Who Is Wes Welker? Super Bowl-Winning Wide Receiver Given Coaching Distinction in Pro Bowl

Wes Welker earned five consecutive trips to the Pro Bowl. Now, the Dolphins wide receivers coach was given a new task via Peyton Manning in the 2024 game.

Wes Welker made his NFL living by helping the New England Patriots get past everyone, including Peyton Manning, for the AFC title.

Now, ahead of the Pro Bowl, Welker was given a stirring yet unique warning from Manning himself.

Wes Welker’s Coaching Job Already Being Threatened?

While Manning is the head coach of the AFC team for the Sunday portion of the all-star weekend for the league, Welker is serving as his primary play-caller.

The five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver and current wide receivers coach of the Miami Dolphins was brought in because of Manning’s belief that the AFC will be running a variation of the Mike McDaniel offense in the flag football game.

Manning told his former Colts teammate Pat McAfee on ESPN that Welker rejected Manning’s ideas for the contest against the NFC.

“In classic Welker form, he said, ‘Peyto,n these are great plays, but you lost last year. I’m bringing my own stuff,'” Manning said.

That’s when the two-time Super Bowl winner sent out this playful warning to Welker.

“Look, a lot of pressure is on him. He’s gotta come in and do the job. Wes has the reigns until it’s not going well. Then I can take over,” Manning said.

Manning still believes that his former Denver Broncos teammate will come in with a high set of focus.

“I expect Wes to be focused and to do the job, and, like I said, Tua [Tagovailoa] is our quarterback, and we have other Dolphins in the backfield, so it should be pretty smooth. We did hire Wes Welker as our offensive coordinator because we wanted that Mike McDaniel offense,” Manning said.

The Hall of Fame quarterback then added he made sure the upcoming AFC players were prepared for their Sunday game.

“I sent all the players the playbook right after they lost in the playoffs,” Manning said.

What Were Welker’s Pro Bowl Years?

Welker once established himself as the premiere slot wide receiver in the league.

Teaming up alongside Tom Brady and, momentarily, Randy Moss, Welker formed one of the NFL’s most explosive offenses ever. In the process, he became a perennial Pro Bowler.

From 2007 to 2012, Welker became a household name in the league. During that run, he accomplished the following:

  • Led the NFL three times in total receptions: 112 in 2007, 123 in 2009, and 122 in 2011.
  • Caught 100 or more passes in five of his 13 seasons.
  • From 2008 to 2012, produced a streak of five straight Pro Bowl appearances.

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Welker went on to play in three Super Bowls in his career. He unfortunately lost twice with the Patriots (both times to the Eli Manning-led New York Giants) and in the 2013 season to the Seattle Seahawks while catching passes from Peyton Manning.

Welker played his final NFL season in 2015 with the Los Angeles Rams. He dove right into coaching after by working with Deebo Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers before helping coach the Tyreek Hill/Jaylen Waddle duo for the Dolphins.

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