Why Is Jeremiah Trotter Jr. Still Available in the 2024 NFL Draft? Clemson LB’s Draft Stock Sees Him Fall Out of Day 2

Jeremiah Trotter Jr., the son of legendary Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Sr., is one of the best linebackers available on Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. is one of the top linebacker prospects remaining after falling to Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

Trotter’s father, Jeremiah Trotter Sr., was an All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler, spending most of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Still just 21 years old, the younger Trotter will be a very enticing Day 3 pick for NFL GMs because of his disruptive presence and immediate impact on Clemson’s defense during his college football career.

Update: Jeremiah Trotter Jr. was selected in the fifth round (No. 155 overall) at Saturday’s NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. A signing that has Eagles fans praising Howie Roseman as he brings Trotter Jr. to the team that his father also played for. Trotter’s father spent eight seasons in Philadelphia during a career that consisted of four Pro Bowl nods.

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Why Did Jeremiah Trotter Jr. Fall to Day 3 of the NFL Draft?

Being the son of a legendary linebacker obviously comes with some inherited pressure, but Trotter lived up to the hype at Clemson.

In three years of college football, he totaled 192 tackles, with 29.5 of those for a loss. He was an all-around defensive playmaker, recording 13 sacks and four interceptions along the way.

He has the bloodline as well as the proven production to be a difference maker in the NFL. A linebacker-needy team is going to get a gem on Day 3.

Pro Football Network Draft analyst Ian Cummings had Trotter graded as a fringe top 100 prospect, so as long as he’s drafted early in Round 4, this is not too dramatic of a fall.

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He is currently ranked in Cummings’ top 50 remaining prospects, with the draft analyst adding:

“In a run-and-chase role, Jeremiah Trotter Jr. has most of the necessary physical and intangible components to be a venerable force pressing downhill and a quality cover man in short and intermediate zones. Particularly in SAM roles where he can blitz and crash the line, he can be a value player in the middle rounds.”

He is one of the better linebacker prospects in this class. While he might not have the ceiling of linebackers like Edgerrin Cooper, Payton Wilson, or Trevin Wallace, who were all drafted on Day 2, Trotter will have a defined role at the next level.

In his scouting report, Trotter is described as as a fleet-footed accelerator with exceptional on-attack explosiveness.

“If there’s any 2024 NFL Draft LB prospect who was absolutely built to play LB at the NFL level, it’s Jeremiah Trotter Jr.,” Cummings wrote.

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Could Trotter Jr. Be Drafted By the Philadelphia Eagles?

Nicknamed Axeman Jr. in honor of his dad, who was nicknamed Axeman, Philadelphia fans would love to see him in green.

A few months ago, former Eagles defender Mike Reese campaigned on his Philadelphia-based radio show for the Eagles to draft Trotter Jr. in the second round.

“This is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned,” Reese said. “This is the biggest layup the Eagles have had since I don’t know when!”

Trotter Jr.’s draft stock has now tumbled to Round 4 at the earliest, and the Eagles have the ability to make a legendary move. GM Howie Roseman is loaded with three fourth-round picks and three fifth-rounders. He can easily package those to make a run at the coveted linebacker.

North Carolina linebacker Cedric Gray is still on the board and was originally mocked to be selected a few picks ahead of Trotter.

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Regardless, whoever selects the talented linebacker is getting an NFL-ready prospect.

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