Will the Raiders Trade Davante Adams? NFL Insider Reports Jets’ Interest in Star WR

Could Davante Adams be a New York Jet this offseason? One NFL insider believes the team is going to make a real push to acquire the star WR.

The New York Jets have been one of the more aggressive teams in the NFL over the last year when it comes to trying to collect talent. As they look to bring in stars to win now, that aggressive nature looks to be extending into next offseason as well, according to one NFL insider. And it looks to be for someone their starting quarterback is very familiar with.

NFL Insider Reports Jets Interested in Star WR

The Jets inquired with the Las Vegas Raiders about the availability of star wide receiver Davante Adams at the trade deadline with no success. However, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the plan to try and add Adams to their roster is not over.

The feeling is that New York will take the pursuit into the offseason and may look to make Vegas an offer they can’t refuse. “That will happen,” one source predicted to ESPN. “I think so.”

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Schefter goes on to state that the Raiders’ willingness to deal Adams will be dependent on how the team finishes their 2023 season. The Raiders are winners of two in a row since Antonio Pierce has taken over as interim head coach. The belief from Schefter is that if the winning continues this season, Las Vegas would be less inclined to sell off a cornerstone piece like Adams.

If the team struggles, however, the Raiders could be more receptive to getting contracts off the books as they look to start over and build for the future. That conceivably would put Adams on the market and make a reunion with Rodgers in New York much more likely.

Davante Adams Contract Situation

Adams is currently in Year 2 of a five-year deal he signed with the Raiders in 2022. His deal is worth $140 million, including a $19,250,000 signing bonus, $65,670,000 in guarantees, and an average annual salary of $28 million.

Over the next three seasons, Adams’ base salary explodes, and if the Raiders are looking toward the future, they very well could benefit from off-loading his deal in non-competitive years.

In 2024, Adams’ base salary jumps to just south of $17 million from the $6 million base he is getting paid for this year. Additionally, in 2025 and 2026, that base salary balloons to just north of $35 million per year.

The salary cap can be maneuvered, and these teams are equipped to deal with contracts and the large sum of the cap space they may account for. But if the Raiders want to get out from under the massive deal, it looks as if they may have a willing partner to do so with the Jets.

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