Who Is Dan Campbell’s Wife Holly Campbell? Everything You Need To Know About The Lions’ Head Coach’s Wife

    Meet the "rock" who has supported Dan Campbell throughout his playing and coaching career. Here's all you need to know about Holly Campbell.

    The Detroit Lions seem to have found their “guy” in head coach Dan Campbell and look like they are in a prime position to start competing for an NFC North crown. But who is the lady that Campbell calls his “rock”?

    Who Is Holly Campbell?

    There are plenty of player, coach, and celebrity wives who do not mind the fame and exposure that comes with being the spouse of someone is has the fame and exposure, but Holly does not seem to be one of those wives.

    There isn’t a lot of information about her made to the public, which is completely fine and the family’s right, but what is made available is how much Dan loves his wife:

    “I have to thank a lot of people, OK? First and foremost, my wife, Holly. We’ve been married for over 20 years. She’s been my rock, man. She’s moved with me, she tells me exactly how it is — in a good way — well not always in a good way, but my point is, she’s going to let me know exactly what she thinks, and that’s a good thing.”

    Being the main subject of a new head coach’s introductory press conference signals a strong relationship.

    With as many moves as Campbell made in his playing and coaching career, one would think you’d need as loving and supportive partner as Dan has had in Holly.

    And with Dan being famous for his high energy, it takes someone like his wife Holly to keep him grounded.

    “You can laugh hysterically or get to the point where you say, ‘Stop, just stop talking,’” said Holly in an exclusive interview with The Athletic.

    When Did the Two Get Married?

    Dan and Holly tied the knot in 2005, right before his final season with the Cowboys. The two have kept their social life and relationship pretty private, including the timing of their first date.

    That may be the key to a happy and healthy relationship in the professional football world. Holly keeps her Instagram profile private.

    Discussing her husband and his popularity in Detroit, Holly said “I’ve always told him he’s magic. He’s like the pied piper.”

    Do Dan and Holly Have Any Kids?

    The Campbells have two children, a son named Cody and a daughter named Piper. Cody attended Trinity University for his undergraduate degree in Business Analytics & Technology and is currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan – Stephen Ross School of Business. Cody also was an intern for the Saints and Lions during his father’s coaching career.

    Dan’s daughter Piper is a social media star in Detroit and frequently hosts Q&A sessions on her TikTok for Lions fans. A popular question is “Do y’all bite kneecaps?” To which she replied “OFC (of course in the lingo of kids in their 20s)”.

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