Who Is Baker Mayfield’s Wife? Meet Emily Wilkinson, the Buccaneers QB’s Partner

    Baker Mayfield's wife Emily Wilkinson has blazed her own path in social media and hails from a talented family while giving back to others.

    Baker Mayfield leads the surprising 2-0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers into a featured matchup with the 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles. Coming into the 2023 NFL season, the Eagles were thought to be one of the better teams in the league, with the Buccaneers appearing destined for a rebuilding year.

    With former starting QB Tom Brady retiring, Tampa Bay transitioned. Mayfield entered the 2023 season in a QB competition with former Florida Gator Kyle Trask. Many around the organization favored Mayfield as the eventual starter, but few saw him putting the competition to bed as quickly as he did, nor did they see the resurgence coming in his game.

    Mayfield has done a solid job for Tampa Bay so far in 2023. As his future appears brighter than a few months ago, we explore Mayfield’s life on and off the football field.

    Who Is Emily Wilkinson?

    Emily Wilkinson is Mayfield’s wife and inspiration on and off the football field. Wilkinson is a social media influencer, particularly on Instagram, where she has 226,000 followers.

    Wilkinson spends her time helping children and families in need. Along with Mayfield, the couple began a foundation called the Baker & Emily Mayfield Foundation devoted to the cause.

    How Did Wilkinson and Mayfield Meet?

    A mutual friend introduced Wilkinson and Mayfield in 2017. Who says matchmaking can’t work?

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    The couple connected immediately and have been together ever since. Mayfield popped the question six months later, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Mayfield and Wilkinson were married in July 2019.

    Where Does Wilkinson Work?

    Wilkinson works for PEOPLE and has since 2022. She has nine years of experience in the lifestyle, beauty, and entertainment fields. Wilkinson also has modeling experience appearing in Maxim and Sports Illustrated.

    Where Is Wilkinson From?

    Wilkinson was born in Nebraska, and the Cornhusker State always felt like home. She remained in the state through high school and college, attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduating in 2013.

    Wilkinson spent a stint in Los Angeles as a patient coordinator in a plastic surgeon’s office at Galanis Plastic Surgery. She left the practice in 2018 once the Cleveland Browns drafted Mayfield with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

    What Do We Know About Wilkinson’s Family?

    The Wilkinson family doesn’t lack talent.

    Wilkinson has three siblings. She has two brothers, Sammy and Benny, and one sister, Annie. Her brother, Sammy, is a social media personality like her. Sammy became well known on the social media app Vine. Following his success on Vine, he launched a music career and clothing line.

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