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    Why Does Dak Prescott Say ‘Yeah, Here We Go’?: Explaining the Reason Behind Cowboys QB’s Unique Pre-Snap Cadence

    Cowboys QB Dak Prescott's unique pre-snap cadence has become recognizable across the league. Why does he use this cadence?

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    Dallas Cowboys and NFL fans alike can recall Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s pre-snap cadence. His unique “Yeah, here we go!” cadence has become recognizable across the league as the Cowboys have solidified themselves as a top team this season.

    What’s the reason behind his cadence?

    Reasoning Behind Dak Prescott’s Pre-Snap Cadence

    Prescott’s cadence can always be heard loud and clear before a play. He has been using it all season long, but the cadence is gaining traction on social media after millions of Americans tuned in on Thanksgiving and the Cowboys have continued on a successful run following their Week 8 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Prescott has been playing quite well since that loss, and has led his team to an NFC East crown and No. 2 seed in the NFC. While not much has explicitly been said about the cadence, it seems to be working for the team.

    A quarterback’s cadence is the group of words used at the line of scrimmage during the moments right before the ball is snapped and is the signal that tells the center when to snap the ball. It also helps set the timing of the offensive play so the players know when to begin moving into their assignments. Variations in the cadence can also communicate adjustments at the line of scrimmage that the quarterback wants the players to make.

    Prescott typically begins his cadence with a couple of variations: “Yeah! Here we go,” or simply, “Here we go.” Then he will typically follow that with a pause, and he often uses the words “white-80 set,” which can prompt the center to snap the ball.

    The “Here we go” cadence is a new addition this season after former offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and the Cowboys parted ways this offseason and head coach Mike McCarthy took over play-calling duties.

    Prescott, an eight-year veteran, gives the Cowboys the ability to call two plays in the huddle, a primary and secondary. As Prescott goes through his cadence, if he doesn’t like the look the defense is giving for the primary call, he may shout “kill” at the line of scrimmage to convey to the other players that he wants them to run the secondary play.

    Prescott’s Cadence Turned Into A Rap Song

    Like anything viral, Prescott’s “Here we go” cadence has taken the internet by storm. And now, we have our first rap song using an NFL QB’s cadence call. Presented by artists Preston Wayne and 13lackbeard, the rap song has become a new Dallas Cowboys anthem.

    The song features apparent in-game audio of Prescott yelling, “Here we go!” and makes several Cowboys references along the way.

    Aaron Rodgers recently praised Prescott and his performance this season during his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

    “He’s become one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch,” Rodgers said. “I just love that he is really playing the position … he’s using his cadence beautifully. I love the way he’s playing, and he’s really impressing me. I love it, and I just want to shout out Dak for really impressing me.”

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