Who Is Jalen Hurts’ Girlfriend Bryonna Burrows? Everything You Need To Know About the Eagles QB’s Girlfriend

Bryonna “Bry” Burrows has been tied to NFL QB Jalen Hurts since his college football days. Hurts is as secretive as possible with his relationship, but we will share all there is to know about his gorgeous girlfriend.

Who Is Bryonna Burrows?

Burrows has made a name for herself for more than just being romantically tied to Hurts. The University of Alabama alum graduated with a bachelor’s in political science and a master’s in business administration.

As an engaged student, Burrows was also the vice president of the university’s MBA Association and captain of the MBA Case Team. Burrows is a member of the Divine Nine’s Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority as well.

Since graduation, Burrows has started an impressive career at IBM. According to her LinkedIn, she has been working for the company for four years.


While Hurts was climbing his way up the depth chart, Burrows was doing the same within IBM.

The career woman is currently an AI partner. She entered IBM as a financial sales exec, worked her way up to software financing leader, and was promoted again to her current position, where she’s been for nearly two years.

When Did Jalen Hurts and Burrows Meet?

The details on the lovebirds are limited since Hurts keeps his girlfriend more secret than a witness protection program.

Rumor has it that the two met at the University of Alabama as college students in 2016. Allegedly, they have been together ever since.

It’s hard to identify a relationship timeline when there has never been evidence on either of the couple’s social media accounts that they are together.

Had it not been for Hurts bringing Burrows out of the shadows in 2023 and clueing us in a bit about his longtime significant other, we would still be in the complete dark about his life partner.

Hurts Talks Relationships Recently

Hurts and Burrows were seen together in public in 2023, and the NFL QB did an interview with Essence earlier this year in April as well. Maybe in 2024, Hurts will give her a little peck in public.

The football star never specifically said Burrows was his girlfriend; instead, he said, “I’m not married or anything like that. But I am spoken for.” Why does that sound like a medieval betrothal announcement?

Continuing on with his vague description of his relationship, he told Essence:

“I knew a long time ago. I mean, to this point in my life, that’s an irreplaceable feeling. I think that’s what allowed us to get to where we are now.”

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Hurts created major waves at the beginning of 2023 when Burrows accompanied him on the field after the NFC Championship win against the 49ers.

The Eagles quarterback didn’t introduce Burrows to anyone, but he didn’t really have to. She wore his hat, which is the equivalent of leaving your tube of lip gloss in the car, and was seen speaking to him and his family on the sidelines.

Hurts isn’t just keeping his relationship with Burrows under wraps; he’s a secretive guy in general and doesn’t discuss anything personal with the media. With his privacy skills, he should consider a job with the FBI once he’s done with his football career.

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