Why Did Jayden Daniels Transfer? Examining His Move From Arizona State to LSU

What influenced Jayden Daniels' decision to transfer from Arizona State to LSU in 2022? Here's a look at that fateful choice.

Why did Jayden Daniels transfer from Arizona State to LSU? He’s once again found a way to produce with the Tigers heading toward the 2024 NFL Draft, but there was a time when many thought he’d see his career out as a Sun Devils legend. What happened, and what led to the change?

Why Did Jayden Daniels Transfer From Arizona State to LSU?

Daniels was a high four-star recruit in the 2019 cycle who passed for 17 touchdowns and just two interceptions as a true freshman. His early success at Arizona State had some penciling him in as a potential first-round pick in way-too-early 2022 NFL Draft mocks.

Daniels stayed the course through a COVID-shortened 2020 college football season, but he experienced a stark regression in 2020. His efficiency numbers dropped, and his turnover output increased drastically, as he completed 197 of 301 attempts for 2,381 yards, 10 scores, and 10 interceptions.

Whenever a QB experiences a regression, a change of scenery is always a potential cure for production woes. But there were other factors that influenced Daniels’ move to LSU as well.

At the time in 2021, the Arizona State football program was experiencing turmoil. It was under investigation by the NCAA for recruiting violations, and the future of head coach Herm Edwards was in question. He’d later be fired after just three games in 2022.

An unsustainable environment and a need for a change of scenery nudged Daniels out the door at ASU, but Daniels himself also expressed several other desires when discussing his decision to transfer to LSU — competing for a championship with Brian Kelly, acquiring new-and-improved weapons, and unlocking his full potential at a proven program.

Looking at what Daniels has done in his time at LSU, it’s hard to say the transfer wasn’t the right move for him. He’s reached levels of passing and running efficiency that mirror his red-hot start at Arizona State. In 2022, he helped the Tigers reach the SEC Title game, as well as score a Citrus Bowl win vs. Purdue.

Daniels’ 2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Daniels never used his redshirt, and he’s currently in the extra season of eligibility provided by the COVID year. Thus, when the 2023 season concludes, Daniels will have exhausted his collegiate eligibility, and he’ll enter the 2024 NFL Draft pool as a QB prospect.

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Where does Daniels stack up among the quarterback prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft? To find the answer, you can view Daniels’ full 2024 NFL Draft scouting report here at Pro Football Network, written by SEC Scouting Analyst Dalton Miller.

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