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2021 NFL Draft: FSU’s Tamorrion Terry deserves more attention

2021 NFL Draft: FSU's Tamorrion Terry deserves more attention
Photo Credit: Florida State Athletics

The 2021 wide receiver class is already gaining praises as arguably the top position in the draft class and one of the best receiver groups in the past decade. Players like Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, and DeVonta Smith get all the attention, but I believe there’s a player not getting nearly enough love. That player FSU’s Tamorrion Terry.

Terry has some of the best physical tools in the class and has been one of the nation’s most productive receivers over the past two seasons. So what separates Terry from other receivers, and what does he need to work on before the 2021 NFL Draft?

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What are FSU WR Tamorrion Terry’s strengths

Terry is incredibly productive with the ball

I don’t value production nearly as much as other traits, but I feel that mentioning how Terry has produced as one of the nation’s premier deep threats is important. In two seasons, Terry has produced 1,932 yards and 17 touchdowns. However, the truly impressive stat, is that he averages over 20 yards per receptions on nearly 100 receptions. Terry is an elite deep threat and projects as one in the NFL as well.

Size/Contested catch ability

Listed at 6’4″ and 210 pounds, Terry is a big target for quarterbacks. His 6’4″ frame is obvious when the balls in the air and his long arms make him capable of catching balls away from his body. He does a good job focusing on the ball, and his focus when fighting for the ball is excellent. His size and ability to win when the ball is in the air are both major factors in his dominance down the field.

Terry’s athletic ability is impressive for his size

Maybe the most impressive part of Terry’s game is his athletic ability at his size. Despite being a 6’4″ receiver, Terry is a legitimate 4.4 athlete. He’s naturally faster than most defensive backs he faces, and if he can get a step or two ahead of them he’ll outrun the entire defense. He’s explosive as well, with an impressive ability to accelerate at his size.

YAC ability

To combine with his ability as a deep threat, Terry’s also very dangerous with the ball in his hands. His size makes him difficult to arm tackle and his speed make’s it easy to outrun the defense. At 6’4″, Terry is still a threat to take a screen from behind the line of scrimmage to the end zone. This is huge for Terry and makes him more than just a deep-ball receiver.

What can Terry work on?


One major issue that was evident on film, was Terry’s drops. I decided to research this to see if it was just me, and I found ProFootballFocus gave him a 9.1% drop rate. They also say that of the 138 WRs in the nation with at least 80 targets, he finished 89th in drop rate. It’s important to know that drops can be subjective, but improving his hands would be huge.

Route running

Something that wasn’t as evident as drops, but could still be improved upon, was Terry’s route running. He’s not crisp in his cuts and you almost never see him leave a corner lost to a head fake. He can create separation due to his natural speed and long arms, but developing as a route runner could make him a truly dangerous weapon at all levels of the field.


Terry is one of the most talented receivers in the loaded 2021 Draft class. His physical traits are arguably the best of any receiver and he’s an elite blend of size and athletic ability. This makes him a dominant deep threat and an impressive YAC receiver as well.

He’s not without flaws though. He’s dealt with drop issues to this point in his career, and his route running could use some development, but if he can drop his drop rates and sharpen his routes he has a legitimate chance to be a first-round pick and an impressive NFL receiver.

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