thing’

Brock Purdy went from acting during a commercial to saving a woman and her dog. The 49ers quarterback shared what happened in his heroic act.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some happen to be Brock Purdy.

In the case of the NFC champion quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, he shared the shocking story of saving a reporter from a coyote.

San Francisco 49ers QB Shares Heroic Story With Pat McAfee

Speaking with The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, Purdy explained how a John Deere commercial shoot in March nearly turned tragic involving a reporter and her dog.

Purdy and 49ers teammate Colton McKivitz were involved in shooting the commercial for the tractor company and noticed a large coyote near the presence of the woman — CBS Bay Area reporter Sara Donchey — who was walking her dog in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood.

“We’re shooting this commercial on a hill on the outside of the city,” Purdy recalled to McAfee. “I see this thing trotting by that has a big tail. I was like, ‘That looks like a mini wolf.’ No one else was gonna scream, so I screamed, ‘Yo, there’s a coyote!’ That thing went running off. It could’ve been an ugly day on the shoot, but we saved her.”

McAfee found himself impressed by Purdy’s heroism.

“You’re a magic man, Brock. Keep going, brother,” the former NFL punter turned radio personality told the 49er.

Purdy himself couldn’t believe what he accomplished.

“I was like, ‘Dude, I just saved a news anchor’s life from getting eaten by a coyote,'” Purdy said. “It’s real. I can confirm it.”

Purdy added how he was stunned to learn that San Francisco has a coyote population. However, the San Francisco Gate reported there were two coyote sightings in the Bernal Heights region on Sept. 26, 2018. Bernal Heights is known for hills and woods, which is the perfect setting for that species.

News Reporter Tells Her Story of Coyote Encounter

Donchey revealed after Super Bowl 58 that Purdy has wasted no time finding a new job.

But in this case, that job involved Purdy putting on some agricultural attire to film his commercial for John Deere, which Donchey walked into while out with her dog.

Then, Donchey shared her side of the story.

“The best part for me was, I was walking my dog when this happened: I was watching from Bernal Heights Park when I heard Brock scream ‘Coyote!'” Donchey remembered. “And I turned around and I saw the biggest coyote I’ve ever seen sneaking up behind me and my dog.”

She then shared what happened next after Purdy’s loud voice captured her and the coyote’s attention.

“When I walked back down the hill, one of the film crew guys said, ‘Hey, Brock Purdy just saved your life!'” Donchey said. “It’s a good story to tell for next season.”

Donchey, who has been with CBS Bay Area since 2022, then got the chance to meet with Purdy after the near coyote attack.

“He seemed really nice. And I congratulated him on the season,” Donchey said.

John Deere Releases Purdy Commercial

Meanwhile, John Deere has already released the commercial featuring Purdy and McKivitz that was filmed in Bernal Heights.

In it, Purdy reveals how he’s planning on going on a “cross-country trip” to find the chief tractor officer of John Deere. McKivitz then says, “Road trip on two,” before Purdy puts his foot on the gas pedal.

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Then, Purdy’s trip gets interrupted by others who want the job. One is NBA star Tyrese Haliburton of the Indiana Pacers, who starred on the basketball court for Iowa State during a time Purdy was also on campus.

U.S. Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and tennis player Anna Frey also appear in the clip along with countless others who want the job Purdy wants in the commercial.

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