Any Given Friday: Patriots add pieces and could Tom Brady potentially move on?

It’s time for NFL Week 8 and another episode of the Any Given Friday podcast. During the podcast, we discuss the latest news with the New England Patriots and the trades of Mahamed Sanu and Michael Bennett. This Patriots offense needed help. It is a Patriots offense that has been slowed down and something we haven’t seen in years. With the addition of Sanu, could the Patriots offense with Tom Brady at the helm finally move the football? 

During the Patriots talk, we discussed whether we would take Brady or Bill Belichick longterm. The two have their history – with Brady and the Alex Guerro/TB12 controversy in the locker room and with Belichick attempting to push Brady out for Jimmy Garoppolo. If it were up to you and you were the owner of the Patriots, would you choose the greatest head coach of all-time or the greatest quarterback of all-time?

Eric and I finished by discussing five quarterbacks in bad situations (-Mitchell Trubisky) that could likely be on a different team next season. We go back and forth but eventually agree on why we would pick a certain quarterback to last out the losing. Could one of these quarterbacks be on the Patriots? And could the Patriots be looking at the quarterback in Los Angeles?

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