Young quarterbacks go 50/50 and Melvin Gordon returns (Any given Friday podcast)

    This week Corey Ashburn is BACK! Corey joins his fellow co-hosts Kai'Chien Chisholm and Eric Wiedeke for this weeks Any given Friday podcast. They cover young quarterback grades in the NFL, and they dive into the Melvin Gordon news.

    Young quarterbacks – 50/50 start 

    Last week, Eric and Kai’Chien gave their young quarterbacks to look for in Week 3. They covered Josh Rosen, Kyle Allen, Mason Rudolph, and Teddy Bridgewater. This week they gave us their grades for each quarterback. 

    Josh Rosen didn’t get the help during the Sunday 1:00 pm EST matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. Rosen and his Miami Dolphins team were in a perfect position and left 14 points on the field before the end of the first half. From a 6-10 scoreline to a 31-6 finish. It wasn’t game-changing by any means from Rosen, but there was a little bit of promise from the young quarterback. The Dolphins will look for competition no matter what, and Rosen will have to prove he’s the guy.

    Kyle Allen tore it up and could take over for good in Carolina if Cam Newton never gets back to his MVP play. Unfortunately, Mason Rudolph and Teddy Bridgewater were not that great. They both had subpar performances, and Bridgewater just managed the game for the New Orleans Saints. Rudolph failed to do this despite his team forcing 5 turnovers against the 3-0 San Fransisco 49ers. 

    Melvin Gordon – Holdout OVER

    One of the forgotten but not forgotten stories of the year has been the Melvin Gordon holdout. Gordon has held out for a new contract from the Los Angeles Chargers, but nothing has moved towards a new deal. Initially, the thought was that Gordon would come back when he needed to towards the tail-end of the season. Alas, Gordon is back and is certainly feeling the pressure as the Chargers rushing game has still looked good without him. 

    The choice to comeback is a good one for Gordon because if the Chargers continued to strive on the ground without him, a deal would not be guaranteed. The Chargers have seen what a Hall of Fame running back is. They know what the worth is and IF they pay Gordon, he will need to break out this season. 

    Questions From The Podcast Team

    • Which young quarterback did you like the most this past weekend?
    • Will Melvin Gordon get his money from the Los Angeles Chargers?
    • Which young quarterback is the future for their respective team?

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