Is Taylor Swift at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade? Here’s Why Pop Icon Might Miss Event

Taylor Swift defied the odds to get to the Super Bowl and support her boyfriend, Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. Will she be in attendance for the victory parade?

The Kansas City Chiefs and their fans will celebrate a Super Bowl championship for the third time in five years at Wednesday’s Super Bowl parade.

Lots of familiar faces will surely be in attendance, names like Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, and Andy Reid immediately come to mind. It’s worth mentioning that Wednesday is also Valentine’s Day, so lots of players will likely have their sweethearts in attendance.

But the viewing public will have their head on a swivel to see if one player’s superstar girlfriend should happen to drop in.

Will Taylor Swift Be at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade?

Taylor Swift is a megastar of epic proportions. Her attendance at Super Bowl 58 to support her boyfriend, Kelce, no doubt played at least some role in this latest edition of the big game being the highest-rated yet. Kelce, too, has seen his own star power grow immensely since his relationship with Swift became public knowledge.

Now the questions turn to whether or not Swift will be in attendance for Kansas City’s Valentine’s Day victory parade. It’s no sure thing. In fact, according to ESPN, the logistics surrounding her upcoming concert dates could make it quite the challenge:

“Swift has not commented on her plans, but it would be a tight scheduling feat. She has to be in Melbourne, Australia, which is 17 hours ahead of Kansas City, by 6 p.m. on Friday for the first of three scheduled concerts on her Eras Tour. And the flight itself takes about 17 hours.”

Swift’s known for keeping an exhaustive schedule, and for putting on a captivating live performance. Jet lag from a 17-hour flight is a tough enough hurdle to overcome. Pregaming it with the day-long party that is the Super Bowl winner’s parade may not be the most prudent maneuver before a three-hour live performance.

Further gumming up the works is this report from Kansas City’s NPR affiliate, KCUR, which quotes city manager Brian Platt, who strongly implied that his team may have discouraged Swift’s attendance to keep the traffic at least somewhat manageable.

“I can’t confirm nor deny, but we might have already told that to her team — just to keep everybody safe and make things a little bit easier for us,” he said.

Nevertheless, it’s a free country, and nobody is going to stop Swift from attending the parade if that’s her prerogative. She’s proven willing to go to great lengths to support Kelce in the past, notably flying from a series of tour dates in Japan to Las Vegas to catch the Super Bowl this past Sunday, landing with just hours to spare. Platt acknowledged they’re preparing for the possibility of her attendance as well.

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“That’s gonna be a whole second level of security issues that we have to deal with — the crowds and all that sort of thing,” Platt said. “So we are more than ready.”

The “Swifties” are more than ready too.

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