2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Report: South Team

Action is underway in Mobile for the 2020 Reese's Senior Bowl. PFN has you covered all week with practice reports updated each day for the South team.

DT Josiah Coatney, Mississippi

Height: 6-3 5/8″
Weight: 309
Arm: 33 1/8″
Hand: 9 1/2″
Coatney and Jones were obviously less talented than the rest of this IDL group. They lack the athletic ability to keep up and fell behind the eight ball.
Both Coatney and Jones struggled to separate themselves, noticeable difference between their teammates and themselves. Late Day 3 talents.
Both players continued to fail to stick out, however they both had a rep in 1v1 that showed improvement throughout the week.
Coatney and Jones both struggled to separate themselves as quality NFL prospects. They weren’t on the same level physically as the rest of the guys here, and it showed. They had shown some flashes, but both will leave Mobile with a late day 3 grades from me.

DT Benito Jones, Mississippi

Height: 6-1 1/8″
Weight: 321
Arm: 32 3/4″
Hand: 9 3/4″
Coatney and Jones were obviously less talented than the rest of this IDL group. They lack the athletic ability to keep up and fell behind the eight ball.
Both Coatney and Jones struggled to separate themselves, noticeable difference between their teammates and themselves. Late Day 3 talents.
Both players continued to fail to stick out, however they both had a rep in 1v1 that showed improvement throughout the week.
Coatney and Jones both struggled to separate themselves as quality NFL prospects. They weren’t on the same level physically as the rest of the guys here, and it showed. They had shown some flashes, but both will leave Mobile with a late day 3 grades from me.

DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

Height: 6-5 1/8″
Weight: 315
Arm: 34 5/8″
Hand: 10 1/8″
Javon Kinlaw is the best draft prospect currently playing the Senior Bowl. His media day interview was excellent, and he even said he “thinks I could be better” than Aaron Donald. He then proceeded to back that up by absolutely dominating every player that stood in front of him.
Kinlaw was excellent in his limited reps as he tweaked his leg and was sidelined the rest of practice.
Held out due to leg strain.
Kinlaw lost his week halfway through Wednesday practice after straining his leg in a 1v1. However, in his limited time, he was the easily best player here.He dominated all week and could not be blocked. I believe he could have slotted himself into the top-10 for the upcoming NFL draft. Kinlaw was a treat all week.

DT Robert Windsor, Penn State

Height: 6-4 1/2″
Weight: 287
Arm: 33″
Hand: 10″
Windsor is a personal favorite of mine. He’s a bit stocky, and not nearly the athlete Kinlaw or Davidson are, but he plays hard and it rewards him. He reminds me of Matt Ioannidis coming out of Temple.
Windsor continues to show more pass rush ability than I initially thought he had. He’s having a good week in Mobile, and while I doubt he gets drafted there, he’s a legitimate day talent.
Windsor continued to show more improvement as a pass rusher and it showed on Thursday. Offensive linemen were struggling to keep him out of the backfield. Good day for Windsor.
Windsor grew as a pass rusher every day in front of our very eyes. He used his hands more efficiently every day and by Thursday, he was constantly in the backfield. Windsor is a player I’m a huge fan of, and his week in Mobile did nothing but boost his draft stock. Strong outing for the Penn State alum.

DE Marlon Davidson, Auburn

Height: 6-3 1/4″
Weight: 297
Arm: 32 7/8″
Hand: 9 1/2″
Davidson was solid all day, but didn’t necessarily flash to impress. Something I was hoping he would. Some are saying that his stock is starting move towards the round one range, but I still believe he’s a Day 2 pick.
Davidson did not participate.
Held out due to ankle injury.
Marlon Davidson lost his week after Tuesday’s practice, However during Tuesday, he was one of the top players here. His play strength is excellent and he looked even bigger than I thought he was.

DE Jabari Zuniga, Florida

Height: 6-3 1/8″
Weight: 253
Arm: 33 1/8″
Hand: 10″
Zuniga wasn’t the best edge defender from Florida this year, but he strong nonetheless. Zuniga is a constant worker looking to perfect his craft. He’ll likely receive a top 50 grade from me.
Zuniga displayed some explosion off the edge and the ability to set a strong edge. Zuniga has huge upside and it showed today.
Zuniga continues to be one of the top interior rushers in 1v1, despite his playing time coming mostly on edge. He feasted on Thursday when the coaching staff would slide him inside.
The two Florida edge rushers were both excellent. Zuniga did most of his winning from the interior, where he was unstoppable. He was strong on the edge, but I think he’s best suited to bump into the inside on passing downs in the NFL. Zuniga had a strong week, and should be a top 50 pick.

EDGE Jonathan Greenard, Florida

Height: 6-3 1/2″
Weight: 262
Arm: 33 1/2″
Hand: 9″
Similar to his teammate, Greenard will likely get a top 50 grade from me. His long arm is deadly and was strong in 1on1s.
Greenard showed off his length and a number of pass rush moves in his arsenal. Really fun prospect with great measurables and awesome length. The competition between him and Zuniga for the better prospect is going to be fun.
The first play of team practice on Tuesday, an edge rusher timed the snap so perfectly, he was next to the quarterback before the tackle even got out of his stance. Everyone in the stadium let out an audible “gasp.” That edge rusher was Jonathan Greenard. Greenard dominated all week and this week improved his draft stock, if that was possible.

EDGE Darrell Taylor Jr, Tennessee

Height: 6-3 5/8″
Weight: 259
Arm: 33″
Hand: 10″
Darrell Taylor was redflagged for a left leg injury and did not participate in Senior Bowl practice.”

EDGE DJ Wonnum, South Carolina

Height: 6-4 7/8″
Weight: 254
Arm: 34″
Hand: 10 3/8″
Wonnum continued to struggle in Wednesday’s practice. He has issues staying balanced, finds himself on the ground too often and shows minimal ability to play in space.
Wonnum wasn’t particularly strong or quick off the line in one-on-ones and continued to struggle to make an impact. He did nothing to help his draft stock during his time in Mobile.
Wonnum made a few plays during Tuesday’s practice, including a forced fumble on a screen pass, but it was all downhill from there. He showed neither the athleticism to be effective in space nor the strength to shed blocks and struggled to stay on his feet at times. Wonnum won’t be able to stand up over tackle at the NFL level, and at 254 pounds, he’s likely to struggle out of a three-point stance as well.

OLB Cameron Brown, Penn State

Height: 6-5 3/8″
Weight: 232
Arm: 33 7/8″
Hand: 9 3/8″
Brown showed good read-and-react ability and filled the hole downhill. He stayed tight in coverage against running backs in the flat.
Brown shows the athleticism to be an asset in coverage but must clean up his technique. He struggled to stay with opponents out of route breaks and needs work on his ball skills.
Brown wasn’t particularly explosive as a pass rusher off the edge during Thursday’s practice. He did do a nice job of filling running lanes and getting into his coverage assignments when lined up off the line of scrimmage.
Brown was solid overall in Mobile and displayed the athleticism and ability to cover in space. His ball skills with the pass closing in on him need some work, as does his technique staying with opponents out of route breaks, but the underlying skills are there for him to be an effective space player. Brown struggled when asked to rush off the edge, but he did a nice job reading plays and filling holes against the run when lined up off the ball.

OLB Akeem Davis-Gaither, Appalachian State

Height: 6-1 1/2″
Weight: 219
Arm: 31 3/8″
Hand: 9″
Davis-Gaither showed the ability to stay tight in coverage as well as the speed and athleticism to go from sideline to sideline. He filled holes aggressively and displayed the awareness to dip under blocks rather than taking them on at 219 pounds.
Davis-Gaither continued his strong play in Mobile, showing very good athleticism and awareness in coverage and staying with opponents out of route breaks. He also showed the ability to fight through blocks and get to the play despite his smaller size.
Davis-Gaither continued his impressive play on passing downs, which has been a consistent theme for him throughout the week. His ability to keep his feet moving at the top of routes allows him to stay with opponents out of their breaks and forces quarterbacks to loft passes over the top or throw them way out in front of their intended targets to avoid Davis-Gaither’s coverage.
Davis-Gaither was one of the better linebackers at the Senior Bowl this week, regardless of team. His athleticism and fluidity was an asset in coverage, and he showed excellent coverage awareness in addition to sideline-to-sideline speed. Davis-Gaither also played well against the run, fighting through blocks to get to the action and showing the flexibility to dip under and around blockers to avoid getting locked up.

OLB Davion Taylor, Colorado

Height: 6-0 1/2″
Weight: 224
Arm: 32 1/8″
Hand: 9 5/8″
Taylor got good depth on pass drops and willingly took on blocks, although he was swallowed up and unable to break free from opponents once engaged.
Taylor had an excellent practice Wednesday and showed well in multiple areas. He was quick on the blitz and did a nice job using his hands to get free. He displayed good speed to the sidelines and beat blockers to the spot to fill against the run.
Taylor’s excellent Wednesday practice bled into a nondescript Thursday performance. He was occasionally late to the sidelines in coverage but did a nice job recovering to catch up to opponenwots and make tackles to prevent big gains on passes to running backs out of the backfield.
Taylor had a good week in Mobile, showing off his speed to the sidelines and an ability to get depth on his pass drops. He also displayed ability as a blitzer, quickly getting around the edge and using his hands well to keep blockers off his body. Taylor did struggle to shed blocks at times once engaged and was occasionally late picking up assignments, but he played well overall.

LB Terrell Lewis, Alabama

Height: 6-5 3/8″
Weight: 258
Arm: 34 1/8″
Hand: 10″
Lewis was explosive off the edge and demonstrated his newest counter: the spin move. His speed is excellent, and he’s obviously been in the weight room. Legit round one talent.
Lewis continued to show good speed off the edge and the explosiveness to shoot gaps in the offensive line. He struggled in coverage and moving in reverse, but he forced a fumble during scrimmage when he got close to the quarterback but was unable to break free of his blocker to finish the sack.
Lewis’ impressive week in Mobile continued with a strong practice Thursday. He showed the ability to run downfield with running backs and tight ends and displayed a powerful bull rush to defeat Terence Steele.
Power, speed and explosiveness; Lewis put the entire package on display in Mobile. He showed the ability to run downfield with opponents up the seam at 258 pounds as well as speed off the edge and an explosive burst through gaps. Despite his speed, Lewis wasn’t great moving in reverse, but he’s a load to handle downhill and should make a lot of plays at the NFL level.

ILB TJ Brunson, South Carolina

Height: 6-0 1/2″
Weight: 219
Arm: 31 7/8″
Hand: 9 1/2″
Brunson was very forceful and explosive against the run. He showed great closing burst, quickly read plays, and worked through the trash to get to the ball.
Brunson had a nice all-around practice Wednesday. His coverage awareness needs some work, but he did a nice job mirroring running backs through multiple moves in routes and showed out in scrimmage, filling the hole quickly on numerous occasions.
Brunson was strong against the run all week despite checking in as one of the Senior Bowl’s smallest linebackers. His play recognition was excellent, and he showed both force and explosiveness moving downhill. Brunson’s closing burst to the ball was very good and he showed a willingness to come up the field hard against the run and work through the trash to get to the ball.

ILB Anfernee Jennings, Alabama

Height: 6-1 7/8″
Weight: 252
Arm: 32 3/4″
Hand: 9 3/8″
Jennings was quick to get downhill and fill the gaps but didn’t show the same quickness laterally or in reverse. He got beat early on in routes and gave up on plays afterwards.
Jennings’ practice Wednesday was very similar to his performance Tuesday. He struggled to stay with tight ends down the field and couldn’t cover running backs, but he showed ability moving downhill and against the run.
Jennings is not effective in space but continued to show ability playing downhill. He displayed good hand moves off the edge as a pass rusher to create early separation on his way into the backfield.
Jennings was one of the few South linebackers who struggled in coverage. He struggles to move laterally and in reverse and didn’t go all out to recover once he was beat initially. Jennings did play well against the run and showed several nice moves as an edge rusher to get into the backfield, but he’s strictly a downhill linebacker.

CB AJ Green, Oklahoma State

Height: 6-1 3/8″
Weight: 199
Arm: 30 7/8″
Hand: 8 1/2″
I felt AJ Green held his own out there in 1 on 1 drills, enough that it wasn’t a standout negative performance. He was up and down, but flashed more good than bad reps and played the ball well.
I didn’t really notice Green during reps on Wednesday, which means he wasn’t terrible enough for me to take note of. He also didn’t make a ton of great plays in coverage from what I saw. He matched up well against Collin Johnson on a few reps, but overall an un-memorable day for Green on Day 2. He’s been outshined by other corners the last two days.
Green had a rebound showing on Thursday, showing better awareness in coverage, but he wasn’t perfect. Still, it was a positive performance for Green to hang his hat on after what I thought was an up-and-down week. I’ll be interested to hear the buzz that the Big 12 corner generated after this event.
AJ Green didn’t come out and wow anyone, but I thought he had a good enough week to come out as a winner in this DB group. He showed up well in coverage and made plays on the ball when he could. It was a positive boost for Green’s stock if you ask me.

CB Dane Jackson, Pittsburgh

Height: 5-11 5/8″
Weight: 180
Arm: 30 7/8″
Hand: 8 3/4″
Dane Jackson really stood out in his drills and was a pleasant surprise all day long. He stuck to receivers like glue and fought physically against every receiver. Outside of one rep where Collin Johnson sent him spinning like a top, Jackson had a stellar afternoon.
Jackson came in unheralded by a lot of scouts, but his high level of play has caused a lot of buzz. He had a worse day today than he did on Tuesday, as he was more grabby downfield and Kalija Lipscomb beat him badly deep (and Lipscomb is not a deep threat). He had more ups than downs as a whole, but I want to see him put it all together for the final day of practices like he did on Tuesday.
Jackson was arguably the best DB of the overall event, and he capped off another great week with a strong performance on Thursday. He was sticking well in coverage and didn’t get completely destroyed by the WRs like many other corners did this week. Been a week that will have scouts going to grab some Pitt film with the buzz he generated.
Dane Jackson was one of the best defensive backs in Mobile. I wasn’t too aware of his tape coming in but his physicality and athleticism in coverage during drills had me excited to see the traits on his tape. It was a great week for Jackson, capped off by being voted the best DB on the South squad by his teammates.

CB Kindle Vildor, Georgia Southern

Height: 5-10″
Weight: 185
Arm: 31 7/8″
Hand: 9″
Vildor was chippy and physical all afternoon. He posted a nice interception of Steven Montez. I’ve been a fan of his tape all season long and nothing he did today suggested he did anything to hurt his stock.
Same old same old for Vildor. He was really physical and maybe a little too grabby during the drills, but his physicality and “chirp” cannot be understated for his smaller stature. I only saw one bad rep all day against Ohio State’s Austin Mack for Vildor, but no plays like the two interceptions he had on Tuesday.
Vildor’s chippiness and physicality got the better of him on Thursday, as it got taken advantage of and he repeatedly grew frustrated at his reps. Coaches were yelling at Vildor repeatedly and asking what his thought process was on some plays. A rough outing on Thursday for the small-school kid.
Vildor’s week started strong but started to fall off as the practices went on. He fell in between too grabby and too physical to being yelled at for not fighting for the ball enough. Vildor made enough plays that I think teams will be interested in his tape, but not enough that will have teams buzzing about him. Seems like he’ll stay as a Day 3 pick.

DB Darney Holmes, UCLA

Height: 5-10 1/8″
Weight: 192
Arm: 30 5/8″
Hand: 9 1/8″
What a day for Darnay Holmes. He was phenomenal in these drills and was so aggressive and competitive that he sent heads spinning after a down year. Holmes has all the ability but looked like he often took plays off at UCLA, so a strong first day here is encouraging. He was one of the best overall “winners” of the first day.
Holmes has been the best overall DB on both rosters here in Mobile, and his high level of play continued into Wednesday. He was sticky in coverage and his physicality and athleticism had him winning several reps in coverage. He’s had such a magnetic personality in practices and the other DBs seem to be feeding off of his energy.
Holmes would have my vote for the best DB at the Senior Bowl for his performances this week, and did nothing to dissuade me from that vote on Thursday. He was physical and sticky in drills. Collin Johnson beat him over the middle, but Holmes made a phenomenal recovery and delivered a physical hit that led to a PBU and fueled the defense for the next series. I loved his performance all week.
Holmes was the best corner in Mobile all weekend and he let everyone know he was. He was chirpy, physical, sticky, loud, and exciting in practice. He had the defense feeding off of his energy and playmaking all week long. Holmes came in being viewed as a Day 3 guy after his 2019 season was so much worse than 2018, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Holmes sneaks in top-100.

DB Reggie Robinson II, Tulsa

Height: 6-1″
Weight: 202
Arm: 32 3/8″
Hand: 8 1/4″
Robinson really struggled to start off his time in Mobile and looked overmatched at times. The most notable thing he did all day was get toasted in a drill by Collin Johnson
Another bland day for Reggie Robinson in Mobile on Wednesday. I thought he did a good job on a hitch against Collin Johnson where he was lined up in press on him. He used his length well to disrupt the route, but against Collin Johnson, length can only take one so far. He has gifts, he just hasn’t showed in practice that he knows how to use them consistently.
Another unremarkable day for Robinson on Thursday. He never stood out in anyway and oftentimes look overmatched against the bigger school players. The Tulsa DB failed to generate serious buzz about him at this event.
Reggie flashed playmaking in drills with his size, length, and athleticism but didn’t really impress me or anybody else I talked to in Mobile. I think there was enough there to warrant a Day 3 selection, however. But, he didn’t put enough out there to say his stock dramatically increased from where it was coming into the Senior Bowl.

S Antoine Brooks Jr, Maryland

Height: 5-10 7/8″
Weight: 213
Arm: 31 1/4″
Hand: 8 3/8″
Antoine Brooks really put on a show in man coverage drills. He demonstrated his explosiveness by cutting off routes, and he kept up with the tight ends and running backs all afternoon long. His physical play stood out today in a big way in a somewhat lackluster safety class.
I thought Brooks had another standout day in drills on Wednesday. He was sticking in coverage as good as he did yesterday. Never saw him get truly “burned” by anyone he covered. I’ve been asked a few times how I compare him to fellow Terps safety Darnell Savage from the 2019 NFL Draft. I don’t think Brooks is quite the athlete Savage was, but I like Brooks’ instincts in coverage and playmaking in coverage more than I did Savage.
Felt like another good day to continue Brooks’ hot streak of practices. Brooks had a great week of Senior Bowl practice and I’m really excited to see how he tests in the upcoming NFL Combine. He’s been one of the best safeties here in Mobile in my opinion.
Brooks came in somehow under-the-radar but emerged as one of the best safeties at the event. His “juice” in coverage showed up and he was plenty physical in drills. Was one of the winners of the DB group.

S Brian Cole II, Mississippi State

Height: 6-1 7/8″
Weight: 205
Arm: 32″
Hand: 10″
Did Cole practice? I don’t remember seeing him on the field at all. Take that for what you will.
It’s been two days with nothing really memorable from Brian Cole in practices. Hasn’t stood out in an overly positive or negative way from what I’ve seen.
Nothing positive to really note about Cole on Thursday, either. Been utterly unremarkable and never really showed up in any positive way in practices.
I wasn’t super familiar with Cole coming into the week and after…I’m not particularly excited to go to his tape. He failed to stand out in a positive way on film in practice.

S Kyle Dugger, Lenior Rhyne

Height: 6-0 3/4″
Weight: 217
Arm: 32 3/4″
Hand: 10 1/8″
Dugger killed it today. There might have been more people at the Senior Bowl than there are at Lenoir-Rhyne, but Dugger showed he belonged. He is a safety with a linebacker’s athletic profile and showed off all day long. Nobody got open against him. I was really hoping to see that, as Lenoir-Rhyne tape is hard to come by.
It’s hard to argue that Kyle Dugger wasn’t the best player on the field on the South’s practice. He was all over the field in coverage, once again proving he could hang with the big-school players. He made a phenomenal INTs against Vanderbuilt’s Jared Pinkney, and showed off impressive range and coverage instincts. Hoping he caps off this week with another impressive performance on Thursday.
Hard to say that Dugger didn’t come away as one of the biggest winners of the Senior Bowl. After his performances in practice, I can’t really believe that he won’t be one of the first five safeties to come off the board in April. Been a really impressive showing with his athleticism and range.
I loved Dugger this week. He proved he could hang with the big school prospects. His athleticism and mirroring really stood out to me on film. I think he’ll be one of the first five safeties off the board and wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up in round 2.

S Jared Mayden, Alabama

Height: 5-11 7/8″
Weight: 201
Arm: 31 7/8″
Hand: 8 5/8″
Mayden flashed some in drills but overall underwhelmed. He reportedly had the 4th fastest speed of any of the players at the South’s practice, which backs up the tape. Hopefully, he puts on a better showing moving forward and makes the flashes more consistent.
Mayden really struggled in the 1 on 1s today, failing to remain in phase in coverage numerous times. Devin Duvernay burned him deep so badly that Mayden fell to the ground and Jauan Jennings beat him by a good three feet on a comeback route (and Jennings isn’t exactly a good route runner). Been a forgettable two days for Mayden thus far.
Mayden didn’t get consistently beat in coverage drills today, which is an improvement. I’m not particularly fond of his performance and overall ability even on his season’s tape and it sounds like scouts aren’t either.
It was an uninspiring week for Mayden at the Senior Bowl. He didn’t generate enough positive plays, but he played plenty physical. As a Bama DB, I was expecting something more from him.

S K’Von Wallace, Clemson

Height: 5-11 1/8″
Weight: 199
Arm: 31 1/8″
Hand: 9″
I don’t remember seeing Wallace on the field today outside of warm ups.
Wallace had a good day today but he had a low bar to clear in that regard. Wallace got beat in 1 on 1s but then recovered with a nice INT of Steven Montez in the 7 on 7s. He ended his day getting “Moss’d” by Van Jefferson in the 7 on 7s, but it was a marked improvement over his Tuesday performance. Hopefully, his Thursday performance is another improvement building off of Wednesday.
Did not see K’Von Wallace on the field at all on Thursday.
Wallace was pretty poor overall down in Mobile. He had an interception gifted to him by Steven Montez, but then didn’t practice on Thursday. I wasn’t high on Wallace’s film or his practice performance. His stock remains firmly as a Day 3 player.