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    Who Is Sean McVay’s Wife, Veronika Khomyn?

    Sean McVay is a young star in the NFL coaching ranks. McVay has hinted at retirement but has yet to step away. Here's a closer look at his private life.

    Sean McVay rose through the NFL coaching ranks as rapidly as any coach in recent memory. McVay remains one of the top offensive minds in the game, bolstered by schemes that free up the perimeter skill players.

    McVay has taken the Los Angeles Rams to two Super Bowls, resulting in one championship. He has coached the Rams for seven seasons and remains one of the youngest head coaches in the NFL. Many think of McVay as a prodigy and is one step ahead of the competition. His life off the football field has become of interest to the public.

    Who Is Veronika Khomyn?

    Veronika Khomyn is McVay’s wife. McVay proposed to Khonym during their vacation in 2019, and the couple married in June 2022. The two met while Khomyn was in college at George Mason University. McVay and Khonym have been together since his tenure as an offensive assistant for the Washington Commanders organization.

    Khomyn has her bachelor’s degree from George Mason in international business and her master’s degree from Arizona State University in global management.

    Khomyn credits her father, who worked as an entrepreneur in the construction industry, as the inspiration who drove her into the real estate market. Khomyn handles sales for buyers and sellers.

    Khonym is from Ukraine and has been very public with her support of her home country. She immigrated to the United States in 2009.

    What Is Khomyn’s Career?

    Khonym is a real estate agent and a model.

    Will Sean McVay Retire From Coaching?

    Recently, McVay mentioned he has considered walking away from the NFL and retiring. The suggestion is shocking on the surface, given McVay’s age and immediate success, but NFL burnout is a real thing. These coaches pour their heart and soul into coaching 18 hours a day, which can be a grind.

    Some have compared McVay to NFL legend John Madden, given their success and winning a Super Bowl at a young age. Madden left the coaching gig at a young age, becoming an NFL broadcaster and spokesperson. People now know Madden from his revolutionary video game as much as anything he did throughout his coaching career.

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    Could McVay give up the coaching gig for a role as an NFL broadcaster? Many have taken this route and found success, and the stress level is greatly reduced. McVay came back for the 2023 season, but the fact that he is thinking of stepping away at his age means he may not be long for the Rams’ sideline.

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