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    Who Has the Most Draft Picks in 2024?

    Which NFL teams have the most 2024 NFL Draft selections? Here's a closer look, including who picks the most during the first round.

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    The next major period in the offseason is on the horizon with the NFL Draft. While every franchise has seven rounds of selections, some teams hold more picks than others.

    We’re tracking the latest 2024 NFL Draft order throughout the offseason. Orders are subject to change if teams decide to make trades including surrendering one of their picks. Currently, four different teams hold the title of having the most draft selections in the upcoming class. Here’s a look.

    Which Teams Have the Most Picks in the 2024 NFL Draft?

    The quartet of the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, and Green Bay Packers all hold 11 picks ahead of the ’24 draft.

    On the Cardinals’ end, Arizona holds two first-round selections at Nos. 4 and 27 — the latter selection coming via a trade with the Houston Texans. After the first round, the Cards hold one selection in the second round (35) but have three in the third round (66, 71, and 90). The latter two came via trades with the Tennessee Titans and Texans, respectively. Arizona also holds multiple selections in the fifth (138; 162, via Houston).

    For the Bills, Buffalo is slotted at No. 28 on Night 1 of the draft and No. 60 on Night 2. They don’t hold a third-round selection.

    However, Buffalo holds between 2-3 picks through the fourth and sixth rounds. One of the Bills’ fourth-round selections (133) came via a compensatory pick. Buffalo holds three picks in the fifth, including two from trade deals with the Chicago Bears and Packers. The Bills then have three more picks at their current disposal in the sixth round.

    The Rams are back in the first round for the first time since taking Jared Goff as 2016’s top overall pick. After their 19th selection on Day 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft, L.A. will have three more picks to top off Day 2 with its spots at Nos. 52, 83, and 99. The reason the Rams have such a high number of draft selections is they hold five compensatory picks.

    L.A. earned the extra picks thanks to the Atlanta Falcons hiring former Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, a reward for seeing a minority candidate become an NFL head coach. Meanwhile, the Rams additionally hold the 155th pick of the draft from the Pittsburgh Steelers which came through the Aug. 2023 trade for guard Kevin Dotson.

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    The Packers hold the 25th choice in the first round. But following the 2023 trade involving Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets, Green Bay officially solidified the 41st selection of the second round.

    Green Bay then picks 58th in the second round before holding two more picks in the third, one coming via a trade with the Bills who acquired the 91st selection. Lastly, Green Bay holds three compensatory picks — one each in the fifth (169th), sixth (219th), and seventh (255th).

    Who Has the Most Picks in Round 1?

    As previously mentioned, two of Arizona’s 11 selections are in the first round. They’re not the only ones with multiple selections on the opening day of the draft, though. Here’s who else has more than one first-round selection, including how they earned their picks.

    Chicago Bears

    The Bears have two picks to make in the top 10 (Nos. 1 and 9) in the first. Chicago earned the top overall pick of the ’24 draft thanks to its trade with the Carolina Panthers one year ago — which involved adding wide receiver DJ Moore as Carolina moved to first overall in the ’23 draft to select quarterback Bryce Young.

    Minnesota Vikings

    There’s another NFC North franchise with multiple choices on Night 1. Minnesota was first given the 11th spot but added the 23rd pick thanks to a trade with the Texans. In addition, the Vikings gained No. 232 in the seventh round via Houston. As part of the deal, Houston now has Minnesota’s No. 42 second-round selection while adding a sixth-rounder (No. 188) and a 2025 second-rounder.

    Complete Round 1 Draft Order

    1) Chicago Bears (from CAR)
    2) Washington Commanders
    3) New England Patriots
    4) Arizona Cardinals
    5) Los Angeles Chargers
    6) New York Giants
    7) Tennessee Titans
    8) Atlanta Falcons
    9) Chicago Bears
    10) New York Jets
    11) Minnesota Vikings
    12) Denver Broncos
    13) Las Vegas Raiders
    14) New Orleans Saints
    15) Indianapolis Colts
    16) Seattle Seahawks
    17) Jacksonville Jaguars
    18) Cincinnati Bengals
    19) Los Angeles Rams
    20) Pittsburgh Steelers
    21) Miami Dolphins
    22) Philadelphia Eagles
    23) Minnesota Vikings (from HOU)
    24) Dallas Cowboys
    25) Green Bay Packers
    26) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    27) Arizona Cardinals (from HOU)
    28) Buffalo Bills
    29) Detroit Lions
    30) Baltimore Ravens
    31) San Francisco 49ers
    32) Kansas City Chiefs

    How Many Rounds Are in the NFL Draft?

    The NFL Draft consists of seven rounds. The first round will take place on Thursday, April 25. Rounds 2 and 3 will occur on Friday, April 26. Finally, Rounds 4-7 of the draft will transpire on Saturday, April 27.

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will announce every pick of the first round live on stage in Detroit. A combination of NFL executives, former players, and other special guests will announce the subsequent rounds, although not all will be televised.

    How Long Does Each Team Have To Pick?

    Each team’s amount of time “on the clock” reduces as the draft proceeds. In the first round, each franchise receives 10 minutes to make their selection. That falls to seven minutes in Round 2, five in Rounds 3, 4, 5, and 6, and just four in Round 7.

    NFL Draft rules are clear. If a team doesn’t make their pick or trade it before the clock expires, the next team in the order is officially on the clock. While they can still make their selection, it becomes a race to make the pick. If both teams want the same player, then whoever locks and sends their card up first owns the rights to said player.

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