2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Report: South Team

Action is underway in Mobile for the 2020 Reese's Senior Bowl. PFN has you covered all week with practice reports updated each day for the South team.

The 2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl week has arrived. The NFL world has descended on Mobile, Alabama for a week full of Senior Bowl practice and NFL buzz leading up to the game itself on Saturday from Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Pro Football Network has you covered all week, with the latest news, notes, and rumors from around Mobile. Below you can find our Senior Bowl practice reports for every day of practice for the South squad. This page will be updated throughout the week with thoughts on every player’s performance in Mobile.

The PFN Draft Analysts providing the practice reports are:

Tony Pauline – Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Tight Ends
Matt Valdovinos – Offensive Line and Defensive Line
AJ Schulte – Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs
Chris Tripodi – Linebackers

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2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl South Practice Report

Note: Click the tabs that correspond with each day to read the update from that practice. Due to the practice being moved indoors on Thursday, our practice reports for OL/DB/DL/WR will be delayed until late Thursday evening/early Friday morning. QB/RB/TE/LB has been updated for Thursday and can be found below.

QB Justin Herbert, Oregon

Height: 6-6 1/8″
Weight: 227
Arm: 33 3/8″
Hand: 10″
Herbert looked phenomenal on Tuesday displaying all the physical tools and leadership skills necessary for the next level.  He was right on the money with many of his throws and his pass placement was off the charts.  He made plays in and out of the pocket, displayed a next level arm and great athleticism.  His incomplete passes were more about drops by receivers rather than missed throws on his part.  And when his receivers dropped a pass Herbert was there to take charge.  Terrific day by the Oregon quarterback.
It was another effective day for Herbert, though one could make the argument he was slightly better yesterday. He was right on the money with his throws and showed terrific pass placement. I don’t think Herbert had as many dynamic throws today, but he also had fewer errant passes and misses. Again, he displayed a good degree of leadership throughout the entire session.
Thursday was another terrific practice for Herbert. While he probably had more misses Thursday than any of the previous two days, he consistently showed the ability to drop the ball in the bucket and place passes where only his target could come away with the reception.
While Herbert was not perfect during three days of Senior Bowl practice, he was very close.  He displayed elite physical skills, a sharp mind as well as great accuracy and pass placement.  He also showed solid leadership skills and when targets dropped his throws, Herbert was right there to console or speak with them.  Senior Bowl practices were the perfect venue for Herbert to showcase his physical skills, but it was the interview process and on field leadership where the Oregon passer had to impress next level decision makers.  In that sense, I think he’s headed in the right direction and leaves the Senior Bowl with an improved draft grade. However, the process is far from complete.

QB Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma

Height: 6-1″
Weight: 218
Arm: 31 7/8″
Hand: 9 1/2″
Hurts had his struggles today, especially early on.  He was often late delivering passes and receivers were waiting for the ball to arrive.  Several of his attempts had pass catchers leaving their feet to grab the pass from midair. I got the idea watching Hurts, he is much more comfortable playing in Oklahoma’s wide open system and it’s going to take some adjustment to get accustomed to an NFL type of scheme. 
If Hurts struggled on Tuesday, he was just outright bad on Wednesday. Excluding one terrific pass he placed in the hands of Stephen Sullivan down the left sideline, Hurts was off the mark all day. He missed wide open receivers throwing against air and put pass catchers in perilous positions when they were covered.
Thursday was a slightly better day for Hurts, and it was quite possibly his best practice of the week. He showed better accuracy and throws a catchable ball, but he still forced too many passes and missed a number of open receivers.
Despite being named a “Practice Player of the Week,” Hurts leaves Senior Bowl practice worse for the wear.  While he had his moments, they were few and far between.  Many of his nicer throws, including some beautiful end zone passes on Thursday, were followed by wild passes receivers never had a chance to catch.  Scouts must now figure out which Hurts will show up on Sunday; the improved passer we saw during the 2019 season at Oklahoma or the quarterback who struggled in an NFL system in Mobile.

QB Steven Montez, Colorado

Height: 6-4″
Weight: 240
Arm: 32 3/8″
Hand: 9 3/8″
Montez continues to show why he’s a tease and so tough to scout.  He made a number of magnificent passes which were on the money and got the ball through tight windows. Montez also missed a good number of throws which went wild.  Despite the inconsistent play, Montez is a great arm talent and showed one of the strongest arms of the day.  He has a quick release, the ball explodes from his hand and quickly arrives to the intended target.
Montez was more inconsistent today compared to the first practice Tuesday. When he was on the mark, Montez was able to zip the ball through tight windows and once again showed a big arm. All too often passes got away from Montez, and they weren’t just errant throws but wild balls that could easily be picked off.
Thursday was an up-and-down day for Montez, just like the previous two days. He made some really nice passes but was often way off the mark.
While Montez had his moments all week, he also displayed a lot of inconsistency and leaves Senior Bowl practices with an incomplete grade.  From a natural tools perspective, he’s talented as hell and gives Justin Herbert a run for his money in the category of arm strength.  Yet Montez’ penchant to follow up every good throw with two or three poor passes is disconcerting.

RB Eno Benjamin, Arizona State

Height: 5-9″
Weight: 195
Arm: 30 6/8″
Hand: 8 3/8″
Benjamin, a smaller back at 195-pounds, had a big day. He showed great patience, vision, and general where with all. He looked much quicker in person than he does on film. He possesses the speed to turn a corner and caught the ball very well. After Joshua Kelly, there was no better back at ozSenior Bowl practice today.
Benjamin was far and away the best back of the day, regardless of team. He showed great quickness carrying the ball, had a terrific burst in a straight line and around the corner, and looked smooth catching the ball. What really stood out to me was his blocking; he was vicious, explosive and mean, and he got the job done,
After a real tough season in which Benjamin fell short of expectations, the declared junior put together a great week of Senior Bowl practice.  He looked exceptionally quick carrying the ball, fast as a receiver and tough during blocking drills.  He also played with great instincts and intelligence.  Was his performance enough to return him to the top 60 status some scouts had graded him before the season?  No, but I think there’s a chance he could climb back into the late part of day two, which is an improvement from where Benjamin stood last week.

RB Antonio Gibson, Memphis

Height: 6-0 1/2″
Weight: 223
Arm: 31″
Hand: 8 1/4″
Gibson looked very limited today — a productive college receiver trying to play running back. He showed no outstanding feature in his game other than being an athletic guy carrying the football.
Gibson had a much more productive day today and looked more like a complete running back. He had several nice runs and showed better balance as well as terrific burst. He also caught the ball very well out of the backfield, which is expected.
Gibson didn’t really do much in Thursday’s practice. Coach Mike Norvell did say to NFL coaches that Gibson is one of the best players he’s ever coached.
The fact Gibson was even at the Senior Bowl speaks volumes as he was not on the scouting radar before the season began.  He’s a receiver in a running backs body and while he showed some progress as a ball carrier as the days progressed, Gibson still needs a lot of work on his game.

RB Lamical Perine, Florida

Height: 5-10 3/4″
Weight: 211
Arm: 32 7/8″
Hand: 9 3/4″
Perine had a solid day. He is exceptionally quick and had no problem cutting against the grain while making defenders miss. He’s very light on his feet and runs with both balance and body control. Perine also showed a terrific burst of speed.
It was a solid day for Perine, though he was not as dynamic as Tuesday. He ran with the ball well, but what really stood out to me was his pass catching. Perine was super quick into his pass routes, lost no speed in and out of breaks and consistently extended his hands to snatch passes away from his frame.
Thursday was a nondescript day for Perine. He followed up dropping an easy screen pass by making a terrific reception in the corner of the end zone.
Perine came into Senior Bowl week with last day grades and if he improved them at all, it was just by a little bit.  He showed solid quickness and footwork for a bigger back as well as a nice burst of speed.  Perine was a bit inconsistent catching the ball, which won’t sit well with scouts.

RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Vanderbilt

Height: 5-9 1/2″
Weight: 205
Arm: 31″
Hand: 8 1/2″
Vaughn really struggled during drills. He looked sluggish and could not change direction without losing a ton of momentum. He played to one speed — not very fast. He picked it up during scrimmage but looks like a good football player with physical and athletic limitations.
Vaughn did not practice on Wednesday.
Vaughn did not practice on Thursday.
Vaughn didn’t practice too much after the first day when he looked good in scrimmage but was ordinary at best during drills.  His lack of quickness was glaring, especially when compared to the other backs from the South, as was his speed and burst.  Vaughn came into Senior Bowl week as a potential late second day selection and leaving Mobile, I think his stock has slipped a bit.

WR Devin Duvernay, Texas

Height: 5-10 1/2″
Weight: 202
Arm: 30 3/8″
Hand: 9″
Duvernay came in as one of my favorite players in this class, but really struggled today. He’s a speedy target and after the catch plays like a running back. However, his stiffness showed up in drills today, and he really struggled catching the ball today, which surprised me because his hands were not an issue at all on his tape.
Duvernay rebounded from a rough showing yesterday. His stiffness still showed up on certain routes but he won more than he did yesterday, especially deep. He caught and tracked the ball much better. It was a day for Duvernay to hang his hat on after struggling out of the gate on Tuesday.
Duvernay had another solid showing this week but didn’t outright dominate like his teammate Collin Johnson and a few other WRs did today. His stiffness still showed up against press coverage, which is becoming an increasingly worrisome issue for his stock. However, I wonder just how much a team will worry about that over his 4.3 speed.
Duvernay’s Senior Bowl was a bit of a letdown, as he was overshadowed by his teammate Collin Johnson all week long. He started off slow this week but his rebound was pretty lackluster. Was overall a rather disappointing week for a guy I was high on entering the event. His stiffness in his routes really bit him in the one on ones.

WR Van Jefferson, Florida

Height: 6-1 1/2″
Weight: 197
Arm: 32 1/8″
Hand: 9 1/8″
Jefferson came in as the best route-runner at this event and he showed it off in full force today. He dominated every rep he took and caught the ball well. He seemed to generate a ton of buzz as the day went on and really skyrocketed his stock.
Same old, same old for Van Jefferson. He made it look easy all day and separated with ease. I tweeted out live during practice that he was one of the three guys that could not be covered by any of these corners. Looked fluid and his routes were top-notch. I believe NFL teams will start to love how well Jefferson separates from man coverage. He isn’t the most explosive athlete, like Terry McLaurin was, but he’s experiencing a similar rise in stock.
Van Jefferson put out another good practice to close out his phenomenal week. Jefferson looked silky smooth through his routes and caught the ball well. Another practice, another top-notch showing from Jefferson. Not much more to say.
Van Jefferson had an excellent week for his draft stock. This was the perfect opportunity for him to show just how polished he is as a receiver and he shined all week. His routes were the best of anyone here in Mobile. The NFL Combine will ultimately reveal his draft range, but his Senior Bowl week sent many scouts abuzz.

WR Jauan Jennings, Tennessee

Height: 6-3″
Weight: 206
Arm: 32 7/8″
Hand: 9″
Jennings was physical all day. He wasn’t particularly great in drills but flashed impressive physicality throughout his routes. He was overall up and down, but didn’t really showcase a skill set outside of what he already has on tape.
Jennings was the same player he was on Tuesday. He fought against coverage but he really failed to stand out in the receiver room. I was not impressed at all with his efforts today after flashing in drills yesterday.
Jennings was just unimpressive all week and didn’t do much to change that on Thursday. He was physical but…that was really all there was to it. I didn’t really come away excited to go back to his tape in any way and seemed like the same player every day.
Jennings was one of the worst receivers of the event. He failed to really showcase any other skill set besides being physical. His routes were generally sloppy, which resulted in him failing to separate outside of a few reps. I had him as a Day 3 guy coming into the event and he will leave as one too.

WR Collin Johnson, Texas

Height: 6-5 3/4″
Weight: 221
Arm: 32 7/8″
Hand: 8 3/4″
I’m not sure a receiver really stunned people more today than Johnson. A lot of people were skeptical of Johnson’s ability as a route-runner, but he wowed in drills with his routes and separation ability. I wrote about him as a potential riser as a prototypical H/W/S receiver, and he certainly showed off today. He had a rep against Pitt CB Dane Jackson that had the stadium wowed. A phenomenal start for him.
Johnson was unstoppable again today on Day 2. He did such a phenomenal job stacking defensive backs deep and showed off his length to full advantage. He separated on every rep in various ways and looked smooth in drills. I think he was the best wide receiver on the South team today. It has been a phenomenally strong start for Johnson and it continued into Wednesday.
Johnson had another good day on Thursday, capping off an impressive Senior Bowl week. I really feel like he is the one receiver that an NFL team is going to really sell themselves on based on his tape and ability to be a height-weight-speed prototype at receiver. Been a really, really phenomenal showing by Johnson, who showed effortless fluidity for his 6’6 frame.
My goodness, Collin Johnson. I was a fan of his 2019 tape but thought he needed to be better at the top of his route. However, I’m starting to think that those concerns may have been related to his injury. He was surprisingly fluid for his 6’6 220 frame and he did a great job separating deep. He looks like a prototypical height-weight-speed receiver and I wouldn’t be shocked to see him go on Day 2. He was phenomenal this week.

WR Kalija Lipscomb, Vanderbilt

Height: 6-0 1/8″
Weight: 202
Arm: 32 1/4″
Hand: 9″
Lipscomb had a day to forget to start off in Mobile. Really looked average athletically and struggled at the catch point. His fluidity in drills was okay at best, but failed to stand out against the rest of the receivers in this class.
I thought Lipscomb had a better day today, but his only real highlight was a deep catch over Dane Jackson from Jalen Hurts. He caught the ball much better but he struggled separating in the 1 on 1s. It was a solid rebound from his rough Tuesday, but I’ll be looking for more from him on Thursday.
Lipscomb was just boring. He came in with no buzz, made no plays, and will exit with no buzz. Just a poor week for Lipscomb, who really had no calling card in reps to separate himself in any way from the other receivers.
Lipscomb really failed to do much at all for his stock. In a talented receiver group, Lipscomb looked like the worst one there. He got beat up by many of the South DBs and his hands were abysmal at the catch point. Hard to imagine that his draft stock is anything higher than a late Day 3…if draftable at all.

WR Austin Mack, Ohio State

Height: 6-1 1/8″
Weight: 212
Arm: 33″
Hand: 10″
Austin Mack had a pleasantly surprising day, as he consistently separated better than I thought he would. His biggest issue came finishing the play. He had too many drops and was inconsistent tracking the ball. If he can improve on that going forward, Mack can make some noise as he was performing at a really high level in all of the drills and reps I saw him in.
Mack was the same player he was yesterday. He looked fluid and sharp in his routes and separated consistently. He still struggled to catch and track the ball, especially through contact. He failed to finish on most reps once again. He’ll need a stronger showing with his hands to end practices on Thursday.
Same old story with Austin Mack. He separated well, but ultimately failed to generate any spectacular plays. He had the opportunity to go out and have the week that fellow Ohio State WR KJ Hill enjoyed, but he couldn’t capitalize on it.
Like I said on Thursday’s analysis, Mack had the opportunity to go out and have the week that fellow Ohio State WR KJ Hill enjoyed, but he couldn’t capitalize on it. He separated well but his hands and ability to track the ball and finish cost him. I’m not sure how to gauge his stock as a result. The drops are sure to hurt his stock, but will a team value the separation more?

TE Harrison Bryant, Florida Atlantic

Height: 6-4 3/4″
Weight: 242
Arm: 31 3/8″
Hand: 9 1/4″
Bryant was the second best tight end of the day, a step below Adam Trautman. Defenders could not cover him and he ran exceptional routes. Plus he caught the ball really well. He also did a solid job blocking. Bryant’s ability to bend his knees and play with leverage as well as a non-stop motor were impressive.
It was another solid all-around day for Bryant, though he was overshadowed by Sullivan. There are no complaints about his game except for the fact that he does not have great deep speed
Thursday was a good day for Bryant. He consistently caught the ball and made one sensational catch in the end zone in the middle of a crowd.
Bryant was consistently good all week. He wasn’t flashy; rather, he was accomplished in all areas. I worry about his athleticism and true speed but he’s a solid pass catcher that blocks and plays tough football.

TE Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati

Height: 6-2 5/8″
Weight: 245
Arm: 32″
Hand: 9 1/8″
I got exactly what I expected from Deguara; he’s a hard-working tight end with a complete game but limited athleticism and even less upside. He was solid catching the ball, solid blocking, and solid working away from the play. However there was nothing that made you say “wow” watching him.
Another solid day by Deguara as both a blocker and pass catcher. But again, you can see the athletic deficiencies. He was unable to run to a deep pass despite being wide open on a pass Harrison Bryant or Stephen Sullivan would have caught.
Deguara was solid but not spectacular Thursday. He works hard but struggled to come away with a couple difficult receptions.
Deguara came into the season with street free agent grades so being at the Senior Bowl is a success of its own. He displayed a lot of toughness and showed he is a good tight end. Did Deguara improve his standing in the eyes of scouts based on his work in Mobile? Yes – but I don’t know it’s enough to cement himself in the late rounds.

TE Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt

Height: 6-4″
Weight: 254
Arm: 32 3/4″
Hand: 10 5/8″
Pinkney disappointed in 2019 despite entering the season graded by NFL scouts as a potential top-45 pick. He did nothing to stop his fall during the first day of Senior Bowl practice. Pinkney looked slow, showed nothing in the way of quickness, and struggled to get any semblance of separation from defenders. He didn’t look all that natural catching the ball.
Pinkney had another difficult day. He made one nice catch but for the most part looked awful as a blocker and was nothing special catching the ball.
Thursday was a nondescript day for Pinkney, as he had a few nice receptions but for the most part didn’t make a lot of impact.
Pinkney entered the season graded as a top 45 selection but has dropped like an anchor from a boat with terrible play since September. He did nothing to stem the tide of his fall in Mobile. He looked uninspired, unathletic and at best, a late round pick. Over the course of the three days, Pinkney rarely made a positive play.

TE Stephen Sullivan, LSU

Height: 6-5″
Weight: 254
Arm: 35 1/8″
Hand: 10 3/8″
For someone rarely used in the offense employed by the national champion LSU Tigers, Sullivan acquitted himself well on Tuesday. He’s a good athlete with enough speed to split the seam and get downfield. Sullivan also caught the ball reasonably well.
Sullivan looked terrific all day and was the most impressive tight end on the South. He was dominant as a blocker and made a lot of big plays catching the ball. He oozes with athleticism and shows speed down the field and strength at the point.
Thursday was another solid day for Sullivan, who showed a lot of athleticism and looks like a natural pass catcher.
Sullivan, the little used LSU tight end who entered the season graded as a free agent, firmly established himself as a day three pick in Mobile. He got better and better each day displaying athleticism, pass catching hands and blocking strength. It’s fair to say Sullivan was one of the biggest surprises during Senior Bowl practice.

OL Ben Bartch, St. John’s

Height: 6-5 3/4″
Weight: 308
Arm: 33″
Hand: 9 1/8″
Bartch was a pleasant surprise. I was under the impression he would be playing guard this week, but when I got to the practice field he was working as the starting left tackle. His pass set is smooth and his anchor is strong. He had a great day.
Bartch has been one of my favorite players this week. He’s shown quick feet and has an impressive anchor. He’s maybe my favorite story from Mobile. He’s a legitimate top 100 player. I do wonder if he could player guard, would like to see at least a few reps.
One of the week’s top risers, Bartch continued to prove he’s a legitimate NFL talent. Today, he saw more work at guard than before, and he was still performing well. Unfortunately, towards the end of practice Bartch injured his leg and was helped off the field by trainers.
Ben Bartch has a case to be the biggest riser from this week. He came in a lesser known, D-3 prospect, and left as a prospect who proved he belonged. A legitimate top 100 talent, if not better. Bartch displayed excellent feet this week. His pass set is smooth, and he takes strong steps to move people in the run game. He could stand to gain some functional play strength and maybe add a bit more weight in his backside, but he’s absolutely player that can start for an NFL team.

OL Lloyd Cushenberry III, LSU

Height: 6-3 1/4″
Weight: 312
Arm: 34 5/8″
Hand: 10 1/2″
Cushenberry was the best overall offensive lineman I watched today. He was the only person who could manage a stop against Javon Kinlaw in 1on1s. He was dominant from the get go and his stock is rising.
Cushenberry continued his dominant stretch. He’s playing great football and will likely rise up team boards. Potentially into the late first, early second round territory.
Continuing his week of dominance, Cushenberry was the best interior offensive lineman here. He consistently won his reps, and could be a top 50 pick. Strong final outing for the LSU alum.
Lloyd Cushenberry came to Mobile fresh off a national championship, yet he didn’t come to the Senior Bowl with anything less than 100%. He dominated rep after rep, and proved to be arguably the top IOL prospect in the entire 2020 class. Expect Cushenberry to challenge as a top 50 pick. He’s that good and was arguably the best offensive lineman here this week.

OL Keith Ismael, San Diego State

Height: 6-3″
Weight: 300
Arm: 32″
Hand: 9 7/8″
Ismael was average throughout the day. Wasn’t consistently beaten, but didn’t do much to stand out. Draft stock remains neutral.
Ismael was better today. He stood out more and was strong in the duo drills. He had a good practice and looked like an NFL center.
Ismael continued to grow throughout the week. He’s proven to be an NFL prospect, and while he has some technical flaws, he has a game that can be shaped into a starter.
Someone I hadn’t watched previously, Ismael really showed signs of being a legitimate center prospect. He was able to stand his own in 1vs1s against some of the top interior defensive linemen in the country. Ismael could find himself being selected in the 4th or 5th round and be a player that surprises as a rookie starter. He has both physical ability and mindset to start in the NFL.

OL Damien Lewis, LSU

Height: 6-2″
Weight: 329
Arm: 33 3/8″
Hand: 10″
Some believe Lewis was the best overall player on the LSU offensive line last year. Today, he showed off a strong anchor and some smooth footwork.
Lewis was great today. Had a few pancakes and was a monster on 1v1. Him and Cushenberry have been excellent, expect both to be top 100 picks.
Lewis has been up and down, mostly due to his strengths and weaknesses. He has a great anchor and very strong punch, this leads him to best tackles trying to win with power. However, he can struggle at times with faster rushers winning with finesse.
Similar to Cushenberry, Lewis came to Mobile after winning the National Championship. However, he still competed like he had something to prove. Lewis displayed an elite anchor and his punch is one of the best in class. He plays with elite strength and would fit with a team that utilizes that powers. He had a strong week in Mobile and is a well prepared IOL prospect.

OL Tyre Phillips, Mississippi State

Height: 6-5 1/8″
Weight: 342
Arm: 34 1/4″
Hand: 10 5/8″
Phillips demonstrated a strong ability to recover from a bull rush, but his technique remains a concern. However, his mindset is perfect for that of an NFL lineman.
Phillips was complimented by Bengals OL coach Jim Turner often. He displayed strong hands and a good anchor. He’s a powerful player with a strong motor.
Phillips has had a strong day, playing both guard and tackle. He’s a player I expect teams to really like and could go as high as top 100. He was good today.
Tyre Phillips has been one of the most consistent lineman in Mobile this week. He played both guard and tackle, and was consistently praised by the Bengals coaching staff. Phillips has the NFL frame to play anywhere on the line, and that could be a calling card for an NFL team. His pass set is clean and plays with a strong motor. He had a strong week and his draft stock is rising.

OL John Simpson, Clemson

Height: 6-4 1/2″
Weight: 330
Arm: 33 3/4″
Hand: 11″
Simpson was abused all day due to a consistent pairing against Kinlaw during 1on1s. Due to his constant beating, Simpson tried to get the edge during team drills and ended up jumping offsides three times.
After a brutal first day, Simpson was excellent today. Pancake after pancake, and strong in pass protection. Great bounce back for Simpson.
Simpson was again better today than he was on Tuesday (not saying much though.) He demonstrated a solid anchor and better reps in pass protection. However, he still has work to do with his hands.
After getting destroyed by Javon Kinlaw on Tuesday, John Simpson had an excellent bounce back on Wednesday and Thursday. He displayed his anchor and his strong hands. I had some serious concerns on if Simpson belonged early this week, but afterwards he came back with a vengeance. One of the better storylines this week.

OL Terence Steele, Texas Tech

Height: 6-6 1/4″
Weight: 312
Arm: 35 7/8″
Hand: 9 1/8″
Steele was the most impressive player I evaluated today. He was excellent in 1on1s and his length was on full display. He has smooth feet, long arms, and a strong punch. He was excellent today and his draft stock is rising.
Steele was strong yesterday, but took a step back. He had a bad tendency of leaning over feet and was taken advantage of. Would like a bounce back day tomorrow.
Steele was better today, but still had not found his Monday form. His length is even dent but he needs to recognize he’s consistently leaning over his toes and it’s allowing rusher to take advantage of him. Steele had a good day overall though.
Terrance Steele was one of the best players on Tuesday, but fell off on Wednesday. Though his play was improved Thursday, he never quite got back to day one form. He has an appealing physical upside, but he could use some refinement. He had a good overall this week, and I think he’s the second most pro-ready tackle here behind Josh Jones. Solid player, and a solid outing. I think Steele will be an excellent value pick early on day 3.

OL Logan Stenberg, Kentucky

Height: 6-6 1/8″
Weight: 317
Arm: 33 1/8″
Hand: 9 3/4″
Stenberg had a strong day as well. In run block drills he was moving bodies, and he will look to build on a strong performance.
Stenberg, similar to yesterday, had a strong performance. He’s had a good week in Mobile displaying strength, athletic ability, and consistency. He is an ascending player.
Stenberg got better and better as the week went on. He’s one of the top interior guys here and was able to put everything together for a strong Thursday outing.
Stenberg had a strong week from start to finish, showing that he can be one of the top guards in the class. He has both a strong base and can maul defenders in the run game, while also being fluid enough to get around to it in the run game. He can be used in any scheme and his week in Mobile was excellent. He pushed Cushenberry for the title as the best interior offensive linemen in the Senior Bowl this week.

OL Alex Taylor, South Carolina State

Height: 6-8 1/2″
Weight: 308
Arm: 36 1/8″
Hand: 11″
Taylor struggled heavily today. He couldn’t quite find his groove and was out of whack all game. He also looks like he should put on 20 pounds.
Taylor was much improved today. Mountain of a man, will likely get drafted higher than he should. However, the upside is undoubtedly impressive.
Taylor continued to utilize his length as coaches were teaching him. It’s an elite physical tool, and he wasn’t utilizing it earlier. He had a stronger Thursday performance, and he is someone I expect teams to love.
Alex Taylor has arguably the most upside of any player in the Senior Bowl. His frame and length would be top in the NFL. However he lacks technical refinement, and is a ways away from being a competent NFL protector. Taylor got better over the week, but his lack of refinement was obvious. Taylor could be a top tackle in the NFL. I just wonder if he’ll ever meet that ceiling.

OL Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon

Height: 6-4 7/8″
Weight: 310
Arm: 32 1/2″
Hand: 9 1/2″
Did not practice; late addition to roster.
Throckmorton was a tad slow, but that’s to be expected as it was his first day. Hoping for an improved performance tomorrow.
Throckmorton took reps at both guard and tackle and looked comfortable. His strength in pass protection is length and experience. He had a strong Thursday.
After joining late, Calvin Throckmorton worked his butt off to make sure he wasn’t behind on Wednesday and Thursday. He shifted around the entire offensive line playing both tackle spots and guard spots. He had a strong week and his upside is there as an NFL starter. He had a solid week.